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Mother/Father God via Ann Dahlberg, September 1st, 2017

Mother/Father God

Friday, September 1, 2017

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am your Father/Mother God and I am grateful to be heard today. I have let the blessings come down on Earth and my heart rejoices seeing how so many of you are on your way home again. It has been a long journey, but Earth has now finally started to ascend to her former splendor and there are no words for my joy. It is an honor to welcome you back to the light again. My longing to welcome you back has always been there, just as I have always been there with you. You have just chosen not to feel it and instead gone your own way. Now you have gone so far that our paths cross again and it is an enormous joy for me and for all your near and dear ones that are here and are waiting for you.

The light is strong now on Earth and it speeds up the process for transforming the lower frequency to a higher one. It might feel a bit up and down now for you all that are aware of the process. You rise and fall with the different frequencies that inhabit your bodies. Be calm, be patient, everything is transitory and you will rise in your consciousness and love. There has come a tsunami of love to Earth today and it affects everything and everybody that comes in its path. Let it in and the resistance will be less and life will soon feel much easier. You have many helping you now dear children on Earth and yet more stand ready to help when needed. I, your Father/Mother God, is with you and I answer your prayers so that you more easily can take the steps you need to enter the light again. I love you so much and my arms are open for you, just waiting for you to choose love in your lives. Just a small whisper about help and the help will be at your side in the way that helps you in the best way. Your choice is my priority, but I am always here whenever you decide to return. It is my highest wish to see you all return home again. You get all the help you need in order to take the steps whenever your heart chooses to do so.

Nothing is by chance. Everything is very well planned. You have planned your journey together with your guides and leaders. It might not have turned out exactly as you had planned, but your guides do everything they can to help you stick to the plan you have made. The heavy density and the forgetfulness of who you really are make it hard to navigate on Earth. In spite of this dear children on Earth you have managed to turn the dark to the light and it is an enormous achievement that gives you great honor. Millions of souls are in this now sending love to your souls in order to give it the strength they need to conclude their task so that Earth with all its beings can return home again to the sphere of higher love.

I lead you home now dear children on Earth. I lead you home now and it will be a wonderful and loving reunion that cannot be described with words and this you will understand as soon as this moment is here. There is not much further to go dear children on Earth. Our reunion is within a very short time period. There is singing and trumpeting in the higher spheres, as everybody are equally exalted and happy for all that is happening on our Earth today. It is a great event, a great and beautiful event that for ever will be in our hearts.

I love you so much. My love is always written in your hearts.

Father/Mother God


Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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