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Mother Mary via Ann Dahlberg, June 7th, 2017

Mother Mary

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Mother Mary and I greet you all here on Earth. It is, as you already know, that Earth is on its way up in the fifth dimension and the light is now sweeping over the surface of our Earth, where it converts everything that comes in its way. Everything and everybody is affected without exception. We grow in spiritual power dear children. We grow and develop to those that we really are. Our bodies absorb this energy and let it slowly and surely transform the bodies from a carbon base till a crystalline base. It can take different periods of time depending on how one previously has taken in the light. This is true also for them that awaken now. They all have different light in their bodies depending on which experiences and for how long time they have wandered the Earth. It is so, dear children on Earth, that for each time you come down you choose new experiences. Some of the ones you choose you do in order to wake up an understanding for you mind and soul. Others you choose in order to develop a creative side in you. Sometimes you come down for only this purpose, but sometimes you decide to take on your karma. You understand that it can become difficult… how difficult it is is not always so easy to predict. The heavy energy and all that you are fed with from childhood up to grown-up age makes it difficult to see through the veils. The guides you have with you try to help you with it and it is then you think your life is difficult. Afterwards, however, you think that you have gotten a better understanding of yourselves and the life you live.

Yes, the art of waking up is not easy, but it gives a deeper understanding of life and its multifaceted aspect. It increases the understanding of oneself and thereby the understanding of others. We transition from being judgmental to being compassionate, as the insights and understanding is in our hearts. This is what waking up is all about. It is about us having more compassion and having a better understanding of our fellow travelers. We begin to understand that we all belong together and need to help each other. This understanding also includes the animals and nature around us. We begin to understand that we are a part of this and have a responsibility for all that happens and all that exist around us. A human who has woken up to her/himself and received the insights about being one with all life on Earth will now want to work for Earth and all its beings. He/she can see his/her part of the matrix and also want to impact others to see their part in this also, as you all belong together. This he/she does best by his/her own work and way of being. One way is to be open and share of ones experiences to all who want to listen. It is good to have an open door so that as many as want to can enter and receive part of the vision that you right now have in your hand. Openness, trust and compassion are good characteristics when one is starting out one’s work to change Earth according to the perspective that you have now. Be open for new perspectives that can appear and people with new and more daring ideas than your own. An open door is welcoming and a high ceiling is preferable over a low ceiling. Since everything can now change very fast and new technologies can appear that you have never seen before or heard of. This is why openness, trust and intuition are good characteristics to have now. Use your common sense dear children on Earth – your higher common sense that you have connected to your heart and your mind. It has great power now and helps you towards your goal. The answers are there. You receive them as a flash in the sky. It is up to you to assume them and trust your selves. A peaceful meditation can go a long way towards helping you. In this quietness the answers can be heard more clearly. Meditations can also be used to recover strength and power. The power and strength that you during many lives have given away, but which now is on its way back with the light that is spreading over the Earth. The light that is waking up your DNA strands and gives you back your power. It is with this renewed power that you build up your new world and we rejoice with you dear children. Yes, we rejoice with you and we love you very much. We find our selves in a time of true joy and love.

I love you so much,

Mother Mary




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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