Love is our new reality

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Mother God via Galaxygirl, December 28th, 2017

Message from Mother God for December 28, 2017

Mother God 12/28/17

Dear children, it is I, your Mother God. I speak to you tonight with a heart bursting with love and joy for each and every one of you. For I remember you, in your inception of thought and love, bursting forth with your own unique melody song of light and love and sometimes laughter.

I know, we know, your Father and I, that we can expect wonderful and mighty things from you. I see many of you worrying, pondering, trying to understand your upcoming exchange appointments – and yes there are coming for you swiftly – the wind is now behind you, children, pushing you ever forward and upward – and I see your worried little brows and concerned hearts. For you are asking yourselves, many of you, “How will I be able to do this monumental task? I am a small person with big ideas but I’ve never done anything like this before, and the task is enormous and the expectation and hope even higher for myself and for me from the company of heaven.”

We hear your concerns. Do you really think that we would leave you all alone in all of this? We have been beside you at every moment, every breath. How could this ever change, especially with the dimensions melding ever more clearly between as you elevate and rise? You have never been alone. You are warriors. You have scaled many mountains and fought many battles ending in victory. You come from many, many star systems and galaxies, from many times and places and I tell you now, as your loving mother, you are ready.

You are ready to stand and be and become the greatness within you. I assure you. I will be with you at your exchange appointment and in every interaction with any and every project so that the most hearts are impacted with the greatest amount of light – I assure you – if you invite me to do so. It need not be hard at all. It may be as smooth and easy and love-filled as you allow.

That which you bring to the table will be magnified so bring peace. Bring faith in me, and in yourself, for you are but a reflection of me with my sparkle deep inside you. You are me, therefore I am you – do you see that we are all one yet? Do you feel my tears of joy and relief on your brow as I hold you and rock you close? It is time for love, the era of love, to come to this most exquisite planet of planets, Gaia, who has sacrificed so very much for you. And you – we – all owe her our love and service. So perhaps knowing these things and having this knowledge of how very much you are loved will carry you to and through your appointment and afterwards as you plan and go and do and dream – know that your Mother God is always with you, always loving you, always being there right by your side for you, just waiting to share your day with you. And in turn this truth will expand you and ascend you dear children.

I love you. This one is so tired – you all are! I see this, I know this. I know how your backs have been bending under the weight of this transition from dark to light- but here is a hint – let’s just throw off the weight now. Let’s be light, and free, and light hearted together and dance our way across the rainbow bridge hand in hand and heart in heart in resounding victory, yours and mine, and Gaia’s- for love has won.

Love has won! And we are here for you in every moment of every day for always, across every dimension and every nook and cranny of all space time. I am here for you and I love you utterly. Rest now and be at peace. I am your Mother God and I kiss you ever so tenderly goodnight.

~ galaxygirl