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Mother/Father God via Ann Dahlberg, August 7th

Mother/Father God

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am your Father/Mother God and I have a message for you today. Earth is on its way to return to its original pristine condition. This will cause some birthing pain, which can appear as a rebirth happens. Some of this you will notice, other parts you will be spared from.

All who wishes can enter the “New World” now. The gates are open now and are just waiting for your decision, dear children. Which world do you want live in? The world that Gaia now has chosen or to continue in the world you live in now. Both worlds cannot exist at the same time, as one world will pull away from the other. Gaia who is your Earth has chosen the higher dimension now and all who wish to follow her must choose to ascend into a higher dimension.

Beings from the higher dimensions cannot live in the lower dimensions without being injured. They can only make short visits to the lower dimension and then return to the higher one to recover there. Earth has raised its energy so that more beings from the higher dimensions can be here now and help Earth in its large transformation. All you who follow her and have decided to return to the light help both yourself and Gaia in her efforts to get Earth as a whole to ascend. It is a major puzzle. There are many different life forms on Earth that have their own micro and macro-kingdoms.

Gaia is battling to bring it all with her. She is a brave fighter, your Gaia, your mother, so give her all your respect and love. Send her your light and thank her for her care for you. It will bring joy to her great heart, which beats hard for you. You are all her children and she cares for your wellbeing and just wants things to be good for you. She is utterly glad and grateful that so many follow her now in her great transformation, which will also be your great transformation since you choose this together.

Rejoice now with Gaia and see the light and the positive that is before you. Read the signs that are all around you that show that the “New” you, that you have waited for already has started. The signs are there for all who wish to open their eyes: Dare to see, dare to feel, everything is about courage – Courage to enter something new. This time the “new” will be better, so you do not need to be afraid of it. Everything will be for the better now dear children of Earth. The moment you have waited for is here now. The time to live in a paradise is here, so run towards the light, all your friends are there and waiting for you.

I, your Father/Mother, always open my arms to you and will always patiently wait for you to return home again. Your decision is my decision and my love will always be with you. You choose yourself if you want to feel it or not. My heart beats with yours and only love can flow out of it.


Father/Mother God




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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