Love is our new reality

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The Collective: All is Not Lost, January 20, 2024

The Collective: All is Not Lost

by Caroline Oceana Ryan

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Archangels, Star Nations families, Earth elements, Fae elders, Angelic legions, and other Light Beings known as the Collective—today, from Lady Master Joan of Arc.

COR: Hello, friends.

So many of us now are asking how it is that all this powerful Light and higher sound vibrations can be flowing in from the Sun, and have been for a while, yet we are left feeling helpless to shift certain things in the world.

So we are leaning into the New Earth, calling in new realizations and healing, a clearing of dense energy in our own lives.

And meanwhile, we are seeing scenes of destruction in different parts of the world, and wondering if we are looking out on another Earth from the one we feel is coming forward now.

So I am asking the Collective to address this gap between what we are seeing or experiencing outwardly, and what we feel to be higher reality on the planet now.

This Message is an excerpt from the one they offered this past Sunday for an online spiritual service at the wonderful Hope Interfaith Center in Mankato, Minnesota.

It answers this question that so many of us have been asking.

The Collective first placed everyone in the White Flame of the Divine Feminine, as similar to the Violet Flame of Saint Germain, it cleanses and transmutes lower vibrations to far higher ones.

And as last week’s Message came from Ascended Master Saint Joan of Arc, she also steps forward to speak with us.

THE COLLECTIVE: Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to speak with you today, as always.

And so we look at this question of Peace and “when will it happen?” And how is it that so much powerful Light is pouring onto the planet, and yet it looks worse on the planet.

It looks as if things are a bit desperate.

And yes, one desires Peace, as Light Bearers—all of you greatly desire it.

Many of you are Peace warriors, in the sense that you are anchoring powerfully—planting into the Earth all these absolutely beautiful new rays of Light and sound vibration that have to do with Peace and also, not just prosperity outwardly, but an Abundance of the spirit.

An Abundance of the heart-mind, which is what you all greatly desire.

And so you’re a little bit stuck between worlds at the moment.

You have this beautiful higher aspect, this higher mind and high heart, that is constantly reaching toward what you remember of the higher realms, and how life just flowed there.

You’ve got this beautiful aspect that just desires that everything be Peaceful.

It can be very, very easy to go into this “Does not compute moment” as our writer would say, this sort of cognitive dissonance that [says], “The Earth is really of a very low vibration.

“I don’t know why I’m here! I’m tired of this!

“Where’s NESARA law? Where’s our galactic friends?

“I’m just going to wait until that happens.”

Now, 95% of your energies are not given to waiting. They are incredibly active.

And each of you in your sleep state, [as you travel] in the etheric—absolutely, you’re out on the ships.

You’re in Inner Earth. You’re multi-locating to different places on the Earth.

You’re working with that beautiful crystalline energy grid.

You’re assisting in dismantling the dark matrix.

There are a number of matrixes, but you’re very happily helping to dissolve the dark one.

You’re awakening and reactivating sacred sites all over the world.

There are pyramids everywhere, some of them underground.

There are ziggurats. They kind of look like a pyramid, but they’re flat on the top, and you’re reactivating these because these are sort like heliports—ships land on them.

And you’re spotting the ships— might be in your dream state; you might not even remember.

You’re absolutely connected with so many beautiful beings all over this cosmos.

There are great portals in the Sun. Beautiful ships are coming in [through these], as the White Knights of the Ashtar Command have assured us.

And we can tell you absolutely, the Sun being a sort of stargate, those portals, those openings are there.

Ships are coming in from other galaxies, as well as from this one. They are here to assist.

Many are assisting those who are harmed in scenes of natural disaster, war, various conflicts, and other issues from which one might feel, watching the news, “Oh, this is a terrible situation!”

But we wish to reassure all of you, and we wish to reassure the planet: You are never alone, and that you are never alone, and you’re not dealing with all this on your own.

You are absolutely supported.

These are your soul families. You can call them star families, and that’s fine.

But you also are Star Beings.

And you are on this Earth as you connect with your loving soul families, as a representative of their mission, and your own individual mission.

Now, let’s just draw in [working energetically] all of the beautiful [Spirit teams], as you’re still in that beautiful White Flame of the Divine Feminine to transmute that heaviness that we all have carried at one point or another.

So we’re going to ask the Spirit teams of everyone, as we’re on this beautiful theme of “New beginnings, New Earth,” what would be the next theme to address, dear ones?


Yes, all right—they’re pointing out the situation in Lahaina in Maui, in Hawaii, and the fires there, which most of you know were deliberately set, the idea being to chase out the Native or Kanaka, the folk who are indigenous to the area and who have been there for a very, very long time, and to steal their property and their land.

And they’re pointing out, that’s how it appeared on the surface.

What is actually happening energetically, in terms of what is happening on Maui and Hawaii as a whole, is that it’s regaining its connection to Lemuria.

Which is why those islands exist—the last bit of Lemuria, and perhaps a few other islands here and there which basically are uninhabited.

But at any rate, it is reclaiming its Lemurian roots, and it is also in a time of purification.

Fire is an alchemical sign of transmutation and purification.

Now, people might well say, “Isn’t there a calmer, nicer way to go about it, without anyone having to leave the Earth—leave their body—lose their home?”

We would say, and the Spirit teams are saying, Yes, there are calmer ways, and yet humanity as a whole has allowed in the more shocking aspects of Transmutation.

Because in those moments, instead of a slow burn, it’s a very great, powerful, instantaneous release.

And that may sound to be too much. It may sound like, “Oh—it’s dreadful! It’s too big to accept.”

Understandable, and as far as people leaving the planet in various parts of the world that have seen extreme flooding [or fire] or in Palestine, what have you—any country—Ukraine, Russia, etc.—as far as people leaving the planet—just be assured, this is their path!

They came in for their own reasons, to experience a life in these places, and then to experience a release back into the etheric.

And one cannot judge.

Again—do your best to release judgment, even of situations in which so many leave.

They’re moving into other timelines, or they’re moving sometimes into other galaxies, or they’re in the higher realms, and assisting Earth from there, and doing a powerful and beautiful job.

Some are on the ships—some have been brought up [onto the ships], many of those who can’t physically be found.

And they can come back when they’re ready or when they wish to, when it’s safe to do so.

Or if they wish to remain on the ships, that is fine.

But the point being, that no one has really been abandoned, dear ones!

[Offering energy work for us] So let’s just send this beautiful healing Light, this Emerald Green Ray of Healing from beautiful Lord Raphael and his team, and they are here with us.

And we will revert to comments from Joan of Arc in a moment.

We’re going to bathe the whole Earth in not only that beautiful White Flame of the Divine Feminine, but also in the Emerald Green Ray of Healing.

Particularly in those places where people are suffering—there’s not enough food or water.

They’re homeless. They’re frightened. There’s nowhere safe.

Sending just so much Love and support to these dear ones.

Even though they signed up for that path, we want to support them on that path.

There are no accidents, even in this tumultuous Earth life.

Now, the [Spirit] teams are reporting, and Saint Joan likewise pointing out—these powerful solar rays coming in right now, and each of you are planting those rays into the Earth—anchoring that new reality into the Earth—but those rays are plasmatic.

They are the essence of Life energy itself.

They are cleansing, they are renewing, and they are shifting the DNA of humanity to move to a much higher level. A much, much higher level.

In other words, Ascension is occurring for those still here.

Some have already Ascended.

And there’s just this beautiful ringing sound, a beautiful intonation—very like when you hear someone with a Tibetan bowl, and they’re making it sing a bit—that is the ringing, that beautiful sound.

And then there are quieter, fuller sound vibrations coming in.

And every cell in your being—every particle of your spirit, all of your energy bodies are responding to those sound vibrations.

They are being held forth and being magnified by the cetaceans, all the dolphins and whales—the beautiful whale family.

They are being being magnified and held forth by all the crystals and certain minerals in the Earth’s crust and deep within the Earth.

Including the crystalline energy grid. The ley lines have awakened.

The sacred sites are in communication with one another telepathically, via sound vibration—wonderful!

And they’re pointing out as well, that the Light pouring in not only holds a higher vibration.

It holds what people call Light codes, and these are like miniscule, tiny, and yet huge in another sense, libraries of higher information.

Higher Wisdom, higher Knowing, information from your Spirit team, from the Angelics—there are Solar Light Angels pouring onto the planet.

Many, many more Angels now, and legions of Angels—many millions pouring onto the planet to assist in this beautiful Transformation.

All is not lost, dear ones!

[Offering energy work] And the reason you see the old power crowd scrambling to pull so many levers at once, is because they know they’re finished.

They’re done.

Yes, there are cargo ships, as the White Knights have mentioned, there are huge cargo ships now stationed around the Earth, and they are already picking up these war criminals—those who create the perpetual war you have seen for so long.

There will be no World War III. There will be no deployment of nuclear weapons.

If there were, they would be taken out into space, and deployed [imploded] there where they would hurt no one, as the Ashtar Command already managed once.

That wasn’t supposed to happen on this timeline.

You’re now on a higher [vibrational] Earth timeline, heading straight into fifth dimension.

Now, something we would love, dear ones, is for you to image your hearts opening.

They’ve been a little closed because of so many Earth lives in which you have suffered.

This is the bedrock of your new beginning on the New Earth, is opening the heart!

Coming out of judgment, coming out of the personal preference that nearly every human on the Earth, almost without exception—the personal preference for “Well, they hurt me . . . well, I’m still angry about that . . . and well, I never felt I belonged in my family.”

You weren’t going to belong in that family! You’re too full of Light!

You belong to a higher family!

You belong to a soul family, and you’re reuniting with them in your sleep state at every moment.

But your child self didn’t always remember that, even though they could see the Angels, and the beautiful galactic visitors in the room, they didn’t always remember—as one got older, particularly into adolescence, and things seemed so hard.

This has been a very, very low vibrational place, 3D Earth.

Just image that heart opening—if you want to open your hands, if you don’t image very easily [then do that to indicate the heart opening] . . . open the heart . . .

And just see all this Light pouring forth, like when you open a door and there’s a ton of Light pouring forth.

You might image walking into that room or that huge space, now that you’ve opened that door!

As you do that, you connect with everything in this Universe that is made of Light, or catapulting itself forward into even greater Light.

There are powerful waves of Light flowing through your Universe right now—impossible to stop that flow, impossible to ignore—impossible to not be affected!

Now, you’re not losing your humanity.

We are picking up from people’s subconscious, “Am I going to fade into the etheric? Am I no longer a person on the Earth?

“Will I not feel the Earth beneath my feet [once I Ascend]?”

No worries there!

You’re still very much in an Earth life. You’re just starting to remember fully Who you are.

[Offering us energy work] Everyone’s soul we’re going to call upon now . . .

Bringing in that beautiful higher-self energy into the body, and more Light from the soul.

More power, and empowerment . . .

You’re reclaiming your full self, your authentic self.

This is how you plant the New Earth, dear ones!

Individuals holding Light, meeting as this, in a beautiful community also holding Light.

Magnifying one another’s Light. Magnifying the Love you have for each other, and yourselves and the Earth.

And say now, inwardly or say aloud, “I now begin to remember my Earth mission, and why I am here.

“I now remember I am an Ambassador of Light, come to plant Light into this Earth.”

And Joan of Arc is here with us. Saint Joan is here, working with each of you.

Most beautifully, she is saying, “Lay down your weapon.”

So put that sword down, and put the shield down as well.

We see many of you who were powerful warriors in other lives, realizing, “I can use my warrior capability—that prowess—without going into judgment or anger.”

You will sense energy; you will sense others’ movement.

If it’s going to be a dark action or intent—you will be out in front of that, sending them Light, letting them know, “You cannot turn me away from this path.

“And if you send me dark intent, it’s just going to bounce off of me.

“And I will love you anyway.”

Lady Master Joan [of Arc] is saying, “The path of Now is in the air—it’s etheric.

“And the old methods of dealing with things physically just doesn’t go as far as it used to.

“That’s not the Earth you’re on now.”

So yes, you’re already beginning this beautiful higher Earth—this beautiful 5D existence.

It’s not only a New Earth; it’s a higher vibrational one.

All of you, purely with your presence—you’re raising it up.

The perfect thing to do in any situation when you feel a bit stuck or lost, is to send a ton of Light to that situation, but also Love.

And thank it!

Thank the illness. Thank the traffic jam.

Thank the crazy neighbor who is way too loud. Thank the person in the shop who is very rude.

Smile and refuse to engage on that level, even though the ego-mind says, “Oh! You’ve got to fight!”

Because hundreds of lives, dear ones, have been spent in fight or flight, or freeze or fawn.

You have had your survival tactics, your survival skills, right in place.

And this is completely understandable, because it was a 3D Earth.

But look at what you’re doing now, with all this beautiful Love and all this beautiful Light!

You are spanning that gap! You have bridged it!

You are walking across that beautiful bridge, and you are connecting worlds.

We’re just going to send an ocean wave of higher blue Light, and this is the Blue Ray of Archangel Michael, who is amongst us, of course.

That is for Divine Justice.

And then the Rose Ray of the Divine Feminine—Quan Yin. Mary, mother of Yeshua.

And that is for Divine Love and Divine Neutrality.

Just as a mother loves her children even when they act up, even when they’re destructive and enraged, that Love never waivers—likewise your Love for the Earth and all Her people.

Even in the midst of terrible struggle, that is still there.

And that wave [of higher energy] will continue for as long as you wish, as long as you allow.

So we send much Love and many blessings, as always!

Honored to be a part of this absolutely beautiful community [that is] anchoring so much Light into this New Earth.

Blessings for the year ahead, and for the era ahead!