“Nothin'” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Monday – August 14, 2017

“Nothin'” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Monday – August 14, 2017

Received via email for publication at 6:00 PM EDT. ~ Dinar Chronicles

“Nothin’ from nothin’ leaves nothin’
You gotta have somethin’ if you want to be with me.” – Billy Preston

The cabal has been whittled down to nothin’ and yet what evil remains still picks fights with their destroyer and accomplishes nothin”… leaving nothin’ of substance in their wake.

Pure insanity. But we gotta have something if we wanna RV and be free.

All the benevolent players in this RV seem to be sitting back, waiting out all the nonsense to end so they can implement the readied financial reforms safely.

When is that? When it is. No way know for sure.

On August 21st a rare astrological window closes (or opens depending on how you look at it). That matters. Christ was born under the harvest moon in August, so you connect those dots and ponder.

We’re now fully in Mercury Retrograde as of Friday night, which is a time for personal review and the cleaning up old business.

At some point, the NPTB must turn the switch on and alert us with a few helpful emails, a robo call or two and that will be it.

The RV begins. We exchange. And the real work begins.

Are you ready? Were you preparing in the meantime? Are you emotionally indifferent or spiritually primed? That choice is entirely yours.

We have been told that staffing demand for the first redemption wave has dwindled to an all time low. Less than 1 million US domiciled redeemers are expected in the first 24 hours now.

In banking terms, that’s a mere trickle from the firehose. Drip, drip, drip.

That number may rise a bit, but more slowly and easily managed than just six months ago. Abject apathy are words that come to mind.

Nearly all currency/bond holders have lost faith. As humans only follow what they believe to be real… and thus why so few Human Angels are left.

Ironically, the master plan was always to wait out both the good and bad participants in the RV.

The same elongated runway worked to wear down two mountains with the same slow but steady stream.

Smart. But as the cabal bleeds out, so too does currency community. The suffering grows equally as a result.

What’s an alternative to waiting? There isn’t another RV coming in this or any other century. This is it. And there’s only one breakthrough moment for our species. Hence the crazy meticulous and tentative progress

HSBC is Idol. All the major banks are idol. The media is controlled from the senior editors down to the on-air personalities.

World markets have been collared from their apex down to zenith in terms of trading volume and value swings.

The IMF is humming today, great for them. But thats an internal ZIM redemption program designed to refill their own coffers with transactional fees–its not a public exchange opportunity.

A sign we’re still inching along? Sure. A testimony the ZIM bond note is valued internationally at a minimum currency exchange of 1:1? Yes.

Super! Terrific! Yet the world bleeds out, hellions and saints alike, pushing the edges of their respective agendas.

August is coming dangerously close to ending, and potentially going out without a whimper of results. It’s the slowest business time of the year by a mike.

Safe. Optimal. Now.

We’re told so much is happening behind the scenes, geopolitical checkmates are clicking into place such as Venezuela, North Korea, Ukraine, Israel, Palestine, Trump…. but who cares any longer honestly–there are always macro happenings occurring behind every scene.

This is about the freedom of humanity from nothin’ to somethin’… period!

Sustenance for all. Hope for the future. Oxygen in the now.

The slow roll out strategy is being used as a death blow to the cabal, but the Elders will also perish as a result. They know it too, perhaps why the release is moving at a glacier’s pace.

They fear death, even after several hundred years. And they should, there’s no more need for keepers of collateral accounts if they’ve been released to humanity.

In the meantime, people continue to die, governments continue to be replaced and life drags on–the fact that mass populations suffer while cabal heavy nations are allowed to collapse is nothin’ more than collateral damage.

I suspect most will feel the same about the much heralded Chinese Elders when their long lives end suddenly. What Elders? Their time has come and gone.

Still, daily, individual souls are being sacrificed for the collective oversoul or the greater good. Tough stuff. Needless now IMHO. Death is forthcoming to anyone who holds back progress–dark or light:)

You read that right.

I was told something recently that confirmed this truth, how this event is now turning inward on individuals, returning from the existential edges to find the sustainable middle–a homo static balance point if you will.

It does not include cabal members or sovereign elders. Ponder that one!

Where both malevolent and benevolents actors are eliminated in our favor, see #meekoftheearth, #endofextremism, #eratransition, #calmendschaos.

I’m praying for those positive government leaders who lack the courage to make tough calls regarding the RV because they will now be made for them.

Some have gotten lost in their own future outcomes, which causes the RV release delays as they simply cannot or refuse to hear the clarion call of mercy.

For those who can hear it’s common song, please join us at theclarioncalls.com for website and 800# sign up information… as it relates to SITREP updates on geopolitical happenings, global philanthropy, separate mercy communities and a vast truth research archive.

God is with us.