Love is our new reality

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The Collective via Caroline Oceana Ryan, July 3

Greetings, friends and fellow Light warriors!

We realize that you are, in many parts of the world, feeling a bit weary of what remains of the third dimensional path you chose before arriving upon this Earth.

You have in fact chosen it many times before, and even ascended before now. But you have not, any of you, ascended from a third dimensional planet as that planet was itself ascending, and that makes this a remarkable and unprecedented moment — for you, and for your entire Universe.

We would say, in fact, that you are aware of how rare, how powerful, and how glorious a moment this is, even in the midst of releasing the last of the third dimension. You have just seen another solstice period — the Summer Solstice for those living in the Northern reaches of the world — and are no doubt still feeling the effects of this beautiful and empowering portal into higher energies.

Several remarkable things are happening, dear friends.

Not only are increasingly higher frequencies of Love and enlightenment — a sort of coming home, without your having to leave your physical bodies this time — coming into the Earth now.

But you are more and more acclimating to these higher frequencies, and to the higher tones and vibrations of the notes being sounded by the Angelic realms which every moment surround your dear planet.

These are bringing Earth’s reality to higher and higher levels — ones that will reflect peace, abundance, Divine order, human freedoms, and the natural beauty that Earth was always meant to offer all who live upon Her.

Understand that, as we have said many times, this is not something that is happening to you. This is something that is happening through you, and because of you.

You have called out for higher and higher levels of assistance, as did your Earth some time ago (on your current timeline). You then declared/required and are still requiring our ongoing aid in ousting the frauds, war profiteers, and exploiters who have long occupied the most powerful positions on Earth, in terms of human-made institutions and hierarchies.

And we have answered you, and shall continue to do so.

It is why our ships are positioned everywhere in your skies now. It is why we walk the halls of the Pentagon and the US congress, of NASA and yes, even your intelligence agencies, and the agencies and governments of nearly every nation upon the Earth.

Most certainly, we look to be just like you. But we are not.

We carry a far higher vibration, and the ability to morph back into our natural form at any time, or to dematerialize and observe Earthly goings on from the position of not being seen or heard.

And now you will ask, “If you have been here all this time — probably, for thousands of years — why didn’t you intervene sooner? Why haven’t you helped us out of the horrible exploitation, violence, and oppressive systems — all the lies — sooner?”

And of course we would have been more than pleased to have done so. For most of us have family, friends, colleagues, or twin flames living upon the Earth plane. We would have been more than joyfully happy to end our sadness and yours, by swooping in and rescuing you from your travails at any time in your history, and there have been isolated cases of individuals or groups being saved in just such a manner.

But to save an entire planet without His or Her request — that we cannot do.

Nor could we move in to aid you in any obvious way politically, until the heinous acts of September 11, fourteen years ago, were committed. That one act, created and carried out by your Earthly cabal, was a symbol of the trajectory your planet has been on for a very long time — one of the denial of your sovereign right to determine your own thought, your own lives, and your own destiny as a race of beings.

Once that “mass psychological attack” as it has been aptly termed was committed, the Universal law we had followed regarding Earth (which you may know by the popular term the Prime Directive) had been violated to the point where our intervention was not only possible but required. And so we stand ready, dear friends and family.

You feel the excitement building, and you feel your heart spaces opening and growing ever more powerful in this Ascension era — and well you should!

For we stand at the door of your world, and knock.

Open it wide, with your full and joyful expectation of governments disclosing regarding our presence. Open it wide, with your full and joyful knowing that Earth is ready now to take up Her place within the Intergalactic Confederation of Worlds. And open with your heart full of gratitude that the nightmare is finally ending.

For though it is a certainty that the planet is ascending, the “how” and the “when” are always up to you.

It is not our story to write, or our play to direct. We wait upon you and your continued determination to speed along the decisions of your governments and the powerful, world-changing intentions of Lightworkers to break down energetic walls and barriers that were never meant to exist.

Understand that you are all-powerful, that you are no one’s victim, and that you have our absolute respect. You are one of us, and we call to you, just as you call to us. Look to the skies, and look within — we are among you.

Namaste! You are never alone.


Copyright 2015, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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