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Mother/Father God via Ann Dahlberg, October 11th, 2017

Mother/Father God

Wednesday, October 11th, 2017

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


Father/Mother God

Dear peoples of Earth, I have the honor to speak with you today. It has been a turbulent time for many of you, but from turbulent times something new and beautiful can grow forth. It can also be the opposite, yes, but then it has oftentimes been more beautiful before. Now it is time for Earth to regain its beauty and splendor. Our dear Gaia who is me immeasurably dear has suffered enough and wants to return home and I stand with open arms to receive her. Of course this goes for all life that exists on Gaia, including you dear humanity. It has been hard for humanity to wake up, but now we can see the sun rising at the horizon and this goes for your hearts as well. It sparks and glimmers on Earth today. New lights are lit all the time and my heart expands in pride for the children of Earth. You have chosen peace for yourself and your Earth and the whole Universe is dancing and singing. It is grand day for everybody to get to welcome you home again.

There are many songs of praise being sung and there are many souls who are visiting Earth now. Some have incarnated and move among you now. Others are nearby as guides and they can make themselves both visible and invisible. It is an exciting time that you are entering into and much disclosure will take place. Some bring an understanding of what has happened to Earth from an historic perspective, others can be of such a character that can be useful to you when you help each other and Earth to feel good again in body and soul. Both bodies and souls need light energy to do well and to be able to restore what is lacking. You have lost the connection with what is natural, the very essence of your life – the beautiful and spiritual that exists in both your body and soul. It is time to regain it now and to take care of it and to attend to it in a way that it deserves. What do you think it deserves? Yes, of course it deserves all of your love. All the love that you can muster in your body you should give to yourselves. When it is full and starts to run over it is then that you find yourselves in the right place of love and service. Love is then flowing further to others who need and want to receive it. Fill yourselves with love first and then you are automatically of service to others.

My love for you is always as big and runs over everywhere. There is nothing that you have done or can do that is not forgiven. As soon as you enter you heart and look for me I will be there for you. I love you all immeasurably and you are all my beloved children. There is nothing that you can do that is not already forgiven. As soon as your heart longs home there are beings around you that help you to take the steps home and my arms are always open whenever you choose to return. It is with great joy in my heart that I see that so many have chosen this step now. My hand rests over you and I will bring you all home again – home to your near and dear ones and home to “Source” where you belong. I have different names but I am the source to your birth and I always exist in and around you wherever you turn in the large Universe, which is your home. Wherever you choose to travel I am there and support you in your own development. When you whisper my name I send rays of light to your heart. I am one with you, your experiences are my experiences and the dearest experiences are always when you return back to the light again.

Let us sing hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah.

I look forward to a loving reunion of this whole planet with all its different beings.

Father/Mother God.



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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