Love is our new reality

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Mother Gaia via Galaxygirl – VIDEO, February 17th, 2018



Hello children! It is your Mother Gaia today, here with a message, a proclamation of hope to your weary forms. All is most well! As the light is ever coating, saturating more of you and of me, more of the minutiae of every humankind interaction, every thought and every wish, know that all – all of it! – is now infused with the golden Christ light of eternal hope, love and wisdom.

Welcome it in children, for truly it is a new day on my body as the frequencies continue to rise and yes to penetrate the very heart of human collective consciousness where all is transformed. Just as laughter transforms a room or transfuses a situation from blank stares into humorous ones, so this light of the Christed ones – and yes, I’m referring to you, my dear light worker friends on my form – you are transforming this! You are doing this heavy lifting of dross and drama into love and light, and I am truly so thankful for you in this moment of the ever present Now, and for always.

For this has truly been an unprecedented partnership of light. You have uncountable ships full of your support staff and family members eagerly waiting to catch more than a glimpse of you…. but to hold you close once again. Perhaps this knowledge will affirm and confirm why you are most often alone in a crowd or a bit lonely? When you feel such very human and very real feelings, tap into me, into my electromagnetic grid of Now Christed light and be lifted up with me, for we are eternally bonded, together on this most fantastic and most unique journey of soul journeys. You’re lifting me, with me, with our Galactic family just out of your sight but ever within my field of vision and I assure you, this is very much “going down for real” as this channel enjoys to say.

All is proceeding in Devine order and timing, and know that my love for you Humanity and especially for you dear sweet souls who have stuck it out with me time and time again – life after life – oh I love you so deeply and so appreciate our partnership together! Feel the wind caress you as a mother would tossel her child’s hair lovingly.

Feel the warmth of my sand beneath your feet and be warmed by a big hug from me. Feel my cool waters against your skin and let me cool away the anger that burns and just let it dissipate and wash away and be at peace.

Be at peace. I am ever your Mother Gaia. I love you dearly and I hold you as closely as you will allow.