Love is our new reality

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Mother/Father God via Ann Dahlberg, 29 april

Mother/Father God

Friday, April 29, 2016

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am your Father/Mother God greeting you all on Earth today. There will be a great day that we soon will celebrate together. That all my children will come home is a source of great joy for me. I have waited and longed for the time when you all would turn homewards. When you showed the will to do so you would get all the help you needed. This is where you stand today. The help you have gotten has resulted in you now standing at the finish line. You have gratefully received the help and moved on.

All beings that are able are helping you now, on your way towards Heaven, the kingdom of Light you once left, in order to get the experiences that you now have with you in your luggage. The positive sides of your experiences you will take with you in the form of wisdom and knowledge. It was in order to help other brothers and sisters that you chose these experiences. Now you have much wisdom and knowledge to give to the diversity out there in the Universe. It is as teachers of wisdom that many of You now will work.

You all had a purpose for coming down to Earth in its unaware state. The purpose will be revealed for each of you. You have all chosen to follow your own path. It is this gift, which I have given you, that now will bear fruit.

You are all my beloved children and you have all received a special gift that fits into the whole of the large matrix that is called the Universe. However everything can change, we can change, nothing lasts. Instead everything evolves and is reformed to the benefit to all beings that live and move here. We are all One and depend on each other. We live and move together in an eternal dance of new forms of expressions.

You are all so blessed and loved. Nobody is hidden away or forgotten. I am with you all and wait for the moment when we can meet again and you understand who you are. You are children of Light. You are rays of Light that light up in the dark. The darkness has now surrounded you for a long time, but it has now started to dissolve. Your Light together with the Light that lights up the Earth today dissolves the darkness and sends it scrambling. The dark flies from the Light, when the Light is getting too strong. This is what is happening on Earth today. It is you, all my Lights, which shine together with the Sun. It is a wonderful sight to behold and it touches my Father/Mother Heart in great joy and love.

I hold my hand over you now, so that you all lovingly will come home. Your families are already waiting for you. They really shine of joy and love. It is a big day that is now waiting, with much joy and love for you all. Your new world is here now, dear children, so feel it in your hearts and build it with the love and wisdom that you find there.

I am your Father/Mother and I stand with open arms to welcome you home now. It is time now, dear children on Earth to walk the last steps home now. We wait for you there. We all stand there to welcome you home.

With much love,

Father/Mother God


Translated from Swedish to English by Per Staffan