Mother Sekhmet via Kerstin Sisilla, April 13th, 2019

Mother Sekhmet

April 13th, 2019

Channel Kerstin Sisilla

Seek your origin. Seek your earthly origins humans. There are no short cuts. You have largely left nature in order to live in artificial hard environments, without a soul. You congregate in both large, stressful and toxic cities, which effectively closes down your contact with your origin – The origin of your physical body, which is habitat of your soul.

Your bodies are made from elements of Mother Earth. You are formed from her earth and water – her essence is in your bodies. You need to reconnect with your own origin humans. There is only one way and that is through nature. When you see the butterfly – see it. See the process the metamorphosis that has created the beautiful being. See the invisible and see what is hidden that the butterfly carries with it. See the secret behind the creation not only what your physical eyes can see.

When you socialize with you pet animal see that it is there in order to reconnect to nature. See its soul. See its mission, which is to open your eyes for the creation – the creation of the divine planet Gaia, where humans once upon a time created themselves from the various given elements.

Get out in nature, feel it, experience it and enjoy. Be as the child curious and discover the wonders of nature. Marvel over the little busy ant who has six small legs and the spider with eight legs who can make gauzy creations in the form of beautiful spider nets. Think about where the ant was before it became an ant – feel the whole process in your soul.

When you eat of the honey that the bee has made through hard work with its own body by taking advantage of Mother Earth’s resources, then see with your inner eye the happening and send a thought of gratitude for the existence of the bee.

Everything is circular. Everything is a cycle. At funerals in the land of this woman it is said to the dead body: “Of earth you have come, earth shall you be again”. At death the soul is separated from the body and then returns to the cycle on Mother Earth. The soul follows its own path, exactly where depends on the knowledge the soul takes with it from life on Earth. Regardless of where you all will meet love, light and justice. “Of light you have come, light you shall be again”. Now, unit earth and light my friends. Everything is one.

The Goddess Sekhmet




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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