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Saint Germain via Jahn J Kassl, September 12th, 2017

Beloved humans!


This is an important vision that describes the entire transformation of mankind in its „seven-year-progression“ and the final wake-up call of god.

● The three people – a child, a youngster and an adult – symbolize the different levels of development of the individual. This points to the different developmental stages that each individual goes through during their life on earth.

● The „powder“ that Jahn administers and that leads to the resurrection of human beings describes the “tree of life”, the “tree of knowledge”, that you are invited to eat from, so that you can wake up and attain awareness.

This vision is meant to knock over previous dogmas and deeply rooted conditioning, and to open your eyes for the divine that lives in every human being.

“What I do, you will do too, and even more …”, our brother Jesus said; this vision points to this by Jahn resurrecting the dead.

Furthermore, the age difference of 7 years points to the 7-year cycle of renewal and shows that before something new can begin, the old has to die. This is why these three people lie dead in their caskets.

Every 7 years skin and all human cells are renewed. In that sense, a human being is physically, mentally and spiritually reborn.

This vision also points to “D-Day”, the day that all humans are called upon by name and invited to make a turnaround.

The powder, the “elixir of life” from the “tree of life”, is meant to awaken human beings, but not all of them will resurrect and awaken because of it.

The fact that in the dream all three people, in their different developmental stages, are resurrected, is a pointer that everybody can awaken, no matter where they seem to be at in their development and what they are superficially engaged in.

“You will be surprised who will sit next to you in heaven …”, so it is said, and this dream sequence describes this fact.

The fact that all three people open their eyes simultaneously points to yet another thing: the divine grace that is operating on this one day.

This dream anticipates the collective experience of the awakening of humanity. The planetary awakening will be initiated by an outer event and by the grace of god.

Low human nature, egomania, envy, jealousy and hatred have to die so they can be awakened.

This dream points to the annihilation of time, the day that time is stopped, and the moment when all human memory is deleted for a short period of time. The human memory of this matrix is suspended so that the memory of the divine consciousness that you are can

This is supposed to enable all humans on this earth to walk the path of turnaround and awakening. The pending work of transformation will – for those who are willing to return into the light – proceed at an incredible speed.

The “big event” will not only change the world, it will completely transform each individual human being – regardless of whether they are awakened or still asleep.

Await this day, expect the awakening – and prepare yourself for it by consistently working towards light and transformation.

Some of you will appear as “awakeners”, others as “awakening ones”. The “role” is insignificant at this point – all that matters is that until then you strengthen your connection with god and open yourself fully to the process of change and transformation.

At this point everything has been said. More related messages will follow, because this is certain:

The last day in this world shall not bring pain to anyone, only pure joy.

I am amongst you.



» Source – Channel: Jahn J Kassl