Love is our new reality

My higher Self via Kjerstin Sisilla – You Are Now Drawn Together, 7 May 2022


My higher Self via Kjerstin Sisilla 7 May 2022

The illusion releases, nothing is as it seems to be. Everything old has already weathered in order for the new to emerge.

As it was predicted all truths come to light. Everything is already there to be found for those who have regained sight in their eyes and hearing in their ears. All of you who have worked old within you, who have released your traumas far back in the incarnations and have found your SELF, you have also regained your strength and your courage and you certainly contribute to the rapid development that is happening now.

You are now drawn together and find each other over the Earth’s surface. The 144th crystalline network is formed and by connecting to this you experience the whole, the unity with the All. Through your strong energies, you influence everything around you. The house of cards is collapsing, the Dominoes are falling now as more and more people wake up every day and realize that they have lived in a limited and manipulated world that they themselves have created in their interior.

Freedom, community and joy are the new keywords for Gaia’s people. When more and more people find their way into their heart every day and find the great Love of Mother Earth and the Source / Creator, everything changes at an even faster pace. Mankind now sees the abuses committed on our Mother Earth and converts their lives to a being closer to nature, animals and thus Creation.

All humans without exception carry a small memory seed from the creation of the earth. When this seed has now germinated and grown up, the memories of a bygone era are regained. A time when the earth was a Paradise, with a life of abundance, unity, peace and love between all living things. No abuse was committed on our beloved planet because she was (and is) a part of ourselves. We did nothing that deviated from the Source / God the Creator’s love intention because we had contact with the Universe and lived every moment in love and joy. We were aware that we too were Creators; that through our thoughts, feelings and actions we created everything around us.

GREAT CREATORS – remember your power and manifest and now create the world you want to live in !!!