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Mother God via Kjerstin Sisilla, 21 augusti, 2020

Mother God via Kjerstin Sisilla, 21 augusti, 2020


Part 1, August 21, 2020

I am your Mother God. .

Beloved children on Earth. You are doing exactly what you are on Earth / your beloved Gaia to accomplish in this time. Your achievements are great. First, you have managed to stay alive in the sluggish energies that have persisted for millennia. And you have succeeded in being born on Earth again, in precisely this era of upheaval / transformation.

Most of you Light Bearers and Warriors have had very difficult lives, even this time. It was necessary because you wanted to develop optimally Beloved children. Your journey is immense in its scope – both your Father and I are very impressed by the piece of art. From literally crawling in the dust and mud, you are now high, high in the energies and striving together to spread them throughout your Beloved Mother Gaia.

There are many of you who help you, who scatter the Light over the Earth, but it is You Beloved children who distribute it, who spreads the Light further with your souls, with your Light Bodies to your needy fellow human beings.

You influence the group consciousness of humanity, fundamentally, through your work. You are tired, we see it, but you are not the ones giving up. If so, you would not be in the vanguard at this time Beloved children on Earth.

Come, my child, crawl into my arms. Receive my warmth and my Love. Feel the Peace and Unity.

(I am drawn into the Mother’s embrace, into the gold energies and warmth, into the peace and quiet. I cry with relief when I feel the strong motherly love and security. I am completely safe, as all young children should be. Only THE NOW is there, LOVE and SECURITY I cry until the tears run down, I cry out all the stored sorrows I feel a presence opposite Mother God in whose lap I sit; a masculine presence – calm, loving and secure I also experience his radiant love , radiant as Yeshua’s / Sananda’s love energies, but stronger, clearer, purer – as if all the most loving men I have met are concentrated in this powerful Light Being that I can remember I feel completely whole and loved. Whole and Beloved.

So I fall asleep. When I wake up, I know in my heart that my reality has changed forever. I am. I Am the Way, the Truth and the Light.)




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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