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On Becoming a Living Lighthouse by Eliza Ayres, December 14th


Eliza: On Becoming a Living Lighthouse

Yesterday I attended a webinar called, “I AM Kumara”, presented by Babananda and Shivael Shannon Brophy. I had never heard of these two individuals up until yesterday, but for some reason decided to go, as I have a Kumaran spiritual name, Tazjima Amariah Kumara. The name was given to me some ten years ago, but I have known that I had some sort of connection to Sanat Kumara for over 20 years.

So what does it mean to be a Kumara? Although not as well known in the Western world, Sanat Kumara and the Seven Holy Kumaras are well-known in Hindu and Buddhist texts, writings and teachings. Knowledge of the Kumaras came to the West via the teachings of the Theosophical Society. That is all well and good, but it seems there is more to the name that what appears on the surface.

In Sanskrit, one of the planet’s oldest living languages, the name “Kumara” means youth, prince or son. My intuitive interpretation of Kumara is “Son of the Sun” or “Son of God”. Sound familiar?

For more centuries than can be counted the Sun, our Solar Logoi, has been the focus of devotion of indigenous people. The Sun gives us warmth, fertility and regulates the seasons and climate of our planet. The sun also sheds its light unconditionally on ALL life, not just a selected few.

The sun, Sol, is a portal through which the light of the Central Sun of Sirius is stepped down for humanity. Sirius acts as a transformer for the light of the Great Central Sun of the Milky Way Galaxy. So the light that our sun shines upon us has emanated directly from the Great Central Sun that rules this local area of the Universe. It is a physical symbol of an alchemical action which benefits all life.

The Kumaras are Beings who have reached a certain level of attainment and commitment to mission. One such Kumara is better known on Earth as Jesus, which was an embodiment of the great Soul called Sananda Kumara. His spiritual brother, Sanat Kumara, once ruled this planet as the Lord of the World, an office that was taken up in the last century by Lord Buddha, one of his students.

The Earth, as many of us know, has been a dark planet for thousands of years. It has been quarantined from the rest of the Universe due to the heavy density of its vibration. Thousands of years ago, the Kumaras of Sirius set out to make a difference, to assist the generations of humanity on Earth and to bring a return to balance. One way to go about that great work was to become a living embodiment of Divine Love. Some chose to work from etheric levels or from Venus; others, like Sananda chose to embody as a human being and live like a man.

The original teachings of Master Jesus, a man and a prophet, have been twisted and edited to meet the agenda of the controllers of the world, those who threw the planet into darkness centuries ago. Gems of his age-old wisdom, garnered from his studies with the Masters of the Near and Far East (Egypt, Tibet, India and Persia) still gleam brightly through the New Testament but are usually misinterpreted to fit a particular agenda or mindset. The Teacher of Divine Love and the equality of all people has been transformed into a Judge, set over the people. The painting by Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel records the then-current belief that Jesus will reign over the Earth at the End Times and separate the sheep from the goats, the former going to Heaven and latter to Hell. These are creations from the mind of man, not God. There is no Heaven or Hell except that which exists in the minds of little people.

The Kumaras are, again, present on the planet, in human form. They have lived among the people as one of them, quietly undergoing their individual soul journeys mostly within, clearing their genetic and karmic legacies and coming into a balance. In truth, they have been present for ages, living as saints and sinners, undergoing all the tests of man. In their current embodiment most have been living as ordinary people. What has been the purpose of such a life, often well out of the limelight, quietly serving friends, family and co-workers? The purpose has been to prepare each of these volunteers for the next step of the Mission, that of embodying the fullness of Divine Love.

It is said that you can’t teach a subject unless you learn it for yourself. So it is, that Galactic volunteers have been compelled to live human lives, with the same troubles and tribulations that any other person faces, at least occasionally, within a lifetime, actually many lifetimes. So of these beings, during this present lifetime, have spent over 30 years of their lives perfecting themselves, learning their own psychology and how the human egoic mind functions.

And in the last five or so years, the focus has been more on releasing what no longer serves the spiritual growth and expansion of consciousness of each of these individuals. We are undergoing the process of transformation that every human will eventually undergo, once they have committed to the task. We follow in the footsteps of our Brother and all those who have sought to bring enlightenment and freedom to this forsaken planet.

Now, in the latter days of 2015, these Galactic volunteers, who have all attained levels of mastery in other dimensions and frequencies, now seek to embody their true natures. They are here to bring a new creative expression to the planet, a whole new way of responding to life, a new perspective and deepening of expression while living in a physical body.

The Kumara energy is a form of Christ Consciousness, the embodiment of the Sun. These are individuals who, in previous life times of service, have attained a Divine Union of the sacred masculine and feminine within. Now has come the time for the Return of Christ to Earth, although in a manner unanticipated by many… as the Christ Consciousness that the Master Jesus contained within His body will be contained also within the bodies of many in human form, among them, the Kumaras.

The Kumara seeks Balance and Wholeness in all things. Like the Sun, s/he shines forth their light and unconditional Love upon ALL life. There is NO judgment or separation of sheep and goats. The Kumara does not run after people seeking to teach them or cram wisdom down their throats, she simply shines, as a point of light, one along many scattered across the face of the planet. The Kumaras hold the Light and work together in the higher planes, strengthening the Divine union within each other and for all Life on the planet.

There is a strong connection between the Kumaras and the planet Venus. Indeed, Sanat Kumara and his Twin Flame, Lady Venus, are co-regents of the planet. This beautiful planet Venus is truly multi-dimensional, existing on many planes of being. It is not just the cloud-covered brownish gold planet that is sister to our own Earth.

Venus is known as the Planet of Divine Love. This Love is embodied by her people, who work as a collective, and who have dedicated their lives to assisting the people of Earth in bringing a return to balance, between the polarities of Dark and Light, male and female, good and evil, etc.

It is on Venus that the initiates prepare for their missions on Earth and rest between human embodiments. It was from Venus that the first Kumaras came, arriving upon Earth many thousands of years ago.

Upon the higher levels of Venus, there are many great Temples, serving different purposes for the Initiates who come to Her for training, in preparation for coming to Earth on their individual and collective missions.

The frequency of Venus embodies unconditional love and sensuality, the enjoyment of the senses through physical existence.

The ancient teachings of the Christian Church sought to diminish and control the ability of people to enjoy life on Earth, citing Original Sin as doctrine. However, the teachings that emanate from the energies of Venus are totally the opposite in feeling: We are here in physical embodiment to ENJOY and embrace life… to savor the delights of living in a sacred temple of Light, the bodies which have been given to us via our mothers and fathers and our Mother, the Earth. Yes, our bodies and the planet are sacred according to the Venusians, to be revered, enjoyed and cared for.

For the Kumaras who chose to embody for countless lifetimes here, it has taken many lifetimes to overcome the anesthesia or Veils of Forgetfulness which descended over our consciousness at each birthing, until we were able to reconnect with our intuitive gifts and seek a new way of understanding our purpose in being here. Now, we are in the process of remembering that the essence of “Home” exists within our own bodies, within the Sacred Temple of the Divine lodged in the High Heart Center of the etheric body. This is the dwelling place of the Christ. Each of us, as human beings, contains a tiny spark of Divine Life within, the Three-fold Flame.

The Three-fold Flame or Triple-Fold Flame, is the center of Christ Consciousness and is what keeps your body animated. Without this flame, your body is reduced back to a state of clay, as it has come from the body of the Mother Earth. Connecting and focusing upon this flame will allow you to feel the vibration of “Home”. The old saying, “Home is where the Heart is…” rings true. Home is not elsewhere or outside; it is within.

This sacred Flame abides within the Secret Chamber of the Heart, located within the Etheric Body.  You can visualize this chamber as a small temple and decorate it according to your own tastes. Only feel the essence of Life everlasting that emanates from the sacred space within. This is the center of your consciousness and your direct connection to Source, which has never left you.  When you focus upon this Center, you will begin to feel the warmth of the flame glowing upon its altar.  It is real. It is alive.  It is intelligent.  It responds to your thoughts. It is the Source of your wisdom, power and love.

The melding of the vibrations of Venus and that of the energies of the embodied Kumara brings forth the bridging of the human self with the Divine Self. We are meant to bring Heaven to Earth. Heaven is a frequency not a place, at least as it experienced on Earth.