Love is our new reality

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Nova Gaia via Galaxygirl via VIDEO, June 8th, 2020

Dear children, I am Nova Gaia. I embrace you with the fiery light of peace, of joy. My waters are cool and deep, crystal clear, ready for many adventures. My mountains are high with clear views at the summits. From my summits I look across the great divide of time-space and I see you. I see a fading version of me. I see that you are in the process of transmuting on my behalf and I am grateful. (I am seeing a great chasm between a fading earth and a sparkling green and blue Nova Gaia. I am seeing how space-time can bend, like a ribbon, shortening the distance between). Yes, dear. You are shortening this distance, like a bending ribbon, every time you communicate with the higher realms, every time you choose love over not-love. When you do so you are becoming the rainbow bridge for the others to follow. The rainbow bridge is both literal and figurative. It is energetics at its core, as are all things. If it comforts you, know that you are creating the appropriate energetics for this merging from desires unfulfilled to fulfilled.
I am Nova Gaia. I am many yet I am one. I see you have questions. Many are wondering if they will exist in many forms across all of my realities. If that is your desire, children. For you are, and will always remain, multi-dimensional. You may be hard at work on a galactic council in the 8th and 9th dimensional realities and yet blissfully in 5D with your twin on ground. You will have access to all of these other parts and pieces of you. That will be the game changer. For the veil between dimensional realities will be lifted and the flow between will be more effortless. The Christ Consciousness is fully rooted here in my form. The Christ dances freely with the Sophia. Energies between the divine masculine and feminine are balanced. Whole. Complete. Those who wish to experience this completeness will be here for they will vibrate at this frequency. Yet, there are still many who are not ready for this experience of wholeness as they are still playing out in the lower realms of isolation and division. They will be allowed to vibrate at that reality as well but in another realm, another place, far from me. For I have ascended. You, dear children reading these words, have likely ascended many times, but this was a unique opportunity to ascend within the physical form, with me. This is a team effort, to be certain. Allow me to help you. Allow me to assist. Ground into this form of me. Wrap around my crystal heart that beats to the rhythm of the higher realms and ways of light, steady, strong. Steady and strong too shall your hearts beat as they become whole in this knowing of surrender to the light and the safety, comfort and supreme joy that this brings to a heart at peace.
I am Nova Gaia. You will never be at a lack of things to do, or places to explore. All is whole and complete upon me. For I am risen, as are you rising, so shall we rise as one body, each helping the other bit by bit. My ley lines are my arteries of light and love. Send light and love to me and in turn you shall feel my gift flow back to you many fold. For you are not alone. I am overcome with joy feeling the support of all of the light workers and light lifters who have volunteered to come here to nourish, to support and to ascend with me. Thank you. (I am seeing a massive perfect crystal heart of all colors deep within Gaia, surrounded by a still dark void. I am seeing within her crystal heart there are stunning gems too numerous to count of all shapes and sizes. I see a crystal door appear on the front of her heart and some of these gems start to float out). Dear children, I share my heart with yours. I wish for you to take one of these gems freely offered to you and tuck it into your heart space, so that you feel me near in these upcoming days. In this way you will already have a piece of vibrating, shining Nova Gaia within you and you will hear my love song for you when the time comes and you will vibrate within it. Please, please select a gem, any you like and tuck it within your heart. There! We are even more connected now. I am yours and you are mine in mutual love and understanding, in appreciation and support. Nova Gaia, my body, will divinely support you in your need for further adventures of joy. The days of darkness are well over. No darkness may linger upon me. I see the darkness clearing quickly on your realm, your version of me. That is good. It is time. (I am seeing more gems floating out in a line now, floating between the chasm of Nova Gaia and current Gaia that we are on. I am seeing them multiply into a vast roadway of rainbow light, sparkling like the sun. I am seeing the archangels approach this roadway, standing in massive lines on either side. I am hearing cheering and cries of “Welcome home, to the light workers who are arriving, have arrived and will arrive! Victory to the light! Victory to love! Victory to the new beginnings of the beginning! For the old ways are past, the new ways are to come. Come across the bridge! Come into the light of the new day!” I am seeing crowns of many intricate shapes and colors filled with these beautiful gems from Gaia’s crystal heart. I am seeing Mother and Father God standing at the entrance portal to Nova Gaia, preparing to hand out the crowns to those who walk across. It is very emotional and all are brimming up with tears of joy).
I am Nova Gaia. I surround you in my rainbow light. Warriors of the way, Feel my strength. Feel my faith in you! Master Yeshua states that mountains may be moved with faith. I have tremendous faith that you are able to complete this mission. It is time to rise. I anoint you with the oils of my plants and seeds. I wash you with my cool blue waters. I dry your faces with the softest of mosses. Refreshed now, arise and greet this moment in your experience as one who is fully awakened with eyes to see, with ears to hear, and with hearts open in understanding and tremendous wisdom. Glean from your experiences. Command the wisdom of your past to surround your space. All of my planetary memories of all who have lived upon me are within my crystal heart, a storage bank of wisdom. It is made freely available to those with the wisdom to seek it whose hands are pure and clean.
I am Nova Gaia. Feel my cool sea breezes and be soothed. We are all welcoming you homeward now. Feel me. We are one.
~ galaxygirl