Love is our new reality

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Mother God and the Guardian Angels of the Human Race via Karen Vivenzio, December 19th, 2018


Mother God and the Guardian Angels of the Human Race via Karen Vivenzio

Child of light it has been many centuries that we have been preparing you for this time. It is time now to step outside the confines of your own heart and mind to embrace the love that is emanating from the Creator’s heart to yours. At this time, great waves of love and light are reaching you from whence they were sent forth many eons ago with the knowledge that this time of healing would be much needed on Mother Earth, for herself and your world. We have spent much energy and effort shoring you up and getting you ready to accept this most holy gift from your Divine Mother / Creator and now that the time has come we see many of you shrinking back in fear, afraid or apprehensive of the changes to come and what that will mean for everyone you love. Hold onto the positive only now my dears. It is here that you need to hear us and let go of any last remaining remnants of fear. Fear does not server you any longer my dears and it is here that we can now help you to clear, through the acceptance of the new energies. As you allow yourself to open up and receive our new energies of love, all that is no longer wanted will be washed away in a sea of streaming love / light from the Creator God. Mother Divine wishes to acknowledge you at this time for the wisdom you have absorbed and the lessons you have endured. It may get a bit tougher before you are rejoicing once more, there are many opposing energies that need to be transformed. Make great use of the violet flame and blessed St. Germain as he has volunteered at this time to help even the energies and make light of what has now been deemed your right of passage into the mainstream of love that is your Divine birthright and to which all of you have aspired whether conscious of it or not.

The time has come to tell new stories to your young, not of the witches of the forest that hunt and forage for their lunch, but of the winged white creatures of Mother God that are streaming love for all to absorb and relinquishing the need for evil in this world. You must let go of all notions of ‘bad’ and ‘good’ and allow the forces of nature to sweep over you dear ones. You must now embrace all that you have learned and allow the wisdom garnered in those lessons to come forward. It is not enough to want to love, you must put the act in motion as you are receiving a time of grace to allow the changes that are needed to finally come to fruition. It is not in futility the efforts of many years past, simple preparation for the re-birth of heaven on earth and the paradise that was lost in the ages many eons ago. It is still going on now. The circle of time allows the re-birth to flow forth wiping away the trials and tribulations that you have witnessed / been a part of. It is all gone now although it may take some time for the remnants to die out – waiting for the cords of attachment to the old reality to be gently removed of any energy of fear you have bought into. Allow us to do this healing for you. Allow us to cut the cords, severing the ties that bind you to a reality that is no longer, a reality that is ‘beneath’ you. Rise up from the ashes like the Phoenix of lore and claim the holy embrace that the Creator streams forth. Take out of your hands the troubles and waste and allow us, your Guardian Angels of the Human Race, to open your arms wide and embrace you from the inside. Warm and sweet our energy is here, flowing inside from the atmosphere, osmosis / absorption without doing a thing, simply a time for resting. Although instantaneous from our point of view, we know that it may take some time for these energies to fully flow through to you. Allow yourself to sit and relax, allow the space for God to act, and enjoy the embrace the new energies bring. The world will look quite different come next Spring. A time for moving forward then it will be, a time for rejoicing in ecstasy. For it is then you will remember in fullness and grace the love of your Creator and the lengths it has taken to rescue you all from the darkest embrace, bringing you back / breathing you back into holiness through an immeasurable state of grace.

We love you dear children of sweet Mother Earth. We love you enough to know your own worth. It is what we wish for you now dear children of Earth, to allow yourselves the wisdom and the freedom to come back to the hearth, back to the heart of your sweet Mother Earth through the divine dispensation of Mother God and the Guardian Angels and Observers, servants of yours, bringing you back to the heart of earth and all you so deserve. (EARTH=HEART when we learn to put our H(hearts) first).

Blessings my friends, I Am your Mother God and I have sent this message to all who can hear, all who can let go of fear, hear the clarion call I Am sending forth and know in your hearts that you so deserve the greatest of blessings of my sweet love and the focus of the next stage of humanity is nothing but love. Earth is a training school dear ones, and you have all graduated to the next level, the next stage of the game. Welcome home my dear friends, I have missed you so much. I Am so happy to see the love you are sending forth and the renewal is reaching the outermost fragments of the Earth and her atmosphere, it has been many years since we started streaming the love back into your world and now you can finally see – it has finally caught up to thee, what we have been seeing and saying for eternity. Allow us to carry you the rest of the way home, home to my heart, and home to you all.

Blessings dear ones, thank you for hearing me – thank you for joining me in this clarion call. Soon you will see the blessings floating / flowing all around and you will wonder, what type of world do I find myself in now? And it will be glorious and you will know without a doubt of the existence of Angels and the love you have found.

This is Your Great Mother Divine and you are all the Legions of Light Shining Bright, Shining Bright

With love and great blessings we are waking up the night and setting it right.

Take a loving rest tonight and know that everything will be all right.


With love and blessings – Karen

Via Karen J. Vivenzio,

Author – Earth Angel: Find Your Power, Shine Your Light

It’s time to embrace the Divine in YOU!