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Mother Sekhmet via Elaine DeGiorgio, November 19th, 2017

Mother Sekhmet: Working With Your Chakras

mother sekhmetAs I connect with my Higher Self in the Sacred I AM Presence and my Main Guide Heru and my Spirit Guide Team I have the following message for you…

I Mother Sekhmet, come forth anchoring the Divine Light of the God Star Sirius and the Divine Energy of the Orion that is coming forth once more aligning the Divine Energy upon the Pyramids upon your Earth.

I come forth to speak of the Golden Age of Light for we are stepping forth and preparing the Cosmic Forces of Light once more.

Eons and Eons hath past and we have been at this point before, reflect on the Ages past for we have all come forth once more to unite and reunite as one.

Timeline Shifts are upon you all at this time connecting and reconnecting you once more to the Ancient Times and releasing that energy that no longer serves you in this now. As you connect with your past lives your Ancestral Lineages and your Cellular Memory you will connect with whom you are and what you are here to do on this your Mother Earth in which the 144,000 Elohim, Angelic Beings, Lightworkers, Starseeds, and Wayshowers have come forth once more to bring forth that light and that love and that healing to bring your Earth into the New Golden Age of Light.

Dear Brothers and Sisters of the Light… Indeed much is happening at this time. It is now time for our Brotherhood to awaken and work in the energy in which they are called to do.
The Sisterhood have done great work in this year cycle of your Earth, anchoring the Divine Feminine Energy and now are very much awakened and working in the Sacred Diamond Light Energy and the Cosmic Codes that have been handed down to them.

I, Mother Sekhmet in many of my Goddess Aspects have come to activate the Sisterhood once more as we have come to complete the work that has been set out to do under the Order of Melchizedek and to facilitate the Ancient Sekhem Energy and Diamond Light upon to your earth.

I now connect with the Sacred Chakras and Gateways and Portals upon your Earth. I bring to you following updates from the Galactical Federation of Light and the Etheric Council (Council of Four and Twenty Elders)

First Contact is fully underway and has been since Cosmic Shift in 2012 upon your Earth major progress has been achieved with Lightworkers awakening as intended.

Major work is being achieved at this time with the waterways upon your Earth. Our beloved Cetaceans from Sirius B have been working divinely activating the gridlines that lie underneath the oceans. There Golden Higher Aspects from Sirius B have fully aligned bring forth the love and healing energy with many of them in this now assisting many Lightworkers with Transmission. They are working with the Stargates and Portals connected with the waterways. Those Lightworkers that have been assigned with this area of work will have been connecting with their energies.

Dear Ones, Now is the time! I now speak of the Earth Chakra of your Earth and as I connect with this I connect now with Mount Shasta and with the United States of America. Major shifts have happened with this beautiful country and much more is about to unfold. Much work has been done with balancing the energy of Inner Earth and Agartha. This is to build upon the foundation in preparing the Shift of Gaia Mother Earth into the new Golden Age of Light.

This is by which many contacts will be made, and many have been made since the 1st Contact and I mean that many of our Lightships and Portals of Light have indeed landed and have been activated.

Teleportation Gateways have indeed been activated and guarded at this time but this to create a stronger link between the Dimensions of Light and with the other Planets and Star systems. This has been done in order to create a better sphere of Cosmic Energy coming forth to the Earth.

I know connect with Peru upon your Earth much work is being carried out at this time for there we work with the Kundalini of your Earth for the Fiery Serpent rises once more bringing forth balance and harmony for here lies the Sacral Chakra upon your Earth within the waters of a Great Lake. Balance upon your Earth is being worked upon at this time.

I know connect with the Solar Plexus upon your Earth and in doing this I connect with the energy of the Tribes for the Tribes that walked your Earth connecting Father Sky to Mother Earth was very significant for it is there we bring forth the Cosmic Energy of the Ancients… of the former Root Races… and the Ancestors…. The Old Lemuria brings forth the New Lemuria …. I connect now with the Australia for she is awakening once more bringing forth the love and the healing that is needed of the former Root Race. We draw upon this from the Ancient Tribes, that came forth to the earth from our Star nations and they gave much light to your Earth… And with this Energy of Light comes forth the birthing of the human physical race in the Root Race of Lemuria for this is of which the umbilical chord comes forth…. Australia is working her magic in this now and the many Cetaceans are working in this area of your Earth with the Divine Diamond Light Codes assisting Gaia Earth to release now the Energy of the past and to bring her into the New… Assisting in bringing forth the New Lemuria.

I know bring you to the Heart Chakra upon your Earth and this is the heart of the Avalon Energy. This has been activated once more. The Heart of Glastonbury and the surrounding area within the UK. The UK struggles greatly with the density at this time and this is because it is here that carries the burden and the heartache of much of your Earth at this time for there are many Souls that are suffering, many Souls that are in need of healing. And it is from the Heart your Earth will feel much of the pain. The Avalon Energy has activated once more and we connect you all now with the Rose and the Grail The Masculine and the Feminine for they are indeed rising once more, bringing forth Love Healing and Balance. But with this it also connects you dear children with the Royal Bloodline, the Blood that hath been shed in sacrifice over Eons… a symbol of Divine Service…for in this sacrifice… demonstrates exactly what you too have also done dear ones, as you have all come forth to the Earth once more to give Service, to be of Service.

I now connect with the Pyramids of Giza for hence this is the Throat Chakra upon your Earth and in this I connect with the Energy of Mercury at this time for this Planet is working wonders bringing forth the Energy of Communication upon your Earth. From whence we came forth from Atlantis we commenced this current Root Race in Egypt and from this brought forth the Divine Cosmic Knowledge and this dear children is now activating within your hearts within your being, The Great Gateway from here to the Cosmos and the God Star Sirius and this has now activated to ensure that Cosmic Knowledge and Truths unfold.

The Great Aeon comes forth as we connect now with the Great Age of Aquarius and the energy coming for upon your Earth for the Third Eye Chakra does not remain in one place but relocates to where we want it to be in this now we have situated this in Stonehenge at this time to assist with the anchoring of the Avalon Energy for there are many shifts unfolding. With this we are connecting with the Ancient Traditions for the ripples of Water come forth to cleanse and the air sweeps forth and the Fire that burns and the Earth is blessed once more for in this now the Great Aeon has shifted the Third Eye Chakra to align with the Heart… for it is from the Heart in which we ask you to work and with the Third Eye we grant you great vision.

And now finally Tibet beloved Tibet… from hence we anchor the love and the Cosmic Energy into the Earth. This is the Crown from which we connect with you all but we have also connected this to Peru in recent months for the flow of the energy upon your Earth has been renewed. We work our energy through connecting the Diamond Frequency of Lord Melchezidek and all chords of Creation coming forth in Divine Harmony. From Mount Kailas upon your Earth we harmonise the Omniversal Energies that come forth.

With the great shifts taking place upon your Earth – you have seen a wave of natural disasters. We have worked with the Chakras of your Earth to bring forth a sense of calm and peace. There is much more coming forth with the energy upon your Earth, as you embrace the new.

We delight in the progress you are making with your Ascension. Many Planetary Alignments have taken place thus moving you forward into a new paradigm of consciousness.

Focus dear ones is upon the Universal Energy as the Cosmic Consciousness brings forth waves of abundance and prosperity.

Divine Love is the key to the connection to the greater cosmos of intelligence. In coming to Service of the Heart you have made your choice to do the work of healing, transforming, evolving, and ascending to realize your true higher consciousness within incarnate being. We ask you to continue to embrace the cosmic healing energies, and use your consciousness to resonate with your true being and to unite with the Source, in order to flow with the evolution to a new Divine humanity upon your Earth.

I AM Mother Sekhmet and I speak through Elaine this day. – Channel: Elaine DeGiorgio