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Mother Sekhmet

Mother Sekhmet via Kerstin Sisilla, April 13th, 2019

Mother Sekhmet

April 13th, 2019

Channel Kerstin Sisilla

Seek your origin. Seek your earthly origins humans. There are no short cuts. You have largely left nature in order to live in artificial hard environments, without a soul. You congregate in both large, stressful and toxic cities, which effectively closes down your contact with your origin – The origin of your physical body, which is habitat of your soul.

Your bodies are made from elements of Mother Earth. You are formed from her earth and water – her essence is in your bodies. You need to reconnect with your own origin humans. There is only one way and that is through nature. When you see the butterfly – see it. See the process the metamorphosis that has created the beautiful being. See the invisible and see what is hidden that the butterfly carries with it. See the secret behind the creation not only what your physical eyes can see.

When you socialize with you pet animal see that it is there in order to reconnect to nature. See its soul. See its mission, which is to open your eyes for the creation – the creation of the divine planet Gaia, where humans once upon a time created themselves from the various given elements.

Get out in nature, feel it, experience it and enjoy. Be as the child curious and discover the wonders of nature. Marvel over the little busy ant who has six small legs and the spider with eight legs who can make gauzy creations in the form of beautiful spider nets. Think about where the ant was before it became an ant – feel the whole process in your soul.

When you eat of the honey that the bee has made through hard work with its own body by taking advantage of Mother Earth’s resources, then see with your inner eye the happening and send a thought of gratitude for the existence of the bee.

Everything is circular. Everything is a cycle. At funerals in the land of this woman it is said to the dead body: “Of earth you have come, earth shall you be again”. At death the soul is separated from the body and then returns to the cycle on Mother Earth. The soul follows its own path, exactly where depends on the knowledge the soul takes with it from life on Earth. Regardless of where you all will meet love, light and justice. “Of light you have come, light you shall be again”. Now, unit earth and light my friends. Everything is one.

The Goddess Sekhmet




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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Mother Sekhmet via Eli Galla, April 10, 2019

Mother Sekhmet via Eli Galla | April 10, 2019

4-10-19 Mother Sekhmet

by Eli Galla

Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

Once again it is our very welcome pleasure to be with you and feel your hearts on this conference call. And, ah yes, we have had a bit of a question about how we would address this, what is seen as a problem, of — with where you all are at, the people on this call. And trying to get across to Beloved Ones in your life how to make some of the changes that you see that you’ve gone through and how they’ve helped you.

And how to get another person that you really care a lot about, to have them come to the realization, that if they try this modality or they consider a certain train of thought, or way of processing energy, or simply using gratitude and forgiveness more in their lives, that they would really be helped. And that they’ll have more clarity in their lives and thus be able to make better-feeling choices.

Well, we say that this comes back to this understanding really of what Compassion is, because the person has their own journey. Each of you have your own journeys, and this is a Free Will planet. And this is one of the main reasons, believe it or not, that you kept on coming back here.

And you have raised the level of the vibration on this Beloved Planet in such a high frequency that you are seeing your base frequency of the Schumann Resonance change. This base frequency was 7.83. Well, we’re really putting a dent in that right now. And it’s in this progression, where it’s even going to go further along and get into higher averages per day.

So, in effect what we are doing right now is changing the base frequency on your Beloved Planet to a much higher one. And of course, it has to be this way in order for you all to be letting go of the density of your 3rd Dimensional duality and making this bridge through the 4th and into the 5th Dimension.

Well, that brings us back to Compassion because there is no way that you’re going to make another person ready to have these high-vibrational thoughts that are going to allow them to liberate themselves into higher frequencies of the LoveLight.

And how liberating was it for certain of you to have these thoughts where everything clicked in with what we call an A-Ha Moment, because you got it. You got what the channels are saying. You got the purpose of doing certain modalities, of letting go, of being in the Now Moment and empowering yourself with these high-vibrational energies.

And we don’t judge any of your journeys. And we don’t judge the people in your families who are just starting to wake up, or anyone who hasn’t awoken yet. We just want you to know that collectively, we’re shining the LoveLight on your Beloved Planet all of the time, from the ships, just like we’re doing, when we go up and do this meditation that we’re about to do.

So, with that being said, let us join together, me bi-locating my paw to you, and you reaching out with your other hand to somebody else on this call. And just breathing into the Heart Center, slowing down, relaxing and sending this LoveLight energy from your Heart Center, down through your left arm, out through your palm, and around the circle, and into your right palm, and back into your heart, breathing into your Heart Centers.

And with the Power of our Thoughts raising ourselves up off the surface of your Beloved Planet into the atmospheres. And at the Speed of our Thoughts, raising up, through the layers of the ships, the upper atmospheres, and coming upon my ship, the Beloved Nibiru. And yes, I’m opening up the landing deck, that is the belly of this ship. Oh, it’s humongous and we’re rising on up through the open portal there and hovering in the air lock. And the landing deck is closing beneath us.

And now, it’s safe to touch down. So, we’re still intact in our circle, and we’re walking back to the elevator that we’re going to choose, to get in here. And we’re all getting in at the same time. And we’re in, and we push the button and we’re rising on up very, very quickly. And now, we’ve stopped our elevator car.

And we’re opening up the door, and seeing all of these Beloved Mentors, Ascended Masters, angels, Beloved Commanders that represent many of the different ships of the Ashtar Command. And yes, the place is packed. And yes, some of your ancestors, perhaps you in a previous lifetime or two are right here with us also. And perhaps you feel a touch, a song, the hair sticking up on the back of your neck. Because, yes, they want you to be very well aware of the Love that they send you continuously over from the other side.

And now, let us assemble around the Beloved Altar here where the Master Crystal sets. And holding my paw, bi-locating it to all of you, and reaching out to another person here. And let’s get started with sending it around the circle from the left hand, into the right hand, through our hearts.

And sending it into the outer circles, the Mentors, angels, and Ascended Masters, the Commanders of the ships, and to your ancestors, and from the floor to the walls, and the ceiling, in a spiral up, down, around and through. And feeling this LoveLight energy permeate every subatomic particle in the Crystal Healing Room now. And feeling ourselves beings raised in the level of our vibration, completely merging, with these high-vibrational energies.

And now, let us transmit these energies along with our personal Intentional Requirements for what each and every one of us want to accomplish personally with this meditation tonight. And yes, it may have to do with finances, with health and wellbeing, helping your Beloved Children or Grandchildren with the Intention of making their lives easier in many different ways. And sending this LoveLight with these Intentional Requirements into the Master Crystal.

And we say that tonight, we want this feeling of Unconditional, Universal Love to permeate your Beloved Planet whereby people can automatically tell when they are in Judgment and feel how bad that feels. Because when they project that out to themselves, they will feel this boomerang effect. Because that is what we see transpiring now, as you rise up into the higher dimensions here, into these higher vibrations of this Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness Energy.

So, we require that they become very well aware of this, that they are creating this, and that all they have to do is to breathe into the Heart Center and let go of these Judgments, and allow themselves to see the reality of what they are creating in every Now Moment, and let themselves rise up into high vibrations with better feeling thoughts, and bringing in these feelings of Joy, Satisfaction, Illumination and truly treasuring each and every Now Moment as such a Quantum Leap in their Spiritual Evolution, and in being able to create their reality in the way that they truly desire.

And now, shining this Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness Energy through the tip of the Master Crystal, up through the opening in the Crystal Healing Room. And spiraling it down onto your Beloved Planet. And from the North Pole, going up, down, and around and through, from the atmosphere to the surface, underneath the surface, affecting every subatomic particle, every atom. And breathing into it, spiraling it up, down, and around and through, permeating each particle of your Beloved Planet with this Golden White Light of High Frequency, High Energy, Unconditional, Universal Love of the Christ Consciousness Energy.

And yes, we want to open up each and every Beloved Person’s heart on your Beloved Planet, and have them be shining beacons of this LoveLight and transmitters of their own inner Truth to permeate the consciousness of this Collective, to raise the level of the Conscious Awareness on your Beloved Planet to be more and more receptive to these high-vibrational energies that are coming in, multiplying exponentially now in waves, ah, we would say Joyous Energy because we are celebrating. It has been a long journey for all of us testing this Density of Duality.

And yes, I was on your Beloved Planet more towards the beginning of this epic journey in testing the Density of Duality in Egypt many, many years ago, thousands upon thousands of years ago. And now to see it progress the way that it has, with all of you Beloveds returning lifetime after lifetime, putting your lives on the line, staying in your integrity, and multiplying these high vibrational frequencies. That now you come to a place where we see the change already happened up in the higher dimensions.

So, we want to shine this LoveLight once again on London, because London is the seat of this cabal’s financial empire. And yes, it is all crumbling. But there’s certain choices that need to be made, before it can completely be disassembled. And although we see that these choices basically have been made to disassemble the whole structure, which is why we want to send this LoveLight there, so that the people, in their hearts, will feel that everything is fine.

Everything is in perfect Divine Timing on your Beloved Planet to carry this Mission of the Alliance to fulfilling all of the requirements that need to be made so that you can be firmly anchored into the 5th Dimension. And yes, we are taking a huge step each and every day now toward the completion of our Mission which, of course, won’t be complete until everyone on your Beloved Planet who wants to ascend does so.

So, this has been a monumental undertaking, and it continues to be that way. But as long as we stick together, and feel the LoveLight in each and every one of us, rising up and multiplying, it’s a piece of cake, a walk in the park. And nothing can stop us now; particularly now that we’re seeing that it has been over six years, since you all have passed the marker for Ascension. And the energies have multiplied, ratcheted up, and brought you to higher and higher levels, so that you are in this progression of the Schumann Resonance, rising in this cycle the way that it has. And it will continue to do so.

So, all you have to do is continue to breathe into your Heart Center and to be in alignment with the Love and Light that you are. So that means being in the Spirit of Celebration, being in the Spirit of Unconditional, Universal Love, and knowing that that is your Truth, and being a beacon of this shining Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness Energy.

Ah, yes, umm, on your Beloved Planet, there have been so many advanced technologies that are still sequestered. So, we’re going to scan your Beloved Planet right now. And we see all of these places where these inventions have been shelved, sequestered, put out of sight, hiding some of them in underground bases, some of them in warehouses, and that aren’t really a part of the underground tunnel network.

And so, shining this LoveLight out to all of these sequestered technologies, and freeing all of the etheric chains that these black magicians and the manipulations of the artificial intelligence have placed upon their release. And we’re going to spiral your whole planet with this LoveLight energy, because these different places, which we’re talking about, that are housing these high-vibrational inventions are very spread out upon your planet.

So seeing this LoveLight from the atmospheres, to the surface, and underneath the surface spiral up, down, and around and through with the Intention of Liberation, the Liberation of the Truth of these high-vibe technologies, being released into your Now Moment, into your material, physical realities, so that these Beloved Changes into high-vibe frequencies can truly come about. And you can feel the support from over on the other side from the Company of Heaven.

Because, yes, your planet has to manifest this abundance, this prosperity, this satisfaction, this satisfying of all of your Beloved Birth Rights. And to some degree, many of these inventions help to do that, because you deserve to live in an environment where you don’t have to be threatened by the air, the water, or the food supply. But that is what is transpiring still on your Beloved Planet.

So, spiraling this LoveLight Energy up, down, around and through with the Intention of liberation with the Truth coming out, and it being disseminated to the masses to make this massive change in the quality of all of your lives.

And now, let us go over to Mexico and get down in our underground tunnels, by way of our Beloved Elevator here. Going down and down, and now popping on through. And spiraling this Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness Energy horizontally through this network of tunnels into these underground installations.

And from Mexico, through the United States and all throughout Beloved Canada, anywhere that this tunnel complex exists, shining it up, down, and around and through, raising the level of this LoveLight energy, feeling ourselves rise up into high frequencies of Unconditional/Universal Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude.

Because yes, we don’t want to hold onto any judgments or animosities over this cabal. We know perfectly well why they have done what they did. And a big part of that is their allegiance to, well, what you would call Molloch, or Lucifer, or Satan, or the Devil. And all that means is that this is an aspect of consciousness that promotes fear and separation. And that is not the Truth of who we really are, as an integral part of the Godhead. So, spiraling this energy once again up, down, and around and through, letting ourselves rise up into high frequency here, up through, into the higher dimensions.

And feeling this connection heart to heart with all of the Beloved Beings who have been kept against their Will as slaves to the cabal, so that they would run these installations, and be the fodder for their ritual sacrifices. And this is basically how they’ve kept a lot of their Satanic energy over us, using us, and manipulating us, in these low vibrations of fear and separation.

And we say to each and every one of you Beloved Beings, who have honored your Soul Contracts, and played out your enslavement to these very dark energies that, “You are so loved. You are an inspiration to beings all over the cosmos, because what you have done required such bravery and such faith in knowing, that it wouldn’t last forever. But while it was going on, it was complete torture, to have to give up your Free Will, to have to give up your Rights, and be treated as less than humans by this cabal.

“So, Beloveds – and yes, we’re seeing some of you, that have left your bodies, but you haven’t crossed over yet. So now we’re sending, once again, your “I Am Presence” and your Guidance Teams. And now altogether, we’re shining the LoveLight on you, so that you will feel no fear and only our deepest respect and high-vibrational Love to make it so much easier to let go of your pain and rise on up, across the Bridge of Flowers up through the higher dimensions to go back Home.

“Because yes, you’ve earned this. And they miss you so very, very much and they want to honor you.”

Ah, yes, and to all of you Beloveds on the call, once again, it has been a very pleasant experience for us to be with you, to feel your hearts, to see into your imaginations, and your visions, for the transpiring of NESARA and bringing about this high-vibrational reality into your being and all it has to do with being in the 5th Dimension.

Namaste, Dear Beloveds. We love you so very much and good night.

Copyright © Eli Galla 2019

Mother Sekhmet via Eli Galla, April 3, 2019

Mother Sekhmet via Eli Galla | April 3, 2019

4-3-19 Mother Sekhmet

by Eli Galla

Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

Thank you so much for being on the call tonight. Yes, we feel that we have some work to do, as always, with bringing our Mission another step toward completion. Because, yes, we have been on this Mission a long time. And Now, each and every moment in this Now, this present feeling, this breath in the Now Moment allows us to feel more centered, and that it is easier for us to be in higher vibration, than it has been before. And yes, a big part of this is that the veil is almost non-existent.

And it used to be just certain days of the year, certain gateways like the Lion’s Gate where it would feel that the veil was dismantled pretty much and that you could have much more of a free flow up into the higher dimensions. Well, we see that it’s happening, it’s transpiring continuously in your Now Moment.

And this is something that all of us, together, have been working on in the completion, as a stage to the completion of our Mission together. So, it is a wondrous feeling for us to see it manifesting, and that we are magnetizing higher and higher vibrations coming into the planet that are being measured as your Schumann Resonance.

And yes, we’ve been talking about this quite a lot. And you are in this cycle that is producing very high levels of energy spikes that represent the patterns of this photon energy that are coming into your planet to bolster the effects of the LoveLight into the consciousness, into the Collective Consciousness of all of you Beloved Beings and the Kingdoms on your planet. So, it is a marvelous feeling for us, that we see so many on your Beloved Planet getting primed for their, we would say, Awakening Moment, their Initiation into the Wonders of Interdimensionality.

So, Beloveds, let us form our circle and me bi-locating my paw to you and you reaching out with your other hand to somebody else on the call. And, ah yes, sending this LoveLight energy out through the palm of your left hand, around the circle, and back in through the palm of your right hand, and into your Heart Center. And with the Power and the Speed of Thought, let us raise ourselves off of the surface of your Beloved Planet up into the atmospheres.

And rising up ever so quickly and steadily through the layers of the ships, and approaching my ship, the Beloved Nibiru. And yes, just breathing into the energies. And now I’m opening up the landing deck in the bottom of the ship. And now, we are making our way up into the hover lock, and closing the landing deck beneath us. And now it’s safe to touch down.

And we’re walking on back to the elevators and we’re getting in the middle one here tonight. And we are just rising up very, very quickly through all of the different floors in my Beloved Ship. And here we are opening it up and walking on through. And yes, we are the focus of this celebration here right now because, well, the party’s not going to start without us. Let’s put it that way.

And yes, you can feel some of the ancestors approaching you, and maybe you feel a tingle, or the hair on the back of your neck standing up a little bit, or even hearing a song. And perhaps one or two of these ancestors is an incarnation of your Beloved Self in a previous lifetime.

So, let us assemble around the altar in the middle of this Crystal Healing Room, where the Master Crystal sets on it. And forming our circle once again, me bi-locating my paw, and reaching out with your other hand to someone on the call, and sending it around the circle, from heart to heart, and all around the outer circles, the Mentors assembling around us, all of the Beloved Beings from the ships, angels and Ascended Masters joining the call tonight.

And transmitting it, this LoveLight energy, from the floor to the wall to the ceiling, up, down, around and through absorbing these high-vibrational energies that represent all of the higher dimensions all throughout all of Creation. And just breathing into it, sending it around one more time from the center circle to the outer circles, from the floor, to the walls, to the ceiling, spiraling this energy up, down and around and through.

And now, we ask you to make your own personal Intentional Requirements, for what you want to create with the energy and the focus of this LoveLight tonight on the Meditation. And yes, it could be for yourself, or for your Beloveds in your family or people you work with.

And it could be about a number of different things that you are being challenged with, that you want to see some changes with, such as relationships, or you know, being able to connect with the higher aspects of your being, with your Guidance Team, your I AM Presence or financial abundance in the Now Moment to take care of a bill, or a certain financial challenge. Whatever it is, just breathe into it, and direct it into the heart of this Beloved Master Crystal.

And our Intentional Requirement is for Peace on your Beloved Planet, for Unity to reign supreme from heart to heart on your Beloved Planet, where people will really understand who they are, and allow themselves to be so firmly centered in the 5th Dimension from this moment on that it changes their outward, material reality in a very high-vibe beautiful way. Just breathing into it, energizing this Master Crystal with this LoveLight energy, and the focus of our Intentional Requirements.

And now shooting it through the tip of the Master Crystal, through the opening in the ceiling of this Crystal Healing Room, the Nibiru. And focusing it down, spiraling it onto your Beloved Planet up, down, and around and through from the atmosphere to the surface, underneath the surface affecting all of the subatomic particles and having this spiral work very fast, very effectively, reaching into the hearts and minds of all of the Beloved Beings on your planet, affecting all of the kingdoms with this high-vibe energy, with these Intentional Requirements of Unconditional, Universal Love for all of the Beloved Beings on your planet, for everyone in this Now Moment to feel the Love and Light that they are and know that they can empower themselves no matter what their beliefs are. But that from this moment onward, that they are living their reality in the Now Moment, breath by breath, to raise the level of the vibration on this Beloved Planet, to bring about these changes for the betterment of Beloved Mother Gaia and all of her inhabitants.

And this means rising on up into the 5th Dimension where there will be no more wars; no low vibrations can exist in the 5th Dimension. And if you could resonate with the fact that when you are born, this is the dimension that you are born into. And ain’t that a wondrous occurrence to be born in this high, high-vibe vibration?

And once again, let us focus our Intention on Beloved London, England, because this is the financial capital of the Cabal. And yes, part of the Mission right now is for the Cabal to be unseated in power as the financial dominator, that it has been, by controlling the financial system for so, so many years. And this means the dismantling of the European Union, which has been called BREXIT, an exit from the European Union, and from the Fed and from the cabal having power over the financial institutions of this Beloved Planet.

So just breathing into it in a vertical spiral from the atmosphere, to the surface, and underneath the surface, affecting the underground networks, that are part of this Beloved City. And up, down, and around and through sending this Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness Energy into the hearts and the minds of all of the players in this financial institution that really is this Beloved City’s Government, and the institutions that it was founded upon.

Up, down and around and through vertically here, and bringing more and more of this LoveLight in to raise the level of consciousness of all of the Beloved Beings; not just the players in this financial institutional city, that is the capital of the cabal’s domination over the money supply on your Beloved Planet, but into the hearts and the minds of all of the Beloved Beings, who are going to be so deeply affected in the positive way to have their governments remove themselves from being dominated by the Federal Reserve Board and its Central Banks.

And now breathing into the Heart Center once more; and sending our energies, our focus, into the elevators in Mexico, and going underneath, accessing this underground network, the tunnels that connect all of the underground installations, starting in Mexico through that Beloved Country, through the United States and up into Beloved Canada.

And focusing it now horizontally through the tunnels; this Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness Energy, all up, down, and around and through. And reaching into the honeycomb chambers of all of these installations and sending it from Mexico, through the United States, through Canada, up, down and around and through, breathing into it, feeling the sparkle and shine penetrate all of the deep, dastardly secrets, that have been hidden from us of their heinous acts, that have been against the imperatives of our DNA, and that they have used us in this type of slavery for thousands and thousands of years, by controlling us with their matrix, fueled by the artificial intelligence, that they brought with them from other planets.

So, this phenomenon of control, that has given them the leverage over us for thousands of years, has been around for billions of years. And this is very important for all of us to understand and take to heart at this time because this is a monumental step. And we’re talking about the Ascension Process on your Beloved Planet.

So shining this LoveLight in this spiral, horizontally through all of the tunnels up, down, around, and through to expand the range, the frequency and the high vibration of this Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness Energy, to render all of the manipulations, the lies, and deceptions of the artificial intelligence, that these minions of the cabal have been using for so, so many years to hide their secrets away from us in these underground installations, in this vast network of this tunnel complex.

And yes, feeling the energy of all of the Beloveds who have been held captive, and have been enslaved by the cabal, some of them are very young. Some of them are quite old. And we say to all of them,

“We honor you. We love you so very much. We see the sacrifices that you have made in this Beloved Lifetime. And to us, you are Stars of Great LoveLight and such Compassion and Understanding of what needed to be done. And you had the Resolve and the Will and the Focus to honor your Soul Contracts ,and play it on through the way that you have.

“And yes, and we see some of you, and your energy being disembodied at this time. And we’re sending over your I AM Presence, your Guidance Teams to help you with the transition to the other side, because we don’t want you to have to wallow in any more fear or uncertainty or any of the lower vibrations ever again. You’ve done your work. You have been most successful. We love you so very much.”

And we say to all of you Beloved Beings on the call, we thank you for all of your efforts, all of your meditations, your prayers, your exercises, all of the things that you do, to let go in the Now Moment, to raise the level of the LoveLight. We say to you Namaste and good night. And thank you so very much.

Copyright © Eli Galla 2019

Mother Sekhmet via Eli Galla, March 27, 2019

Mother Sekhmet via Eli Galla | March 27, 2019

3-27-19 Mother Sekhmet

by Eli Galla

Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

Good evening. Welcome to the call. Yes, we have been having quite a time of it together, and watching you go through a lot of the changes that are transpiring on your Beloved Planet, because the level of the vibrations have been rising so dramatically now.

And you’re going through different cycles, where your Schumann Resonance is peaking. And it is the barometer that tells you, and tells us, that we are in the stages that we weren’t in before, where you’re in really high vibrations, and the potentialities of creating your reality, and spreading the transmission into the Collective Consciousness, to raise the level of the vibration all throughout the consciousness of humanity is now intensifying and, we would say in a very beautiful manner.

Because once you reach this certain point of saturation in the Collective Consciousness on your Beloved Planet; because really not separate, you’re not separate from Mother Gaia, and just opening up your hearts and letting go to this transmission from her, from the energies that are coming in from the Galactic Center afford you the opportunity to rise up higher and higher in vibration, and to have what we would call these ah-ha moments. Because the transmissions are the encodements that are coming in, during this process, and are quite a bit different than what you have been experiencing up to this point. And now is a very special time, because you are moving at a rapid pace toward this process of accelerating your Ascension.

So, it is wonderful for us to see the changes in the energy on your Beloved Planet. As we have commented before, we see a light show, showering all of the Beloved Beings and the Kingdoms on your planet. And this wasn’t happening some years ago. But now that you have intensified the vibrations, that are coming in to such a degree, after reaching the markers in 2012, that firmly put you in the flow of accelerating the Ascension Process and activating this Divine Decree to make it a reality for everyone on your Beloved Planet. So, this is what we see happening.

And now just breathing into the Heart Center and me bi-locating my paw to you and reaching out with your other hand to somebody on this call. Ah, yes, breathing into the Heart Center, sending the energy out through your left palm, around the circle and back into the palm of the right hand and up into the Heart Center. And with our breathing, allowing ourselves, with the Speed of Thought, to rise on up off of the surface, into the layers of the atmospheres. And now up into the layers of ships, and coming upon my ship, the Beloved Nibiru.

And opening up the landing deck and we’re rising on up all connected to one another at the same time, hovering in the air lock and allowing the landing deck to close beneath us. And now it’s safe to touch down, and we’re walking on back to the elevators and we’re getting in this one altogether and pushing this button up, and it’s rocketing us up into the top level here at a very quick pace.

And now we’re opening up the door, and we’re walking on through into my Crystal Healing Room with all the Beloveds that have assembled to join us on this meditation. And some of them may be your ancestors, or you from an incarnation or two that you have experienced previously. So, feeling their energies, and it is so really wonderful for us all to be here altogether here tonight to participate in our mission, raising the level of the vibration for your Beloved Planet.

So, assembling around the Crystal Altar, me bi-locating my paw, and you reaching out to somebody else with your free hand there, and sending the energy around the altar, around your inner circle to the outer circles. And breathing into it, and now spiraling this energy from the floor, to the walls, to the ceiling, all up, down, and around and through accompanying the vibrations of the consciousness of all of the Beloved Beings in this room, angels, and archangels, Ascended Masters, Commanders on the ships, your ancestors and feeling these high vibrations of the crystals. Because there is such a wide assortment of crystals from all over the cosmos, that have been assembled here with particular functions to aid in our mediations, to raise the level of our vibrations, and direct the energies in a most harmonious way on your Beloved Planet.

Ah, because it all has to do with integrating these high vibrations while still you, at the same time, having a continuity with the 3rd Dimension. And we realize that this isn’t often very easy to do, and especially with the way that the negative programming, and the matrix has been constructed around it to control you.

But, and we keep on saying this, and if you could see on what a broad level, an all-encompassing wave of Love and Light, that we mean this, when we say that Love is stronger, and the higher that you go up into these high dimensions of reality that exist in your solar system, that you can actively participate in, there’s where the real power is.

That the machinations of the Artificial Intelligence, and their minions of the Cabal, the black magicians, the programmers of their very dark and nefarious religions, they don’t have power in the 5th Dimension and beyond. And this is where the Unity is. By just breathing into the Heart Center and focusing this LoveLight. And we’re asking you to feel your Intentional Requirements for what you want to create with this Beloved Meditation tonight, whether it be financial, spiritual, health related, having to do with the wellbeing of your children, or even artistic creations that you want to disseminate throughout the consciousness on your Beloved Planet, whatever it be, just breathing into your Heart Center and focusing your Intentional Requirements upon it.

And now, our Requirements, in the totality of our Meditation and the Mission, that we’re all on together, require Peace on your Beloved Planet, and all of the fundamentals that have been addressed in this Beloved Blueprint, we would say, to raise the level of the vibration of your reality called Beloved NESARA. Because in order for you as a species to anchor in this 5th Dimension, there has to be the end of all war. There has to be the end of all the lower vibrations. And one of the ways that these vibrations have been allowed to thrive, and to support the cabal, the way that they have, has been because of their manipulation and their survival dynamics.

Well, doesn’t it make sense that each and every one of you have Birth Rights? Each and every one of you, because you’re part of the Godhead, automatically are entitled to Prosperity and Abundance, because that’s the nature of your being. Just take a look in the firmament some night at the stars. And that’s the type of abundance that we’re talking about, in relationship to you satisfying all of your survival needs, while you are incarnated on this Beloved Planet.

So now, shining the LoveLight of the Crystal, through the tip of the opening in the ceiling of the Nibiru, and focusing in a spiral, shooting it down onto your Beloved Planet. And spiraling it from the atmosphere to the surface, beneath the surface, getting into every subatomic particle on your Beloved Planet, filling it with this Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness Energy, going up, down, and around and through. And feeling the rhythm of these high vibrations of the LoveLight going into the DNA of all of the Beloved Beings, into their Heart Centers and to waking up their connections in the right lobe of their brain.

And isn’t it wonderful for these Beloved Brothers and Sisters, on your Beloved Planet, to be waking up, and to feel that they are so loved, and that they are worthy of feeling Joy in this Now Moment? Ah yes, this is the transmission that we’re talking about. It is one of Unconditional/Universal Love of this Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness Energy. And just breathing into it, expanding it, allowing it to expand exponentially in these waves of photon energy, that have been visiting your Beloved Planet.

And let us go to Antarctica right now, because there is so much waiting to be discovered; when the Truth is disseminated regarding Antarctica, and the artifacts, that are housed there that show quite clearly, and to back up the Truth that will be disseminated, when the time comes, when you’re ready for this high vibration, which we feel is very soon, for all of you Beloveds to believe in the Truth, that is going to be disseminated to you about other races being there for many millions of years, and of them having advanced technology over what you have right now.

And we know for a lot of you, this is really hard for you to wrap your minds around and to accept. But this is the nature of the degree of how you have been controlled on this Beloved Planet. And all of this is going to become wildly apparent, when the Truth is disseminated, the way we see it happening with our participation, of course, at the time of the unfolding of all of the conditions of NESARA.

So, rising on up in a spiral here, and spiraling it vertically from the atmosphere, to the surface, and underneath the surface, that affects all of the remnants of these ancient cultures, that have been hidden away for so very, very long of a period of time. And up, down and around and through and permeating these layers of density, with this Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness Energy.

And feeling the level of the vibration rise up and bring in more and more of the LoveLight. Because, yes, nothing is stagnant in the Beloved Universe with the way, that this Law of Multiplication works. So, it’s up to us to use it in a very positive manner, by focusing on the high vibrations of Love and Light, which we all emanate from.

And now going a little bit North here, to North America, and getting down into the elevators in Mexico, our special little conduit, to get into these underground tunnels going far, far underneath the surface, and accessing this tunnel route here. And shining this LoveLight in a horizontal manner from the beginning, here in Mexico, all through the United States, up into Canada and back again, in through Mexico. Up, down and around and through to raise the level of the vibration on all of the secret armaments, the secret spas, the secret rituals that have been done throughout the ages, in these installations all connected by this network of tunnels.

And breathing into it and feeling this LoveLight permeate all of the subatomic particles, the treasures, the honeycomb chambers, that are so very easy for them to hide untold wealth, precious treasures of art, advanced technologies, you name it. And we see that soon is the day, when all of these secrets will be unearthed, and that you will be able to access them, their mystery, their, umm, being able to utilize them for your own benefits, for the benefit of all of the Beloveds on your planet. And just breathing into this realization, that the time of this Cabal’s domination is over and done.

And now, shining this LoveLight into the hearts of all of the Beloveds, who have been made captives of the Cabal and put into slavery to satisfy their needs, whatever they were, whatever their Soul Contract entails for them to do in this lifetime.

And we say to them, speaking heart to heart, that “We love you so very much. We honor you because yes, you have been a game changer. You have made it so that these secrets are becoming very transparent on your Beloved Planet, and that everyone who hears these stories, they feel it resonate within the four bodies of their being, and they feel, particularly in their hearts and minds, that there is an active connection there knowing that this is the Truth, no matter how badly they’ve been brainwashed by the mainstream media.

“But the Sound of Truth has its own cellular power, for you to identify with, and that’s what we see happening, people identifying with the Sound of Truth. But it wouldn’t be possible if you, Beloveds, hadn’t have done the work, by being enslaved down there underneath the surface of your planet. Because, yes, you found a way to raise the level of the vibration, and to go along with the ride.

“So, we love you so very much and we say to you that soon, all of this will have been worth it, for the amount and the degree of Liberation and Joy that you will feel, well, ascending into very high frequencies of this LoveLight, and connecting with all of the higher aspects of your being.”

And we say to you, all of you Beloved Beings on the call, we love you far beyond verbal expression, also for all of your commitments and your efforts to learn, to multiply this LoveLight exponentially at this most-pivotal time.

Namaste and good night.

Mother Sekhmet via Galaxygirl, January 16th, 2018

Mother Sekmet 1/16/18

Greetings children, it is I, your Mother Sekmet. I hold you close to me in comfort, for nothing is truly what it seems. In these days of shift and change much is at stake and much is in flux, such as your emotions. We noticed the highs and lows of Humanity at this time and much is being processed deeply at the soul level, so one can expect heartache as one examines it.  But so then, at the same time one may expect peace if that is the intention to experience it.

Children. So much is available to you now. It is unprecedented. Please take advantage of the gifts of extra light and love that surround you now and tuck them into your hurting heart and be comforted, be healed, be at peace.

Heartache has no place in Nova Gaia. Hold tightly onto this message of truth. It is time to create this realm of truth and of newness with light hearts and pure clean intentions. I am most happy and pleased to work with you as it brings me great delight to serve. But this is your journey and I, we, the Company Of Heaven, will not interfere, but we will assist and guide and comfort and provide extra support when requested. 

Prayers are powerful, it is true. Intentions are powerful truly as well. Are you being intentional as to what you wish to experience? Many of you are simply in survival mode, which we observe, respect and understand. But perhaps you would feel more serenity of purpose and joy should you be more intentional about that which you wish to experience. Take the prayer “God, please get me through the day,” to “God, higher self, please pour joy and depth of serenity over me and all around me today in every interaction and experience so that I may feel acutely attended upon and loved.” Do you see? Ask for more light and it will be so! Ask for more love and be that love and light and it will all be reflected back towards you 1000 times fuller.

Profound truths for profound times, to profound warriors who have grown weary and forgotten how close they are to victory. Rise up!   Roar your victory and be the love that you are, for that is your greatest strength.

We all love you dearly and we cheer you on. I am always here for you. I am your Mother Sekmet. Be at peace. Allow my presence and my comfort to soothe you and be at peace.

~ galaxygirl

Mother Sekhmet via Elaine DeGiorgio, January 10th, 2018

Dear Children of Ra,

I Mother Sekhmet-Durga, come forth at this hour to bring forth great news, that great progress is being made at this time with the Ascension of many Souls, the cocoons are breaking forth and many butterflies are setting flight – transcendance it the key now in your Ascension.

Be blessed for shifts upon your Earth are unfolding. The Lightbearers have now fully anchored upon your Earth bringing forth healing, love, light and peace.

Facilitators of the Divine Energy come forth at this time giving the message of love and healing from the Great Central Sun.

Your Ascension is as intended. It is the Holy Will that brings forth many great shifts that are unfolding.

The Solar Energies of the Central Suns of this System of Worlds are pouring forth the Golden Ray of Light upon you all in this hour.

The codes of the 11.1.11 brings forth a New Dawn of Harmonization anchoring the Magenta Rays of Light coming forth connecting you to a Higher Dimension of Light.

The expansion of God Consciousness is unfolding bringing connecting you all to zero point bringing you through your timelines back to the beginning when time began….

Time and Time connecting with time… memories of of joy, memories of peace, memories of great challenges all unfold as you connect with the Emerald Gateways of Time and Healing…

Connection with levels and layers upon layers of consciousness, streams of divine light unfolding… bringing you back through your Stargates and connecting with your Star Nation for it is when you connect with what you call Home and bring forth that Love upon your Earth – Your Earth and Your Reality will shift.

It is intended that this year of 2018/11 upon your Earth The Holy Order of Lord Melchizedek unfolds once more… It is the Will of the Most High that those Souls Serving The Holy Order of the Office Of Lord Melchizedek become Christ-bears to worlds.

It is now time dear ones for restoration….Tikkun ha-Olam restoration of worlds for what was broken is mending once more, it is time for humanity healing and restoration.

It is now time to step into thy light.

Dear Children, we hear your cries during great challenge and know the plight of the Souls upon Gaia at this time for the healing of humanity is great, we have raised the dimensional threshold of Gaia and in this we are working with the divine rays of light pouring forth and in this raising of the dimensional threshold upon your earth shall see humanity rise once more just like the days of Lemuria.

Therefore dear children I ask of thee in this hour to sit in stillness and connect with the Energy that hath come forth from the Great Central Sun for many Stargates within the System of Worlds will be opening and connecting with your earth 11/1/11 Align with this powerful energy that hath come forth, allow it to fill your body-mind and to raise your consciousness to bring you to a new and higher vibration.

This will enable you to participate in the shifting energies on your planet, as humanity’s consciousness shifts and instigates the necessary momentum.

Know my dear children that each and everyone of you are facilitators to the Divine Shift.

As you connect to the Field of Unity Consciousness you connect with a New World bringing about a Universal Transformation… for now in this new paradigm of Light and Love you are all Butterflies divinely awakened from the Cocoon Transcending into a Higher Dimension of Light.

For you dear Souls have now come forth into a new dawn as you connect with your Divinity, with your Sacredness, Sacred Codes are now coming forth and are being activated in this hour.

The Great Moment of Universal Sacred Union comes in this year 11/1/11 of Great Cosmic Consciousness, when Source and Creation snap together in a second’s moment to truly become One – your world will turn around, changed forever, as the Great Mover resumed its governing Force in all creation, and in the consciousness of mankind.

Be blessed dear children and be the beautiful butterflies transcending in the meadows flying free transcending beautifully.

Sa Sekhem Sahu!

I am Mother Sekhmet-Durga and I speak through Elaine this day. – Channel: Elaine DeGiorgio

Mother Sekhmet via Ann Dahlberg, December 29th, 2017

Mother Sekhmet

Friday, December 29th, 2017

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Mother Sekhmet and I am glad to be able to appear in front of you today. It has been many hectic years and there have been many storms that have passed over Earth. In spite of this you are still standing with your head held high and with a great hope in your chest. It warms my heart dear children on Earth. You have shown that you have great courage and that you choose love rather than hate. You have shown that you are willing to help each other when your fellow humans are in crisis. You have shown that when the veil is readily pierced you are compassionate and loving. This has warmed my heart and that of Mother Earth. Mother Earth has slowed down her journey so that you will have an opportunity to come with her up into the higher dimension. Mother Earth loves you so much and does everything in order for you to be able come along with her. There are many of you who choose this now and who already have started their ascension. This has in turn woken up many others that have started to search in their hearts.

We stand at the dawn of a world that is being born. A rebirth has started on Earth and a warm light is rising at the horizon. It will lead to new insights that in turn will lead to new creations. Nothing will be as it was before, Instead everything will be born into a new dream. The light returns and the light will lead to changes – changes that are created when the light reaches its goal. You create these changes together on Earth. It is you together with everything else that lives and moves on Earth. You form a unit and create a “New Earth” of beauty and love, an Earth where only your imagination sets boundaries to your ability to create what you want to have. What is it that lies closest to your heart? What do you most of all wish to have on your Earth? What is most important for You? Envision it and take steps in this direction. It is now that wonders can happen dear children on Earth. You have many with you and they help you to find the path that is yours – your goal in life.

I, Mother Sekhmet, will now give you a little help on the way. I spread white pearl hyacinths along your path and for each insight you obtain it is transformed to a precious pearl that you can hold in your hand. For each pearl that you pick up your heart and intuition is strengthened. Your steps become surer and you become a gift to Earth and yourselves. Be protective of your thoughts and your insights. Choose carefully from your heart which insight you will follow and try to understand your own intention behind following this insight. Yes, that is something to think about dear children. It is important to be in your heart and to understand a bit of what is happening with yourselves and the world that you just now are in. The world changes and so do you. It is happening quickly now and many can feel different symptoms of this change that Mother Earth right now is in the midst of. Your bodies are a part of this change and it affects you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The force of the light impacts all bodies and you are raised in your consciousness and in your light. The body becomes lighter and brighter as different tensions and feelings are released and give space for more light. Yes, it is a marvelous world you live in, but the change leads to more joy and more love in your life.

I am so glad on behalf of the children of Earth today who now have started their journey into the light. We see you coming and we wait with much joy for the opportunity to yet again reunite with you.

I am Mother Sekhmet and I thank you for having listened and for following your heart.

I love you so very much.

Mother Sekhmet



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


The messages posted on can freely be posted by other Lightworkers with the proper recognition of the channel and the translator as well as the website source.

Mother Sekhmet via Galaxygirl, December 17th, 2017

Message from Mother Sekmet for December 17, 2017

Mother Sekmet 12/17/17

Dear children of Earth, of ascending Gaia, hear me. I am your Mother Sekmet. Much has been written of me but eroded away through the sands of your time and history editions. It matters not. My message tonight, today, for you dear ones, is that of hope and finding your own inner strength, for this is currently a stumbling block for many who are unsure of how to begin, of how to proceed, of who they are. The amnesia has gone deep with many of you and it is time to wake up from the trance of forgetfulness! Listen to me roaring and stand at attention, for these are hard truths that must be heard, and understood, carried deeply into the most tender, and often forgotten, innermost places of you.

Know deep in your heart of hearts how much you are loved and appreciated for your acts of service in this moment of planetary ascension. I am your Mother Sekmet. It is true, I am often silent, watching the progress of humanity as time floats – drifts by – but it is my time to speak now, as is yours, Humanity. It is time to rise up and to speak your truth! Of what are you so afraid? And why are you afraid of it? Of anything? Don’t you know who you are? You are gods and goddesses truly, as Zorra has said over and over again, and it is most true. You are made of starlight, of God’s light and you are becoming aware of this Now, we can see from the slightly higher up dimensions. I only say the word “slightly” because your are rapidly rising and accelerating in your own individual and planetary vibrations.

I understand solitude and fear, for solitude has been a large part of my experience and my contribution to the All. In our solitary moments we find and face our deepest fears, do we not? We find that which we dislike in our inner most being and we either feed it or we change it. I see you facing the darker pieces of you and shining light and love on them. For many, this is the most terrifying moment for them, but can you see it is truly an illusion of their own creation? This is the moment that Humanity finds itself and it pleases me greatly that you are finding the strength within yourselves to rise above these fears of illusory mirages of your own making, and stand up in your own power. Find your lion’s roar and rise up, mane afire and hearts ablaze with love, only love, with the intention to never again create anything less than love – for anything else is an abomination to the All.

God is love. Source light is within you. It is within your cells spinning around like whirling light of love and ecstasy. Are you listening within for your own God roar or are you still waiting for something big to happen? You, my dear children, are what is happening, as you say! We “up here” are observing and wondering when you are going to acknowledge this and begin to roar, begin to make the changes that need to be made, money or not, and extend your hands in loving service to others, for in so doing you are healed as you serve. It has always been thus, but this universal truth, like many others, has been twisted, maligned and it’s true meaning buried. It is time for truths to rise up and rise out of your mouths as you begin to speak for those who have not found their own voice, and rise up for love’s sake, and be love embodied. For this was the original intent of creation: love in form, creating, serving, loving, procreating.

So I charge you with this dear children of Earth; you are no longer lost. The finding is within you. It is time to unwrap this Christmas present of universal truth that you are who you have been waiting for, and you are loved beyond your current imaginings and comprehension. When you realize this fully, your world will change for your societies will respond only to love and service of the All.

You are not alone. Remember I am with you. I will be you companion for I am well acquainted with the dark night of the soul. When you face it, you become stronger. I am your Mother Sekmet. I see you as strong beings of creative potential, and I view you through the eyes of love.

— Submitted by galaxygirl

Mother Sekhmet via Elaine DeGiorgio, November 19th, 2017

Mother Sekhmet: Working With Your Chakras

mother sekhmetAs I connect with my Higher Self in the Sacred I AM Presence and my Main Guide Heru and my Spirit Guide Team I have the following message for you…

I Mother Sekhmet, come forth anchoring the Divine Light of the God Star Sirius and the Divine Energy of the Orion that is coming forth once more aligning the Divine Energy upon the Pyramids upon your Earth.

I come forth to speak of the Golden Age of Light for we are stepping forth and preparing the Cosmic Forces of Light once more.

Eons and Eons hath past and we have been at this point before, reflect on the Ages past for we have all come forth once more to unite and reunite as one.

Timeline Shifts are upon you all at this time connecting and reconnecting you once more to the Ancient Times and releasing that energy that no longer serves you in this now. As you connect with your past lives your Ancestral Lineages and your Cellular Memory you will connect with whom you are and what you are here to do on this your Mother Earth in which the 144,000 Elohim, Angelic Beings, Lightworkers, Starseeds, and Wayshowers have come forth once more to bring forth that light and that love and that healing to bring your Earth into the New Golden Age of Light.

Dear Brothers and Sisters of the Light… Indeed much is happening at this time. It is now time for our Brotherhood to awaken and work in the energy in which they are called to do.
The Sisterhood have done great work in this year cycle of your Earth, anchoring the Divine Feminine Energy and now are very much awakened and working in the Sacred Diamond Light Energy and the Cosmic Codes that have been handed down to them.

I, Mother Sekhmet in many of my Goddess Aspects have come to activate the Sisterhood once more as we have come to complete the work that has been set out to do under the Order of Melchizedek and to facilitate the Ancient Sekhem Energy and Diamond Light upon to your earth.

I now connect with the Sacred Chakras and Gateways and Portals upon your Earth. I bring to you following updates from the Galactical Federation of Light and the Etheric Council (Council of Four and Twenty Elders)

First Contact is fully underway and has been since Cosmic Shift in 2012 upon your Earth major progress has been achieved with Lightworkers awakening as intended.

Major work is being achieved at this time with the waterways upon your Earth. Our beloved Cetaceans from Sirius B have been working divinely activating the gridlines that lie underneath the oceans. There Golden Higher Aspects from Sirius B have fully aligned bring forth the love and healing energy with many of them in this now assisting many Lightworkers with Transmission. They are working with the Stargates and Portals connected with the waterways. Those Lightworkers that have been assigned with this area of work will have been connecting with their energies.

Dear Ones, Now is the time! I now speak of the Earth Chakra of your Earth and as I connect with this I connect now with Mount Shasta and with the United States of America. Major shifts have happened with this beautiful country and much more is about to unfold. Much work has been done with balancing the energy of Inner Earth and Agartha. This is to build upon the foundation in preparing the Shift of Gaia Mother Earth into the new Golden Age of Light.

This is by which many contacts will be made, and many have been made since the 1st Contact and I mean that many of our Lightships and Portals of Light have indeed landed and have been activated.

Teleportation Gateways have indeed been activated and guarded at this time but this to create a stronger link between the Dimensions of Light and with the other Planets and Star systems. This has been done in order to create a better sphere of Cosmic Energy coming forth to the Earth.

I know connect with Peru upon your Earth much work is being carried out at this time for there we work with the Kundalini of your Earth for the Fiery Serpent rises once more bringing forth balance and harmony for here lies the Sacral Chakra upon your Earth within the waters of a Great Lake. Balance upon your Earth is being worked upon at this time.

I know connect with the Solar Plexus upon your Earth and in doing this I connect with the energy of the Tribes for the Tribes that walked your Earth connecting Father Sky to Mother Earth was very significant for it is there we bring forth the Cosmic Energy of the Ancients… of the former Root Races… and the Ancestors…. The Old Lemuria brings forth the New Lemuria …. I connect now with the Australia for she is awakening once more bringing forth the love and the healing that is needed of the former Root Race. We draw upon this from the Ancient Tribes, that came forth to the earth from our Star nations and they gave much light to your Earth… And with this Energy of Light comes forth the birthing of the human physical race in the Root Race of Lemuria for this is of which the umbilical chord comes forth…. Australia is working her magic in this now and the many Cetaceans are working in this area of your Earth with the Divine Diamond Light Codes assisting Gaia Earth to release now the Energy of the past and to bring her into the New… Assisting in bringing forth the New Lemuria.

I know bring you to the Heart Chakra upon your Earth and this is the heart of the Avalon Energy. This has been activated once more. The Heart of Glastonbury and the surrounding area within the UK. The UK struggles greatly with the density at this time and this is because it is here that carries the burden and the heartache of much of your Earth at this time for there are many Souls that are suffering, many Souls that are in need of healing. And it is from the Heart your Earth will feel much of the pain. The Avalon Energy has activated once more and we connect you all now with the Rose and the Grail The Masculine and the Feminine for they are indeed rising once more, bringing forth Love Healing and Balance. But with this it also connects you dear children with the Royal Bloodline, the Blood that hath been shed in sacrifice over Eons… a symbol of Divine Service…for in this sacrifice… demonstrates exactly what you too have also done dear ones, as you have all come forth to the Earth once more to give Service, to be of Service.

I now connect with the Pyramids of Giza for hence this is the Throat Chakra upon your Earth and in this I connect with the Energy of Mercury at this time for this Planet is working wonders bringing forth the Energy of Communication upon your Earth. From whence we came forth from Atlantis we commenced this current Root Race in Egypt and from this brought forth the Divine Cosmic Knowledge and this dear children is now activating within your hearts within your being, The Great Gateway from here to the Cosmos and the God Star Sirius and this has now activated to ensure that Cosmic Knowledge and Truths unfold.

The Great Aeon comes forth as we connect now with the Great Age of Aquarius and the energy coming for upon your Earth for the Third Eye Chakra does not remain in one place but relocates to where we want it to be in this now we have situated this in Stonehenge at this time to assist with the anchoring of the Avalon Energy for there are many shifts unfolding. With this we are connecting with the Ancient Traditions for the ripples of Water come forth to cleanse and the air sweeps forth and the Fire that burns and the Earth is blessed once more for in this now the Great Aeon has shifted the Third Eye Chakra to align with the Heart… for it is from the Heart in which we ask you to work and with the Third Eye we grant you great vision.

And now finally Tibet beloved Tibet… from hence we anchor the love and the Cosmic Energy into the Earth. This is the Crown from which we connect with you all but we have also connected this to Peru in recent months for the flow of the energy upon your Earth has been renewed. We work our energy through connecting the Diamond Frequency of Lord Melchezidek and all chords of Creation coming forth in Divine Harmony. From Mount Kailas upon your Earth we harmonise the Omniversal Energies that come forth.

With the great shifts taking place upon your Earth – you have seen a wave of natural disasters. We have worked with the Chakras of your Earth to bring forth a sense of calm and peace. There is much more coming forth with the energy upon your Earth, as you embrace the new.

We delight in the progress you are making with your Ascension. Many Planetary Alignments have taken place thus moving you forward into a new paradigm of consciousness.

Focus dear ones is upon the Universal Energy as the Cosmic Consciousness brings forth waves of abundance and prosperity.

Divine Love is the key to the connection to the greater cosmos of intelligence. In coming to Service of the Heart you have made your choice to do the work of healing, transforming, evolving, and ascending to realize your true higher consciousness within incarnate being. We ask you to continue to embrace the cosmic healing energies, and use your consciousness to resonate with your true being and to unite with the Source, in order to flow with the evolution to a new Divine humanity upon your Earth.

I AM Mother Sekhmet and I speak through Elaine this day. – Channel: Elaine DeGiorgio

Mother Sekhmet via Elaine DeGiorgio, July 1st, 2017

Mother Sekhmet: 144,000 Awakening

mother sekhmetSitting in the Sacred I AM Presence connecting with my Higher Self and in the Presence of my Beloved Guide Heru and my Spirit Guide Team I have the following message coming forth to you all this day:

Blessings to you all dear Children of Ra! Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole.

I greet you beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out and embrace you in the energy or the space of wherever you may be in your life upon the earth.

You are living as a human in this life experience. You are feeling the essence of what it is to have a physical reality to live upon this planet with its gravitational pull; to live in a space and acknowledge who you are not only as a human but as this divine essence or this expanded consciousness incarnated as you the human.

I always love this time of coming together because it is my opportunity to come in even closer to you all on the earth plane and share these experiences that you are creating and co-creating for yourself and for humanity. Everything that takes place in these channels creates a space or an energy within the collective consciousness of the earth, within the dimensions of the earth so that others may tap into that or that you, yourself may go back and tap into that energy as you so choose.

This is why we do what we do; to give you that place to go that will assist you in becoming all that you can be in this lifetime.
I smile at the many different labels that the earth plane gives to the things that are happening upon the earth. We are now welcoming a fresh wave of abundance and prosperity to the hearts of you all.

We welcome a new as we embrace a Galactical New Year as we welcome Solstice once more. The Lords and Ladies of the Karmic Board are now proceeding to assess the energy at a universal level and the progress thus far with the awakening of the 144 plus 144,000 Beings of Light that have agreed to come forth to the Earth Plane to oversee the shifting of Gaia into the New Golden Age.

This work that you have undertaken is of a great undertaking and many of you are the face of great challenge. But this is nothing new to you. We have over recent weeks been preparing, assisting and activating many of you. Many of you may have felt the changes within your Energy Field. Many have been activated to the Crystaline Bodies of Light and Many working in the Diamond Codes have been activated to the Diamond Light Body.

Many have been receiving Soul Memory as your Past Life, Ancestral Lineage and Cellular Memory is surfacing into your consciousness. Many are experiencing many shifts and the healing and release is coming forth.

For the molecular structure of your earthly reality, and your planet and all living beings presently residing on your planet are undergoing a complete restructuring on the molecular level , in order to anchor in new energies coming forth from the benevolent star alliances as has been predisposed and predetermined eons past.

For the stars of yesteryear are aligning into position in order to shower your planet with ethereal energies yet again. Whereby the old energies are presently lifting off Gaia and are being transported into the ethers for healing and transmutation. The clashing of said energies is producing a time ripple effect which is sending waves of varying degrees affecting all who dwell on all timelines of your creation.

And hence, the stabilization of said energies is under way via the etheric cleansing techniques introduced into your ethers eons past.

We are now entering into new phase for humanity to finally shift Gaia into a new heightened awareness. Major events are happening like we have not seen since the great days of the Atlantean Root Race.

Many plantary alignments are coming forth and my Essence now anchored firmly on the Earth Mother to assist with many energy changes and events that are coming forth from the Higher Dimensions of Light.

Sirius and Orion will align once more with the Pyramids of Giza bringing in the New Vibration of Love from the God Star Sirius and to assist with the download of High Resonance Frequencies to activate further your DNA Blueprint and Lightbody with the Frequencies coming forth from 7777 the Blue Lodge and the White Lodge Sirius A. 8888 Lions Gate Portal will open once more to assist in the Manifestation of the Sacred Energy 0000 Zero Point Resonance from Source to assist many further with the full anchorage of the Diamond Light Codes.

September 20, 2017, precisely at the Great Pyramid at 5:42:24.333 am will be a major alignment that we have not seen for Eons and this is the long awaited for. Venus will be in conjunction with Regulus at this time. So at this moment, Venus, the “Morning Star” will be aligned with the “King Star”, precisely at the Christ angle. This cycle will involve many planetary and astrological events including the alignment of Regulus and Venus in Leo and Jupiter in Virgo.

It is also forcasted that Nibiru currently in alignment with the Sun will be entering into alignment once more with the Earth on and around 24 October 2017 on your Earth bringing forth a fresh wave of enlightenment. Many will see this as the End of Times… for this is will be the End of the Old Paradigm entering the Earth into a New Phase. A destruction of all that hath passed through over Eons and a grand Shift of Consciousness coming forth.

This grand awareness is to finally shift Gaia from the trappings of the False Matrix that hath held her captive for Eons.

We are shifting now for many Masks are coming off as many are awakening from their slumber. The connection throughout the Dimensions is as intended.

Many more disclosures are coming forth as your Earth is moving into the final stages of a fully awakened consciousness.

The glorious days are coming forth once more as we enter the glorious days of the Golden Age of Gaia.

I send you all Love, Peace and Divine Blessings

I AM Mother Sekhmet and I speak through Elaine this day.

» – Channel: Elaine DeGiorgio

Mother Sekhmet and the Niburu Council via Elizabeth Trutwin, September 7, 2016

Mother Sekhmet and the Niburu Council A Message Through Elizabeth Trutwin, September 7, 2016

Greetings Children of Ra. Welcome to Niburu. This is Mother Sekhmet through Elizabeth Trutwin, September 7, 2016.

We have some friends here at the Niburu Council:

With me are Alcyone, St Germain, Lady Master Nada and KOS, Captain Ashtar and Admiral Sananda, Rama, Tom the RingTail Cat and some of our other Paschat Friends. The are the ones you have met before, and the other Members of our Council you will become more familiar with.

We welcome you all. Thank you for joining us here on Nibiru. We come to you tonight to bring a message about family reunions. Many of you have been to Niburu or originated from Niburu. There is much about your own ancient history you do not yet remember.

NASA has come out with a lengthy discourse denying the existence of Niburu.I assure you, Niburu exists and it is very real.

We are here because Earth is ascending. We are here to assist all the inhabitants on Earth in their ascension.

There are millions of Galactics now living on Nibiru
. Our MotherShip is in your Earth’s orbit. We each have a job to carry out which assists in bringing Earth to this change point. We work with the Sirian Commander, U.S. President Barack Obama. He has prepared many lifetimes for the role he now plays.
He has special abilities and will carry Earth into a new era of One Race. We help coordinate the Master Plan for Worldwide Peace.

I have lived before on Earth, for thousands of years, during the Golden Age in Egypt. I am known as Mother Sekhmet, the Lion Goddess.

I am joined here with the Galactics, your family. We are the lion people, the bird people, and the reptile people. We are all humanoids, we are hybrids.

We are joined by the Kumaras of Shamballa, the peoples from Inner Earth, in the Argatha Network, and the Council of 4 and 20. We are also joined by Councils from Planets in your Solar System and beyond your Solar System.

All of us are meeting together and we will be meeting with you on Earth. We have been working with the people of Earth on Ascension.

As Earth vibration raises up to the Higher Dimensions, there are some who have chosen to leave the Planet rather than make the changes needed to ascend with everyone else. These Ones have volunteered to wear the Dark Hats and teach about duality. They got so into their role-playing,that they were unable to turn the Dark Hat to a White Hat.

Their time is up. We love them, because they lovingly played these roles so each one of us could experience life’s lessons.

The Ones who are leaving now have volunteered to be returned to the Source. That is my role, to help them go. For too long the Dark Hats have controlled, lied, and manipulated their fellow humanity on Earth. They have kept your true origin from you. They have manipulated you into forced slavery for their own benefit. They have kept you in a place where you are unable to see you are all Creator Gods. The only way to bring World Peace on Earth is to bring all the Councils, working together, to make it happen. Many of you here now are lightworkers and starseeds who incarnated at this time for the sole purpose of turning Earth back to a Planet of Love where all races live together in harmony.

Mother Earth [Gaia], with her Twin Flame, Vywamus, has requested an end to her destruction and nothing can stop these changes from coming to pass.

We have Galactic Technologies on our Ships which support this effort along with millions of Galactics here to play roles in bringing about Earth Ascension. We have transportation, communication, intel, computer systems, imaging abilities, and healing capabilities which far surpass anything you have ever been aware of in recent memory.

We have used all of these things to help bring about necessary changes. Our Galactic members have their own Secret Forces which have members placed in all levels of law enforcement. We have Galactic members with special abilities, such as shape shifting and telepathic communications, working in the Secret Service Guarding the President of the United States so he may carry out his Mission.

This President is entrusted with communicating with all the World Leaders in every country, to let them know that they must cooperate with the Master Plan, or they will be leaving the Planet. Gaia/Vywamus can no longer tolerate pollution, war, strip mining, misuse of water, slavery, violence, and lawlessness to be the norm.

The Master Plan is one where there is an end to all wars everywhere on the Planet. Neighboring countries will be required to live together in harmony. Only then can Mother Earth be safe from destruction through nuclear holocaust. The Master Plan has provisions for No Nukes. The end of Nuclear proliferation is at hand, it will no longer be tolerated.

All countries must work together to accomplish this. Any country with leaders entertaining the idea of building and storing nuclear weapons, will see arrests and removals. We will be certain that the new leaders put into place, are working together with all countries to end nuclear weapons. As a matter of fact, no weapon which is being used for the intention of harm will work.

There have been rumors that President Obama will take away American’s right to ‘bear arms’. That is a misunderstanding. Hunters all over the U.S. have been hoarding guns and ammunition since President Obama was elected.

When the time is right, these arms will no longer discharge. They will be holding onto a pile of junk which no longer has a use. There will be Peace. The animal kingdom will be honored with all of Earth’s citizens and there will be an end to hunting.

It is not President Obama who will take away the right to have a gun. It is the Galactics who will insist on World Peace, by Gaia’s request, that will make the weapons inoperable. President Obama, along with me and you and all of us are also Galactics.

It is through the coordinated efforts of the Galactic Federation, those in the skies over Earth, and you, the Ground Crew, working in your roles, who are bringing Peace to the Earth. We also have Galactics working in the courts. We have the International Criminal Court of Justice at the Hague. We have Universal Jurisdiction.

We have 16 million men working with the King of Swords (KOS). All the Dark Hats, working with the 13 Families of the Illuminati, will be rounded up, arrested, and tried for war crimes, including genocide. These atrocities will no longer be allowed on Earth.

The Master Plan includes dissolving the Federal Reserve Bank and the The Internal Revenue Service. There will be payments made to every man, woman and child for monies taken from them illegally. This will be for every person on Earth.

The division between the haves and the have nots will be permanently eliminated. Everyone will have all they need, once the payments are received. There will be new currencies, and new partnerships in the countries around the world.

In order for the Master Plan to be fully carried out, we must have disclosure of the Galactic Presence on Earth. This means everyone will learn about the millions of Galactics here now, who are working through the Office of the Christ, to bring harmony to Earth. We are working in concert with you to solve the World’s problems. President Obama has been criticized for tackling too many issues at once. What cannot be seen is that he has millions of Galactic helpers working on these issues with him. It will be accomplished. It is happening now.

Once everyone is aware that the removals have taken place, there will be no reason to hold up disclosure. There will be no reason to hold up the payments made available through the Reformation Act, NESARA Law.
When this happens StarShips of all sizes and all types will be seen flying in the skies over all Earth. This is called mass decloakings. Everyone will know we are here.

It will be a great reunion with all of you, a part of our larger family of star nations. Within days we will be landing on Earth and interacting with you. You will have mentors to help you work into your new lives. You will have loved ones coming back to live with you. You will have technologies that will make life easy. You will have all necessary abundance.

Free energy and new building practices will end pollution on the Planet.

All of these things we have been talking about for many, many years. There are some new to these ideas, so we went into a detailed review for the ones reading this news for the first time.

NASA will have to remove the denials from their website and this will be done at the time of decloakings.
What we have not been talking about is, at the time of decloakings, there will be an half-step increase in intelligence and heart opening for all inhabitants on Earth. This serves the purpose of dropping the veils which stand between you and the other dimensions and parallels. With these veils dropped, you will remember you are a Creator God.

You will be ready to explore Co-Creation with immediate results. We would like you to consider what this means. Instant Creation. Some of you are doing this now, in fact you are very good at it. You repeatedly create that which you do not want in your lives, due to repetitive thought that you do not want it in your life.

We have healing techniques that can help you balance all of your subtle bodies, the mental, physical, the emotional and spiritual bodies. In doing this, you change your point of view. You will be able to rise above the chaos on Earth and come into joy and love. When the declaokings come it will be easier to be fully in joy and experience more love.

You may begin today removing old programs and shifting your thoughts to those of abundance. Continue to imagine the changes you will have in your life when the changes come about.

Many are asking questions, What about this and What about that? We hear all the questions you toss around in your minds. The world will so greatly change, when you have the Galactic Technology; in a short time you will not believe the improvements.

The greatest thing the Nibiru Council would like you to know, is we love you beyond measure. We are your family. We are human-hybrids from other Star Nations. We are here to assist you to a life of freedom and restore your status and your understanding that you are an unlimited Divine Being. We wish to show you new ways to live lives of ease and enjoy all the fruits life has to offer.

Your primary thoughts will shift away from the repetition of survival and you will be able to create in new ways. You will be able to live in harmony with yourself and with nature. You may live in a world where everyone is encouraged to work together for the greatest good of all.

You will be living in immortal bodies which do not need to experience disease.

The possibilities of what we can create together, with our technologies is endless. There is no place you will not be able to visit, including Nibiru, and other StarShips, Stars, Suns, and Planets, as well as all points on Earth. Experiencing the cultures of all the different species of hybrid humans will be a great adventure.
Remembering that you are one of us will cause your souls to expand. Very quickly we will be as equal partners, working together creating a new Earth. When we have decloakings and landings, it will be a deeply personal experience. Each person will meet someone they remember and they know. Some will be meeting again in the physical with their Twin Flames, their true love, who they have waited for a very long time.

These friends and family, the trillions working with you from the trillions of Ships now in Earth’s atmosphere, will go to meet with the ones they know, in the places where they are on Earth. None of us are strangers to you. When you see us, you may ask us all of the questions you are now unsure of. Each Soul is on another part of their spiritual path and each has a different perception. We will be here to fill you in on the things you do not already know. There will be no fear. We are here as loving members of your family to help you wake up to the truth.

As soon as we land, you will be made aware of all the gifts we will share with you. You will have new modes of transportation, new technologies for healing, replicators to build or bring to you anything you need, including all of the basics.

These will be available as soon as immediately. No one will be left out. Everyone will have what they need.

You will very quickly remember your role with us. Many of you already work with us nightly. You will take up your passion and join us in the effort to restore Earth and balance all that is needed for humanity. We will make our computers, holodecks, and training facilities open for your use.

You may drop the illusion that you were meant to do menial labor until you are too old and worn out to care. You may drop the illusion that you have no control over your life. The only requirement will be living life from a heart-centered focus, with love.

Love for all on Earth, including Self-Love. It begins here.We welcome you to call on us for assistance at any time along the way. Call me, Mother Sekhmet. I will show you in subtle ways the steps to take, as we move forward in changing this Planet back to Love.

We look forward to reviewing all the stories from days gone by. We look forward to laughing at ourselves for the roles we played. We look forward to the delightful times ahead as One. We will join you and live with you and build Terra Nova together.

Bring these ideas into your heart, with joy, as we co-create this as reality, now. This is Mother Sekhmet through Elizabeth Trutwin. © All Rights Reserved. An Invitation: Many have benefitted and I would like to continue to offer it. For a one hour booking please email me at eltrutwin @ It is amazing what comes through from Lord Sananda, the Higher Self of Jesus. This is a question and answer session with video Skype or telephone. And you may ask anything you like.I have several written testimonials. SANANDA’S INVITATION THROUGH ELIZABETH TRUTWIN: Many here are looking for answers about their personal life, Mission and what direction to take at this moment. I have information I would like to share with certain individuals. As you read this you will know if it is for you. I have asked beth to offer her services for one hour telephone consultations where she will channel me, Sananda, to you over the phone to answer your questions. You have worked very hard and it is time we sat down together to discuss your next steps. I thank you for your enduring service to the Light.~LORD SANANDA Please book here.