Love is our new reality

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“Neutrality” – GCR/RV SITREP – Wednesday – September 13, 2017

“Neutrality” – GCR/RV SITREP – Wednesday – September 13, 2017

We’re in a precarious spot people.

Yet I read the promise of another overnight performance and get concerned about sharing my not overnight information.

But here goes.

I was on a conference call tonight in Asia and USA and could pick up the patience and anguish on the streets of each call.

The raw certainty and raw suffering. Equally.
I therefore tried to remain neutral–and let the truth reveal itself.

Usually I try and stay away from that excitement end desperation energy fields because it doesn’t help being too happy or sad when “chipping away” at the RV stone.

The daily grind however has become unbearable to many in North America and Europe.

In part because there’s no hydration in the financial system outside of Asia, but also because this community is so committed to seeing through RV to its completion you can’t focus on anything else–and it’s difficult to make ends meet without a 3D mental focus in a 3D world.

Yet when I speak of coping mechanisms like neutrality, many toss it away as my own arrogant indifference beating up the sufferings of the masses.

When in fact it’s the opposite, as an empath, I can feel where this community is resonating and ache along with you.

That’s why I keep doing programs like The Clarion Call on Wednesday night @ 9pm EDT–to stay connected at the grass roots vibrational level on a weekly basis.

I read posts daily to know where the community is at on an hourly basis. If I see trend forming, I know there’s been a change and investigate.

So let me give you the straight up hard core truth about where we at–since we’re all adults here.

The Elders and the BRICS Alliance along with their Benevolent guides are bleeding out the cornered cabal in every corner of the world.

They could RV, take down Trump / Netanyahu and end the North Korea nuclear drama in an hour … then immediately release the RV.

But they’re not. Why not I ask?

Because like a good cancer surgeon, while the body has been cut wide open and the patient is under anesthesia, they want to scrape out all the cancerous cells before stitching up.

Now on September 30, 2017 the USD will no longer be recognized anywhere where a sovereign nation has accepted the new financial system.

The USD will in effect disappear from the financial system overnight. And those running this country will have a choice to make–mass chaos or the USN.

This fact is also forcing many countries to flee their cabal masters and cut deals with the Chinese and Russians all across Asia, Europe, Latin and Central America.

No country or leader wants to be left out or get too far out of position and lose power.

The problem or delay as it relates to the North American currency community is that the energies of the gift giver (Elders) is completely different than those receiving their gifts (Dinarland, Dongville, Zimlandia).

Desperation therefor overcomes many when neutrality (indifference about Intel, timing, date and rate) might serve them better in making it across the RV’s financial marathon finish line.

The longer the Elders make humanity wait in the short term, the safer it is to redeem and enjoy the blessings long-term for all of humanity; thus, serving the greater good of 7.8 billion means more than the 70 million who hold currency.

The GCR/RV is just that simple. It’s not about you or me, but about all of us who occupy the same planet, rich and poor.

Trump is under house arrest as is Netanyahu. Both are waiting to be allowed to resign. Neither Chaz been released yet. They too await the RV.

The chain of hurricanes that was launched from an Argentine weather command center was designed to wipe the eastern seaboard.

Didn’t happen thankfully, but major damage was down certainly.

Why did it miss the mark of permanently disrupting major American financial centers or Republic military installations with their golden vaults flooded?

Not God’s Will.
Yet there was and is tragedy everywhere you look. So something bad happened. Why was it allowed to reek havoc in the spirit of free will?
God’s Will.

But the law rapid fire hurricanes and earthquakes actually accelerate the remaining cabal’s complete demise so that humanity and the soul of the earth

can be safely stitched back up by folks like us… permanently… without fear of retaliation or theft.

And oh yes, the currency rates continue to soar when rusted into more mercy for all those afflicted by the recent storms everywhere in the Western Hemisphere.

The thing to focus on as we slide into October, and we will as suggested by my conversations with sources over the last several days, is that the end result of performance is absolute.

The new TRN digitally and USN currency physically are sitting in redemption computers / vaults / caves right now.

Meaning it’s all in place before the law to print it was agreed to in Congress.

When will they vote on the new USN and have either Trump or Ryan sign it into law, thus releasing the RV the world over?

Only God knows.

But the fact that we are so close, and it’s finally happening, is an unthinkable miracle all in of itself!

Can I get me a Hallelujah!? No. What about a strong Amein!? Maybe. How about a just a health grunt and eyebrow raise to demonstrate you’re at least paying attention?


The entire central banking system and all it’s fancy banking satellites and mainframe computers worldwide have been either replaced, reconfigured or reset just for you!

Making the mantra “love what you have instead of hating what you don’t” never more appropriate.

I know these final days and weeks, yes weeks hard.

I know many don’t agree with waiting strategy to get all the alien cancer out of the human race affairs philosophy. Let alone that’s even true.

I know many are down to their last nickel, breath and prayer. I know. I know. I know.

But so do the Elders, BRICS Alliance of Nations and Benevolents who are all participating and overseeing humanity’s collective liberation–including us crazy positive Anglos of North America and Eastern Europe.

Know that when it’s safe to go, when it’s legal, when it can never be reversed they will release the RV globally without hesitation.

And the 7.8 billion innocents who inhabit this miraculous little blue planet can and will once rise up to live in freedom, abundance and peace… together.


Maybe make a last attempt to pass through this miserable phase with grace and meaning to fuel your growth versus burning off your hope–because one day soon–you will need to walk across an even narrower bridge to where your infinite blessing awaits.

Ironically the problems may seem different on the other side, but they are very similar–just on the other end is the same spectrum.

So learning how to live comfortably in the middle–aka neutrality–is critical to sustaining your happiness with or without riches.

Making right now the very best time to practice your birthright of being sacred and divine regardless of circumstance.

You matter because you are matter.
And honestly, there is just not that much practice time left to practice surrender. God is with us.