Love is our new reality

Mother Mary via Kerstin Eriksson, January 24th, 2022

Monday, 24 January 2022

Mother Mary You are the best!

 I am Mother Mary and I hold you to my heart always.

I have something important to talk about tonight.

I am an old soul, and I have lived several lives on earth and I know different kinds of hardship´s.

Hold on!

Don´t give up!

I love you!

I walk beside you always and I want to hold your hand in mine.

I want to nurture you, I want to take good care of you always.

When you need me call on me through your heart, that is where you find me.

I am very close to you, closer than you think.

But you need to take a step forward, if you really need me!

Welcome me into your heart, then I will start healing you!

I love you

Mother Mary