Message from Ra On Arcturus via Camilla Nilsson, April 2nd 2019

Message from Ra On Arcturus

April 2nd 2019

Channel: Camilla Nilsson


My friends,

I am Ra who finally can come through again. I will talk about peace – the inner peace that can create outer peace. This and many other things are connected. The inner is reflected on the outside and vice versa.

It is so easy to be pulled along, to be pulled along by both the inner and outer and it can be hard to identify what is what. Many live stressful lives – going from one thing to the next, as if this is the way life should be. And I know, dear channel, that you have lived in this way without thinking in any way that it was strange.

So, what is that makes you live in this way? What is it makes you just let it be this way? Because you do not know anything else? Because you think it is fun? Because you think you perform? The reasons can be many, but what does the body say? Does it like this stressful tempo or does it not have a say in the matter? Do you at all consult your body?

To live in a soulful consciousness it is required you lead a life in conscious presence. A life in soulful consciousness can see a difference between must and will. If you listen to your body and soul they will tell you your truth for you – what is best for you.

You can never compare yourself to any other human being as you are all different also in this. So, when you listen to both body and soul you will know.

Maybe you will sometimes say no or cancel something that was already determined. It is a difficult thing for many and a challenge – to listen to body and soul. To live in consciousness creates an inner peace. With a an inner peace your vision has perspective and you more easily let go of the past. You will no longer be there to disturb in your energy field and thus it is easier to follow along in the constantly reoccurring increases in frequency on Earth. With your help it goes faster and faster. Your consciousness increases, step by step. You come closer to each other. You become ever more conscious how you all belong together. How you are all one.

Feel fellowship and life will become easier and easier.

In love and unity,






Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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