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Mother/Father God via Ann Dahlberg, 22 september, 2017

Mother/Father God

Friday, September 22nd, 2017

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Father/Mother God and I see you dear children on Earth. I see your strife, I see your fears, I see your agony and your sorrow, but I can also see your joy, your creativity and your love. I can see the hope grow in your hearts and I see that many people turn their faces to the sky with expectations in their eyes. I can also see them look into their hearts to seek the light there. It is a joy to see all that is happening on Earth today. I rejoice with you children on Earth. It is a time of awakening and more are now seeking the voice of their heart. I give it light and love in order for you to understand how beautiful and loving you are. You are all equally dear and I look forward to your arrival. A large festival is planned for this honorable occasion. You will meet all your kin there. Feel in your heart that the time is near and know and understand that I will bring all of you home. You are all so longed for and you will get all the help you need to take the last steps home. You are surrounded of light and love dear children. It is a wonderful and beautiful time that has started now.

Mother Earth is shining in unison with the light today. She knows where she is going. She has seen the beauty inside her. You can also see the beauty inside you, dear children. It is in there and it is waiting for you. It is so full of love that it would feel like bursting if you let out all of it at the same time. Please open a little bit of the door every day and fill up with the love you can find there. Finally you will discover that you simply consist of love and are ready to go through the portal of love. I am waiting there and welcome you in. I am your Father/Mother God and you are all my beloved children. I will wait forever for you to again enter the portal of love. My embrace is always open for you and I will always whisper words of love in your hearts. The time has come now for many of you to return home and my longing is greater yet dear children There are no words for me to describe the feelings that this event means for me and other ascended beings that are waiting for your arrival. It is as if you would bring forward your most beautiful memories and then double it many million times over. There are no words for it.

Mother Earth has started to dress in her new gown and she is incredibly beautiful. Mother Earth is an exquisitely beautiful and loving being that only wants you well and who protect you as far as it is possible for her to do so. Neither could your parents protect you against all the lessons that you go through on Earth. It is the same with Mother Earth. She has strong compassion for all that you go through, but she cannot do much as it is your own journey. It is a journey that you have chosen to do in order to enrich your soul and gain a greater understanding of all that is.

This earth journey is now approaching its end and a new and more loving journey will start. You are honored and loved dear children on Earth. You have many lessons with you, which can be of help to others in their planetary transitions. You have a grand and beautiful time in front of you with much light and joy. I am your Father/Mother God and I am enormously proud of you, but I am proud of all my beautiful and loving children. You are and always will be in my heart.

I send you love and light down to Earth in order to make this journey easier so that you all soon can enter through the portal of love.

Father/Mother God



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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