Love is our new reality

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AAGabrielle: The Joy of Healing, January 21, 2024

AAGabrielle: The Joy of Healing

by Lee Degani

Every morning, my husband and I have a morning ritual/practice to set our day with energy exercises, prayer and healing for others. We always end by bringing healing love to each other. Although I often visit the Cities of Light,* to access the healing energy there, a few weeks ago I said, “Let’s bring the healing light down to us during our morning prayers.”

We were both excited to feel the energy that came. But at the end of our ritual I didn’t want to stop! David is a very powerful healer and I love to feel the fire that comes from his hands. But that morning it felt as though my spine was liquid gold and my whole body melted! Even more, we were both filled with the deepest ecstatic Joy of Healing! When I asked about this, here is what AAGabrielle answered:


Greetings, I AM AAGabrielle, Gabriel, Angel of Joy, Lily of Love, Trumpeter of Truth and here to answer your questions. You wonder, why is it that I have come when you felt so strongly that it would be Divine Mother, Shechina. We speak with one voice anytime that any of us come.

We are speaking with the voice of what you would think of as the Divine Mother, the Divine Father, what you would think of as God, what you would think of with so many names. But who is it that is speaking? We are speaking with the voice that is within thee, the voice that is within your cells. And within those cells lies the Divine and lies all aspects of the Divine.

You come to earth to bring these aspects into physical manifestation and we come to speak to you today of Joy because that is the topic isn’t it! Joy lies within, Joy is within each cell. Once it is awakened, it has the opportunity to be present in anything that you are doing, anything that you are imagining.

And yes, there is Joy in healing. This is one of the greatest gifts, one of our most precious gifts that you have been given, that is not just a gift, that is your right, that is your divine right, that is your birthright.

Think about how you feel when you bring comfort, compassion to another. There is a Joy in that, is there not? And that is the Joy that we feel. Yes, archangels feel but we feel in a somewhat different way than you do.

But you have come to awaken the Joy within, not only in the Joy of Healing but in the Joy of beauty. When you go to visit the cities of Light, the future cities that you are anchoring now on Gaia, on Mother Earth, on the planet, is there not beauty there? And is there not a Joy in that beauty? When you are filled with wonder at the opening of a rose, and the clouds moving in the sky, is there not joy in that wonder?

And you ask, yes, well I know that there is Joy in healing but tell me, can there be Joy in sadness? And yes, beloveds, there is Joy that you can feel the sadness. Let it move aside for you know you have a bigger job to do and that is to bring the Joy so sadness can be transmuted for many. Sadness is just an indication of what you are feeling to allow you to know pure Joy and allow you to know of what needs to be moved aside.

We are not asking you not to feel the sadness. We are asking you to allow it to move and know that we are with you. We are with you, helping you build new communities, new relationships where Love is the basis. For this is the gift of healing, is it not?

Now, come and let us bring the Joy of Healing to you, bring it to every part of your body. Every part of your emotional body, your physical body, your mental body, and beyond. And take that Joy of Healing and spread it throughout the universe. Spread it throughout the omniverse. You are doing more than you know with the Joy of Healing. You are bringing it to the Middle East. You are bringing it to Europe. You are bringing it to Africa. You are bringing it to Australia. There is more power available to you than you currently can fathom.

We ask you to trust, we ask you to trust that you are on the path which you would think of as the right path although there is no right or wrong. But you are on the path of Love and in that path is the Joy of Love. You have come to this earth to create a playground, a playground of Love where you can en-joy the gifts.

Have things gone in ways that are not expected? Yes, because there is free will. But you have the opportunity now to bring forth this playground, to en-joy every aspect of life on earth and yes to bring peace. It begins within, it begins with you and you are doing a beautiful job. Is there joy in that beautiful job? Yes, and it no longer becomes a job. It becomes your joy.

And so we leave you now, but we never really leave you because we are within. Awaken us at anytime, awaken the Joy, awaken the Joy of this communication, awaken the Joy of Healing.