Love is our new reality

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The Collective via Caroline Oceana Ryan, July 15


The Collective

July 15, 2015

Channel: Caroline Oceana Ryan


Greetings, friends and fellow Light journeyers! We are glad to have this opportunity to speak with you today.

There is a great deal happening now, and yet as always, whatever you view on your television or computer screens is only a small portion of what is actually occurring in the world, and is a muted and much distorted version of actual events.

You have seen, in the supposed “bailing out” of Greece, a feeding frenzy on the part of the world power structure (increasingly, disempowered structure), as they swallow Greek assets that rightfully belong to the Greek people.

The predatory lending that brought the Greek economy to its knees was in fact part of the plan to bring the Greek government to the point of surrendering not only its economic assets, but also the Greek culture, in the sense of robbing it of its independence of thought and action, first in terms of government, and then in terms of how its people live in the day to day.

When you “owe” someone, you are supposedly beholden to them, laboring only to repay and to appease their demands. You are no longer your own person. You are in a sense, partly possessed or directed by them. Your actions are directed by your need to stay out of debtor’s prison, which in the modern day has taken on many forms.

You see how the dark hats have benefited, both on a monetary level and on an energy level: those trapped in unending debt feel they have no freedom, either of finance or of expression. This is true in terms of government choices on a larger level, and individual choices on the smaller level, it prepares both countries and individuals for an even lower level of servitude than they currently exhibit.

It would, in fact, have been neither a disgrace nor a tragedy if Greece had left the European Union.

That body is a false construct, created by the old power structure for ease of control and systematic swallowing of assets—a move toward the One World government desired by the Fourth Reich, of which Angela Merkel is the de facto head.

You will not, however, see a domino effect of one country after another falling into this trap, as their falsely created loans come due. Too much has occurred on the inner planes for that to happen now. And what are these inner planes, and how do they affect my life? you wonder.

They are the higher reality planes, that which births your outer reality in “time,” upon your Earth’s timeline. That timeline is collapsing in on itself, as all times become Now in the fifth dimensional sense.

You have witnessed this in your own life—does it not seem that the day moves more quickly now, and even the hour?

That is not your imagination. An hour now is about half the amount of “time” it once was. Under the influence of astrological alignments and the astounding energies now reaching Earth, your inner reality is changing in drastic ways.

It is increasingly impossible for outer forms of control, such as economic, governmental, and military bodies represent, to cap your consciousness, even when they stoop to inducing panic, fear of the “future,” and belief in financial lack. Yes, the dark hats are aware of the energetic planes. They pay homage to its lowest aspects, in order to draw from those energies the favor of being granted certain events and access to certain energetic gridlines.

They ask that those gridlines, increasingly disempowered now, flow the sort of power to them that they need, not only to rule over humankind, but to remain in physical and mental strength.

They appeal to a very low level of astral power. What they refuse to believe, is that this Earth and Her people are ascending well above that dimension and all it holds.

Increasingly, you are no longer being held back by the machinations of the old “power crowd” as our writer calls them, because that which they draw their strength from is becoming increasingly weak, irrelevant, or no longer exists in the sense that the world’s rulers have always known them.

Understand that many of the lower order, those in human form, those in ET form, and those in purely energetic form, have turned to the Light in these days of Ascension energies, and will continue to do so. They have been given this opportunity, this moment of grace, to turn from the destruction they have lived off of, in egoic and service-to-self fashion, for aeons.

Many now see that this old construct is ending, and despite the assiduous programming of those above them in the chain of command, they are defecting from the lower order and moving up, asking to know the Light, asking for forgiveness for all they have done, asking to regain power over their own souls again.

That is an arduous journey. Have compassion for their struggles—both those who have turned from the darkness, and those who do not realize they are trapped in it—and be thankful that is not your journey.

For yes, it is true that there are forms of struggle that you undergo here in human form. But it is not so, that you are trapped and unaware, unconscious, and out of control regarding who is charge of your soul. That is your area of empowerment, your soul journey, and there is none who can take it from you now—that is how far you have journeyed here on Earth.

You will be freed from much disgust, anger, and feelings of hopelessness regarding the world situation, if you can gather some compassion for those in government, finance, and military around the world, who still believe that theirs is a winnable cause.

For what is true democracy? It is that reality that is created first within, and then outwardly, when human sovereignty is again granted to all upon the Earth, as it was aeons ago, before the fall of Atlantis and Lemuria. It is only granted to humanity now because you require it.

Because the majority of humankind (and it need only be 51 percent of you) stand as one within their individual consciousness, and require their freedoms upon the Earth as they exist now in the higher realms.

That is a freedom of consciousness first, above all.

This is why the founders, and the writers of the US constitution, spoke in terms such as freedom and liberty, which had been mentioned in other documents, but not applied to that continent which was to bring forth the New Atlantis.

This is why St Germaine was present in person as the signing of the Declaration of Independence was to occur, to prevent the hesitation or desertion of any who feared retribution from the British government and military (the same crowd who is now robbing Greece, in different form).

It is why he spoke, anonymously yet passionately, to urge those present to remember why they were gathered there, and what was at stake—not only a country, but by extension, the freedom of humankind overall. We speak not of the United States as it has since become—overrun by those dark hats that have stolen resources and imposed slavery upon nearly every people of the world.

We speak of that which the New Atlantis was meant to be: a place of free will, of shared abundance, of complete human rights, and of fair and equal human expression, on all levels, both collective and individual.

Is there still a chance? you ask. Are we steering toward that world now, more than 200 years later? We would say, with every moment, you move ever closer, and are creating it with your expectations, your prayers to the higher realms, and your belief in not only NESARA law and its complete fulfillment, but in these higher energies that are aiding your planet’s Ascension, and your own Ascension.

It is no mere accident that the treaty with Iran was finally completed this same week that Greece is being taken over, seemingly for good, by those who oppose peace in all its forms. Take heart, and understand that peace is increasingly the norm, or this highly unusual moment in diplomacy and human affairs could never have happened. (If you have guessed that there was a Galactic presence in the bargaining process, you are correct.)

Peace is increasingly the norm, and increasingly what all human beings are choosing, for themselves, their communities, their countries, and the world.

For those nine who left you in their beloved AME church were truly, Angels among you.

They look upon you now with unending Love, and wish you to know that their leaving you was intended as a move on the part of the dark ones to further demoralize and dampen your spirits, but that in fact, the opposite has occurred. There is a greater and more clearly enunciated demand now for peace, for sanity, for the fair and equal treatment of all persons.

And rather than reinstating the idea that those of color are lower than those without, the opposite has occurred. The precious value of the lives of all has been all the greater emphasized and realized, due to this and other tragedies.

The power of loss is in its declaration of the value of that which was lost, a value that is now fully realized. Increasingly, it is less and less necessary for loss to occur, for humankind to stand as one and say “No more—these are our sisters and mothers, brothers and fathers. We love and protect them, and value them more than we can say.”

That is true for Charleston, it is true for Greece, and it is true for Iran.

It is true for Earth, and for all life upon Her.

Look to the astrological alignments occurring now, to the power of the New Moon. To the power of the awakened Great Crystals within the Earth, the awakened Atlantean gridlines. To humanity’s decisions upon the inner plane to stand as One.

And fear not: you are moving forward, and NESARA is unfolding, with astounding speed. All is most well.

Namaste! We are with you, at every moment.


Copyright 2015, Caroline Oceana Ryan