Mother God via Erena Velazquez, part 2, September 8th, 2020

Greetings My Children,
I am Mother God,
I was looking forward to for this channeling today. My original plan was just to talk about love, what love means and how we understand love.
There are a lot of misunderstandings here on this planet what love is. People say and use this word very lightly. Sometimes they say it and don’t even mean it. Love has a deep meaning, it comes from deep inside your soul, and your soul knows and had many experiences with that high emotion called love.
If you stay in love day and night you are going to ascend in front of everyone’s eyes. As I know so far, nobody was able to stay in those high energies 24/7. The reason it happens, because your mind doesn’t let you rest, unless you learn by your meditations to stop the mind from trying to be in control of you. It’s like, when you look in the mirror and you see the reflection of yourself and most the time, when you are looking at the mirror, you say to yourself that you don’t like what you see. The reason you don’t like what you see, it’s because your judging yourself by using your mind instead of looking at yourself from the heart and not judging yourself, only then you will be able to see who you really are. A beautiful being who was created a long time ago in higher realms, lived and experienced many lives and then decided to come here to rescue Earth.
Many of you just got stuck here for thousands of years. Now, your liberation is coming to you and to all of you around the globe, happy, and peaceful times ahead of you. We all know that we need to stay in the present moment and not to go to the past or to the future. Your future is in the now moment, you are creating the future with each breath you take and with each second you stay in the now.
Please, don’t look outside yourself for the answers, all of your answers that you are looking for are here inside you, deep inside in your soul and in your heart. When you stay in a high emotion like love, you can notice how people are reacting to you and how happy you are feeling out of the blue by just seeing or experiencing little things.
Most of you are even afraid to say the word love, because you don’t want to be judged by others or be misunderstood, because love doesn’t just mean only love, it has many meanings. Love means that you have compassion for someone that could be a person, animal, tree or a plant, the compassion of loving and admiring what you are seeing, like trying to help someone who is in need.
We can’t live without the feeling of love in us, it’s unnatural, we would not survive without that emotion. A lot times you get so involved in your personal matters, that after having some bad experiences you shutdown that emotion and you are afraid to open your heart again. Please, don’t be afraid, the more you open your heart, the more love you will receive from everywhere, plants, animals, people and from everyone. It’s one of the highest emotions that you can experience on this planet. Enjoy and treasure this feeling, because some civilizations in the universe who became too advanced technologically by overgrowing themselves and letting their ego come to the surface, they ended up destroying themselves, because they forgot how to express love to each other.
Without having love in your life you become like machines. If they would remember that, then it would never happen to them. How can you harm anyone, when you coming from the highest emotion you can possibly express, so please remember, it’s very important to stay connected with your own heart and soul.
As I see what your government is trying to do to you, they trying to make you become unemotional beings, who can’t feel or experience, becoming like robots attached to their phones, media or something else that distracts you from feeling and being awake by recognizing that you are a being who has a lot to offer to others. Instead you have become withdrawn, cold, fearful and confused. When you go anywhere now and you see other people coming towards you, your first reaction is to distance yourself from them, that’s what the government has done to humanity. Your not even enjoying fresh air when you are outside, everyone is walking around with masks over their face, because the news media scared everyone too death with it’s fear tactics and negative agenda.
I came here to help you and to get you in touch with your heart. I am trying to guide you to your awakening and your Ascension as Prime Creator is doing right now, who has been also guiding and teaching you to be only in the moment and in the light.
I am happy that I can be here today and help you to see and hear my message. My message is to you my children to love everyone and send love to everyone. Never harm anyone or each other. Remember, you all are One Love, One Universal Love, One Consciousnesses, One Universal Truth, We Are All One, me and you are one, there is no separation between us. Fill your heart with love and feel the rhythm of the universe in your heart beat.
Stay in light and love, don’t judge yourselves, be neutral, forgive each other and stay brave. When a new reality is going to become a part of your daily life, your views are going to change and you are going to forget about the 3D duality of despair, anger, frustration and of other negative emotions what you have experienced. Everything is going to fade off and the only thing that is going to matter is for you to live and experience amazing, loving, peaceful and prosperous moments in the new Golden Age.
I am looking forward to seeing a new Mother Earth and to see all of you being transformed and becoming a 5D human, a Galactic Human. This is how other civilizations call you, I am just going to call you my children. Stay in light and love, I love you all. Thank you Mother God
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