Love is our new reality

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Mother Sekhmet via Elaine DeGiorgio, January 10th, 2018

Dear Children of Ra,

I Mother Sekhmet-Durga, come forth at this hour to bring forth great news, that great progress is being made at this time with the Ascension of many Souls, the cocoons are breaking forth and many butterflies are setting flight – transcendance it the key now in your Ascension.

Be blessed for shifts upon your Earth are unfolding. The Lightbearers have now fully anchored upon your Earth bringing forth healing, love, light and peace.

Facilitators of the Divine Energy come forth at this time giving the message of love and healing from the Great Central Sun.

Your Ascension is as intended. It is the Holy Will that brings forth many great shifts that are unfolding.

The Solar Energies of the Central Suns of this System of Worlds are pouring forth the Golden Ray of Light upon you all in this hour.

The codes of the 11.1.11 brings forth a New Dawn of Harmonization anchoring the Magenta Rays of Light coming forth connecting you to a Higher Dimension of Light.

The expansion of God Consciousness is unfolding bringing connecting you all to zero point bringing you through your timelines back to the beginning when time began….

Time and Time connecting with time… memories of of joy, memories of peace, memories of great challenges all unfold as you connect with the Emerald Gateways of Time and Healing…

Connection with levels and layers upon layers of consciousness, streams of divine light unfolding… bringing you back through your Stargates and connecting with your Star Nation for it is when you connect with what you call Home and bring forth that Love upon your Earth – Your Earth and Your Reality will shift.

It is intended that this year of 2018/11 upon your Earth The Holy Order of Lord Melchizedek unfolds once more… It is the Will of the Most High that those Souls Serving The Holy Order of the Office Of Lord Melchizedek become Christ-bears to worlds.

It is now time dear ones for restoration….Tikkun ha-Olam restoration of worlds for what was broken is mending once more, it is time for humanity healing and restoration.

It is now time to step into thy light.

Dear Children, we hear your cries during great challenge and know the plight of the Souls upon Gaia at this time for the healing of humanity is great, we have raised the dimensional threshold of Gaia and in this we are working with the divine rays of light pouring forth and in this raising of the dimensional threshold upon your earth shall see humanity rise once more just like the days of Lemuria.

Therefore dear children I ask of thee in this hour to sit in stillness and connect with the Energy that hath come forth from the Great Central Sun for many Stargates within the System of Worlds will be opening and connecting with your earth 11/1/11 Align with this powerful energy that hath come forth, allow it to fill your body-mind and to raise your consciousness to bring you to a new and higher vibration.

This will enable you to participate in the shifting energies on your planet, as humanity’s consciousness shifts and instigates the necessary momentum.

Know my dear children that each and everyone of you are facilitators to the Divine Shift.

As you connect to the Field of Unity Consciousness you connect with a New World bringing about a Universal Transformation… for now in this new paradigm of Light and Love you are all Butterflies divinely awakened from the Cocoon Transcending into a Higher Dimension of Light.

For you dear Souls have now come forth into a new dawn as you connect with your Divinity, with your Sacredness, Sacred Codes are now coming forth and are being activated in this hour.

The Great Moment of Universal Sacred Union comes in this year 11/1/11 of Great Cosmic Consciousness, when Source and Creation snap together in a second’s moment to truly become One – your world will turn around, changed forever, as the Great Mover resumed its governing Force in all creation, and in the consciousness of mankind.

Be blessed dear children and be the beautiful butterflies transcending in the meadows flying free transcending beautifully.

Sa Sekhem Sahu!

I am Mother Sekhmet-Durga and I speak through Elaine this day. – Channel: Elaine DeGiorgio