Mother Mary via Galaxygirl, December 20, 2020

Mother Mary via Galaxygirl | December 20, 2020

Mary 12/20/2020

Greetings dear hearts, I am your Mother Mary. I am also your sister, your friend. I welcome the embodiment of the Divine Universal Mother of All Things and I assist with grounding these energies of the divine into Gaia just as you are doing in this time. Feel my blue shawl around you. I am extending it to you in a warm embrace. Feel the softness, the comfort. Feel the cool blue waters of the divine feminine, offering deep inner soothing and peace. Peace within is all around. Feel it within you. Your angel teams and guardians are all around you. Your ancestors are cheering you on, grateful for the work that has been completed that had been left unfinished. (I am seeing heavenly crowds wearing t-shirts with our names on them.) Now is the great finishing up of the old to make way for the new. The age of Aquarius, the time of the solar healing, the moments ahead are juicy like the ripest of sweet berries would taste to one who has been eating mud pies. Truly massive joy and planetary upheaval and change is in front of you. I fill you with my light, with my love. I offer you these words of comfort this day. I offer you my blue shawl, I encircle you with my light. I Mary, touch your heart now, with your permission. I am sending healing. There has been so much pain within this embodiment and yet so much to be gained by the healing. All is and shall be most well. Children I offer you this – my light, my love. I offer you my strength. Lean on these gifts in the coming days, in the coming nows and feel that you are supported by Source, by love, for you are all of these things. Source being supported by yet more Source in endless circles of light.

I am Mary. The darkness that has withheld so much good from you shall be blinded by the light that is to come. YOU are a part of this massive light. You are building and anchoring the rainbow bridge from this realm into our realm. We are holding this light here. Nova Gaia is very real, straddling the realms now and being pushed yet higher as the energies continue to rise. That is why you can sense it but not quite see it yet, but you can feel it. You feel the birthing, the rimming light of the horizon and you know, you KNOW within your very being that there can be no other truth but this. The light has won. Welcome home, my precious ones. You are blessed to be able to experience, to witness and to lend your light and you in turn are blessing the All, a tremendous act of love and service.

I am Mary. I lend my light and love freely to all just as you are doing. I encircle you in my blue light, and I place a pink rose within your heart space, thorns removed, only the blossoms remain, for you are leaving duality. Within the realm of duality truly the thorns were needed to balance the beauty of the bloom but you are leaving the need for the balance of the dark, for you have seen it, loved it and released it. You have seen this same darkness within and loved it into light. That was the necessary task. Now send your light and love to the realm around you and witness its blossoming into the higher dimensional ways, and like the rose, the fragrance of this upgraded bloom will be unlike what you have experienced before. For you will be surrounded in the higher dimensional vibration of balance, and the fragrance shall be all the sweeter for you have experienced the thorns. You have been pricked by the thorns. The crown of thorns was very symbolic in this way, an insight that has been missed. In duality the dark pierced my beloved son and he not only healed into more light, but his seed has formed the foundation of the Christed Consciousness of the eternal rose blossoms that now subconsciously permeate the hearts and minds of the awakening ones and are already in full bloom in the awakened star seeds. This is why galaxygirl is seeing a massive golden rose, for these energies of the golden rose are filling this galaxy, and it shall be no longer the Milky Way as you term it but the Golden Rose Galaxy. For the higher dimensional matrices have flooded and are flooding and will most completely flood this realm with light. It is the cosmic breath of love-light. It is the love-light that you have been longing for. Children, it is the vibration of home. Feel it. Know it. Breathe it. Live it and know, KNOW that it is already here, for the energies of this are being anchored firmly within the hearts of the awakened ones, within these precious eyes reading these words, within the precious ears listening to these words, and the precious fingers typing these words. It is all around you. Love is being restored fully to this realm.

I am Mary. I am your mother, your friend. Know that I struggled just as you have within my embodiment as Mary. My teenage me had a fierce rebellious streak for a time as I sorted out the duality realm. But know that I allowed my inner rose of my inner light to bloom against all odds, and you have done the same. We are holding you. We are cradling you in our light. It need not be an effort. It is effortless. The sludging through the densities is lifting away. You will feel lighter than air in comparison to the mud walking you have been accustomed to. Feel the light, feel our support.

I am Mary. I love you with an everlasting love. I breathe my strength into you. Be aligned with the Christed Consciousness for this is your destiny and the future of Nova Gaia that you shall have the honor to co-create, to build and to love. I am Mary. Be at peace and feel the joy all around you. You are surrounded by roses of light and you are anchoring them into the physical. (I am seeing the pink rose that she planted within the hearts become a golden rose that is brimming with light. I am seeing this golden rose fill the center of Gaia. I am seeing that now she is in the center of the galaxy and that this flash of golden light extends out from Gaia in a blinding flash of light that feels like love. It feels like the complete essence of love, whole, complete, accepting, nonjudgemental. There is only love.) Yes, dear, but know the experiences gained, the deepening of inner truths truly understood and the expansion of the All has been innumerable. Do not lose focus. All is light. The outer noise is just noise. The inner light is your destiny, it is your truth, it is who you are. You are this love-light being anchored to Gaia. I love you. I kiss your foreheads. (I am seeing showers of roses and rose petals falling from the skies. They are blanketing us further with these energies.) The divine feminine has returned. Only love shall remain. I am Mary.

~ galaxygirl