Love is our new reality

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Judas Iscariot via Ann Dahlberg, February 18th, 2018

Judas Iscariot

Sunday, February 18th, 2018

Channel: Ann Dahlberg

I am Judas Iscariot and I have a few important things to say to you today. The first thing is that it is now critically important for you to hold the light high. Much darkness is now radiating up from the surface, which impacts you both spiritually and physically. It is important to focus on the light now so that it can calm your worry. Accept…give love, accept…give love, accept…give love as many times until all worries have left your body, regardless of if it takes one or a thousand times to do this. This gives results dear friends and the light and the balance and the harmony you achieve instead is worth all the effort that you apply to this. You regain yourself so to speak and regain the strength, the courage and the force you initially had. Earth gets back her happy and harmonious children again and everything becomes peaceful and calm. The energy that does not want to adjust to this new good energy has to move over and move somewhere else. It is you who decide together with your body which energy you want to rule in your life. If you chose the good and light energy then that is what you get. If you chose the fear based more heavy this is then what you get.

Focus now on the right energy dear Earthlings, since it is that path that you are going to follow. Which path will you chose? Do you want to work to bring in love in your life or do you want to close the door to the unknown? The unknown is really the known, that which has always been there, but to which you closed the door a very long time ago. It has sometimes been slightly ajar, but the vulnerability you feel makes it hard for you to open it all the way. You have forgotten that in your heart there is the courage and the strength you need to open the door all the way.

The truth weighs little compared to the lie. It is always easier to live one’s own truth that to live a lie. The lies multiply more and more, but the truth remains untainted. A person of the truth has light steps, while one who follows the path of lies has heavy steps. The more lies the more difficult it becomes to untangle oneself from the mess, while the truth walks a free path. It is now time to chose the path of the truth dear children on Earth. It is time to be true and honest to oneself and to stand in one’s own truth. It is time to walk forward on Earth as a true and honest soul who has a strong trust to its heart and what it encounters in life. You have a goal in your life and this goal is important now.

It is time for you to chose which side you are on. Will you chose the truthful or untruthful? Do you dare to confront your own heart? Do you dare to open the door in order to let out the light, which shines there? Do you dare to confront your own darkness and give it light and love? Can you forgive yourself and others? All of these are important questions. Many have started this journey and others stand already in their own truth, yet others have started to add their own light to the world. We are all One so everybody needs to light their light and let it shine in the world we live in. Fear, darkness and what is difficult needs to be dissolved and disappear. It needs to be transformed to a higher energy. Your will directs this dear children on Earth. Your wishes are our law and as long at the will is there you will receive the help you need. Your wishes are in the door to your heart. When you are willing to open it up we stand there to cheer you on. We give you new paths that you can walk. Open up your eyes so that you can see all the signs that we send to you. There are many, but if you miss one new ones will come until you find the path that is prepared for you. Stand strong in your belief and your love and the road is at your feet.

Go in peace dear Earthlings. Your time is here now – your time of truth, love and beauty.

With much love,





Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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