Love is our new reality

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“Mud” – GCR/RV Commentary – Thursday – June 8, 2017

“Mud” – GCR/RV Commentary – Thursday – June 8, 2017


Father, we’ve lost so much walking along this RV road.

We’ve lost our dignity, wealth, health, marriage (for some), respect of our children-family-relatives-colleagues-and neighbors.

We all have our war stories… take your pick of indignities.


The world has tried to break us as we struggled to break free the illusions a world that demanded us to believe blatant occult lies.

We refused by faith and faith alone in you, Yeshua. And for that we are eternally grateful.

And the more divine truth we uncovered, the more mud the cabal systems and gatekeepers threw upon us–they covered us completely in a shameful coat of mud.

It’s heavy. Suffocating. And still is.

But we’re finding our feet again, though we are tired. Wow are we tired. Many of us are broken. A few even deceased.

We have all suffered. And suffering is form of an oxygen all human beings must breathe.

Yet this path, this journey, this career in sovereign wealth creation and absolute truth reveal is painful–period–it hurts.

It has even crippled strong men and women. Left scars. Abused the innocent and the meek.

And yet… we’re still here, Lord… with a pulse… in position… overflowing with hope… grateful in our small blessings…. reliant upon you, God… frothing to begin serving others with your resources.

Maybe that’s right where you wanted us all along? Desperately reaching out for your hand in order to help others? Is that how you created us? All needy yet all powerful?

That would explain the elongated 73 year release runaway, and the scope of the blessing awaiting us plus the dire intensity of suffering physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially.

We are covered mud, but mud washes clean with your Holy Waters of Righteousness; what a shower that will be post RV?

Maybe then you’ll reveal our true magnificence of being hardened diamond servants only a loving God could make by dragging a few chosen souls through the fires of Hades, mud of middle earth and all with protected white gloves of Christ.


Honestly, such unconditional and agape love is hard to process.

Thank you for bringing us in and out of such danger and peril, Father.

For we now know that even when we appeared dirty versus clean to others pre-RV, you were right there with us beating life, hope and eternity into our hearts.

Vice versa, as we suddenly appear cleaner than clean versus endlessly dirty post RV, we appreciate you Father for keeping us humble and kind well in advance.

We know now all human beings are neither as clean or as dirty as they may appear, just mere servants of the Moat High–yes, in our own way–but only by Your Benevolent Grace and Mercy,

Nothing more, nothing less. Sobeit.

God is with us.