Love is our new reality

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Mother God via Galaxygirl, February 7th, 2018


Mother God 2/7/18

Dear beloved children it is I, your Mother God. Please know how I look upon you with delight and affection. I long to comfort you when I see your tears or feel your pain. Please allow me the joy of this connection of comfort and of your trust. For truly I am here for you. You are surrounded by love. If you can start to feel and to appreciate this, so much more joy will be available to you.

Dream with me. Create with me. All is well and all is truly unfolding and proceeding marvelously. For we see you all as the superheroes of this universe and are so excited to see what you Human children will do next!

The darkness is being cleared. Do not fear the changes ahead for they will be gripping – intense and we need our ground crew to hold the light, the peace, and the neutral point to balance these energies of high intensity that are streaming in through your atmosphere. Breathe me in and let us co-create together as one.

This one is fatigued so we will keep it short and sweet tonight. Be at peace. I am always available for you. I am your Mother God.

~ galaxygirl