Love is our new reality

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One Who Serves and Ashira via James McConnell and Susan Sammarco, April 17th

“One Who Serves”
Good morning! “One Who Serves” here with you and “Ashira” also standing by for questions. But before we move to that we would share something here.

It is interesting to hear the conversation here earlier as you know, we eavesdrop very often here. In some cases we know what you are talking about and in some cases we have been putting those things to you to speak about. In particular you were speaking about the frequency raising and the consciousness changing that is going on because of all of these things.

And this is certainly so. There is so much happening at so many levels that it is beyond your imagining at this point. You can’t look at this at the 3D level. You have to look at it through the big picture. But we understand that at the level you are finding yourselves that you have to look through the little picture to see the part you are playing. But there are so many factors here.

One of these particular factors is about the technology of the “Plug”. The device you are using here is certainly from ancient times. This particular technology is much greater than you can even see at this point. You are just beginning to see the things you can do with it. But you have not even touched the surface of this yet. There is so much more yet to come.

It was interesting what the “James” said. You were talking about the pests that seem to be pushed away by this plug and “James” said, maybe it will push away the Cabal. And you all laughed. It was funny yes, but it is more than you can imagine. It is actually pushing the Cabal away in some respects.

It is all about the raising of the frequency and just as the pests, as the frequency raises, they also cannot be in the frequency. As these frequencies continue to rise, moving them from building to building and person to person then you will experience this more and more and everything is being pushed away, repelled by these frequencies, that are not meant to be in these frequencies. These lower vibrational entities and all of this cannot handle the higher dimensional frequency.

So you are doing amazing things in terms of spreading the energy, spreading the light, spreading the love. All of this. As you change the frequency with you, you change the frequency all around you. This continues to happen and will continue to happen.

We understand what Geoffrey has said about 10 million have been affected by this. We would say that it is beyond that at this point. It is a geometric progression that is going on. It will continue to raise and raise and will sweep across the entire planet. So you are doing so much with this one little device. We want you to know this and understand this.

We want you to continue to work with this and its different frequencies and what is happening because of this. It is changing because of what you have been doing with this. But you have only scratched the surface here. There is so much going on, so much more. And yet the technologies that are coming are so far beyond what this little plug can do. So much coming. So much going to happen.

There are announcements coming. There is going to be a rather major announcement that is coming. “James” does not know this yet so we are saying this now for either the Wednesday call with Hollow Earth or the first Sunday in May call with that group. If you can be on the call or in person in the room, it is important to be a part of that. It is one thing to be present at this time and another to be reading it at a later time. There are still frequency changes that occur from this and DNA downloads and all of these things but it is more so when you are in the proximity where this is taking place. OK?

Do you have questions for “One Who Serves” or “Ashira”?

Question: I was in a lot of light for a couple of days and then I crashed and burned. Is this normal?

I would love to take this.

This is a typical pattern for so many who are on the face of the planet at this time. Riding high with a frequency at a very good rate and then something knocks you off or you wake up the next morning full of tears that leads to all kinds of sad things.

Don’t worry about it! Just pick yourself up, brush yourself off and be nice. The next morning you will probably have a whole new look at things again. Things are changing so rapidly and those energies are hitting you from all directions. This is part of what life is right now.

Some people are experiencing this more than others. This is a normal experience and you have done nothing wrong. Allow it to be. Allow it to flow in and flow out. And be ready for a new day the next day! OK?

“One Who Serves”
Yes. And there is always the idea of the energy and the rest. There are times you are in an energetic mode and everything seems to be going great and then the next moment there is the rest, there is a down point. There is a depression and all of this.

It is important to know that you can bring yourself out of this in a moment’s notice. If you can drop down in a moment you can also float back up in a moment. There was a mentor who worked with this “James”; he has passed on some time ago. He had a saying, “You become glad in the same shorts you got sad in”. (laughter)

Know that. It can change very quickly. It is consciousness that changes it. So, if you are feeling a little bit down, look around you and see the beauty. Be grateful for all that you do have. I promise you. It will all come around very quickly. OK?

Question: I would like to have some insight into the mothership called the “Dove” which I have been on in my dreams?

“One Who Serves”
You won’t necessarily find information on ships and various vehicles out there at this point because they are not common knowledge yet. You will hear some give names and some expression of knowing of this but for the most part nobody knows what the ships are called on this planet. That is going to change very shortly of course.

You have heard of the “New Jerusalem” and several other ships but what is in a name? Do not be concerned about what it is called or not called. Only for the one it is to have meaning for is where it counts.

Follow your heart. Follow your intuition about this. You will know what you need to know and when you need to know it. We agree that you will not be able to look it up and find it in encyclopedias as you might have done years ago with other things.

Take time in your meditation, in a conscious way, to be grateful to others you serve with and see how that opens doors.

“One Who Serves”
Yes, and as we find it, you can ask Google a lot of things but you cannot ask Google this! (laughter)

Question: Supposedly we are supposed to get about 8 hours of sleep. Right now I am getting about 4. I am feeling good but just wondering about the change.

“One Who Serves”
First of all, there is no supposedly. It is simply what it is. Do not think that you need 4 hours or 8 hours or 20 hours. It is just what it is. Your bodies are changing. Your mind, your consciousness is all changing. It will require more or less sleep depending on many factors at the time. So, as frequencies continue to rise, you will probably see that you need less and less sleep. You will continue to experience Ascension symptoms. At some point you will be where you require no sleep. This is in the future and something you are moving towards.

Question: Can we do without eating?

That is also coming. Many are already noticing changing in appetite. In foods that they used to eat and no longer want. Others are not eating as much or find that they are needing as much. That is also part of this and eventually you will come to a time where you will need no food at all except possibly in a social situation or something of this nature but that has yet to be determined because as a race this has not happened before.

Whether or not you eat is not important. There are times you may eat a lot and then times where you might not eat much. But there are lots of celebrations planned for all of those upon the planet. Time to share good food and good times and love!

Don’t be in a hurry to give up food entirely. We have wonderful things planned!

Question: Will we have to breathe like we do now?

“One Who Serves”
The idea of breathing is something you have to do in the 3D world. If you don’t breathe, see what happens. (laughter) As your body moves up in vibrations and your body gets lighter and lighter, all of these things that you are still embracing the idea of breathing. If you are in a physical body of some kind, even if it is a higher vibrational body, there will be breathing, certainly. But it will not be pressurized breathing or something you have to be focused on. It will be so natural.

We understand you breathe now but it will be a different type of breathing. And it will have a different effect on you. You will be in a state where there will be greatly more oxygen. This is coming with new machines that are actually oxygen machines or devices that will release oxygen.

This has been held back from you by the Cabal and all of these groups. They knew that if they were released they would kill all illnesses and diseases. All of this is coming. This is a very good question but it is a little premature at this point.

We would add that at 5D and higher, breathing is accomplished by air you take in throughout your entire body. Air you take in through your skin. This is a whole Being experience.

And then there are the myriad of other kingdoms on the planet, such as the “Mer-People” who breathe in a totally different fashion. If you want you can live like a “Mer-Person” in their wonderful world.

There are many different ways to think about breathing but as “One Who Serves” said. You do not need to be concerned about whether or not or how you are going to function in this future. Breathing, along with everything else, is much easier.

Anymore questions? Hearing none we release channel.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.

I am “Ashira”. I am so glad to have this time with you this afternoon.

We had a kind of quiet group on Wednesday and then it opened in the end for many questions so we were wondering if the same would happen today.

All of you, each of you is experiencing your life in your own way. You do not experience one another as family in the way that they are experiencing things. You are one of 9 billion people on this planet. You are having 9 billion different experiences.

Those of you who come into this room, into this circle, on Sundays and Wednesdays, through the phones and through personal experiences are to be commended. You all place your personal needs on the side and share with the group. You come together with open hearts. You share those things which are a little far out, perhaps. This has been established as a safe conduit for you to experience your world and to share those experiences here.

This is a safe place to be in a negative space occasionally and then switch into those positive notes again! This is a wonderful place to be. All of us who serve you are happy with exactly who you are at this point in time.
My love and blessings. Namaste.

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco