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One Who Serves and Ashira via James McConnell and Susan Sammarco, April 24th

Question: What can you share about Prince’s passage? Has he ascended? I believe he had a contract he fulfilled and then was “taken out”.

You are very correct in your view and all that you have said. He is in Ascension. He was very advanced in many respects. He was somewhat subdued in this life to keep from moving ahead faster. He had a mission here and when the time came, he left. He is still on a mission though just as all of you are on your missions.

As far as being “taken out” which is not a term we would use, let us just say that he has moved on. Whatever reason it was beyond it was in his contract we will leave it at that. We do not need to say if he committed suicide or was “taken out” here. It does not matter. You see?

Question: Can you elaborate on the Earth changes a lot of people are spreading information on? I feel strongly that it is not going to affect me here in California but I am curious.

We addressed many of these issues on Wednesday night with the Hollow Earth group. Mother earth is ascending and she needs to go through a variety of storms, volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis. The Galactics above have been holding these to be less impactful upon the planet.

So, this is very true what you when you do not expect to be on the planet when these things happen. Indeed, when looking at the planet in the Now, look at the assistance it is receiving from others who are also in your background cheering for you and helping you with the planet. Everything is in the right place.

While there is an occasional loss of life here and there, it is not in the grand numbers you have seen in these reports. OK?

There are still many scientists who are working within the old time lines, within the old concepts understanding that there will be those catastrophes and all of these things. They are reading certain vibrations that are lower vibrations. They are not operating at a higher state of vibration as you are.

So for those who look to experience more of the fear mongering, they will experience more of this than those of you who have moved beyond this. It is important as we near the crescendo as Sananda has said, raise your vibrations and remain in those vibrations. Do not succumb to the old 3D paradigm of fear and control. It is all about control still. OK?

Question: I have been dreaming about babies for some time. They are not mine but I get to hold them and mentor them. What does this mean?

Whenever you have dreams of people or things outside of yourself it is not necessarily outside of yourself. In this case, babies represent birth, coming into newness. It is a birth process that is happening here for you as it continues to evolve and change. You are coming to a place where this a change happening within you and you know of what we are speaking here.

You are going through a shift. Many of you are going through a shift in various ways. You will have dreams like this or other dreams that will indicate a shift. You may dream of moving from one house to another house like moving from one consciousness to another consciousness. You are all evolving and moving through this process. Does this answer your question?

Question: How can we determine if we are ready for the Third Wave?

I will take this. “Sugat’s” discussion with you today was to let you know that you are all exactly where you need to be on the path. All of you in this room, on the phone, reading these words were swept up in the First Wave. That first one got you moving along and the Second Wave moved you further.

The Third Wave is for those who are still sleeping and get them moving along. Just pat yourself on your back and know that you are exactly where you need to be. Everything is exactly as it should be. OK?

Your military says, no one is left behind. We are also finding in James’ consciousness movies and television shows called, “Left Behind”.  They are trying to get the message out to people that they could get left behind. This is more fear. What larger fear could one have than feeling like they are being left alone.  That they are left behind while others get to move forward. You see?

This is a major fear in the psyche of mankind here. They, the Cabal, are trying to keep people asleep here. Not awakened. This is the old paradigm. Let go of this. No one is going to be left behind that does not want to be. OK?

Question: I have been having very friendly dreams about my ex-husband which does not show up in this world. I’d like an explanation please?

Yes, you can look at this from two different ways here. You can look at this that everything is evolving. You are moving up in consciousness and you would get along.  It would be like that, you see.

The other way of looking at this is that you are being represented by different people in your dream. You are seeing other parts of yourself. What does this one represent to you? As a part of yourself?

It is the need to let go of the old animosity and anger and embrace the new, like the one earlier who had the baby. Embrace the newborn within you. This is what we would say to you. “Ashira”?

Find what you have in common with this person you have let go of. Build on that for your own sense of wholeness, for your own sense of gratitude. It is not necessary to make this happen in your “real” world. Utilize tis energy in your dream state and you will find a higher rate of wholeness in your life. OK?

Question: I am trying to figure out how to not live a life in fear all the time. When someone’s time is done, their contract is complete, they will leave because if that?

We would like all of you to look at this as part of an orchestration. An orchestration, larger than you, that is bringing all of these various facets together. All of these things that are behind the scenes and things we are aware of that are coming. With “Prince’s” leaving it is part of the orchestration because it brings notice here. This comes from this one to those who are experiencing this.

It is important that you do not get bogged down or geld back by this. Because if you do there is a sense of control that is working. The fear is still there. Maybe not about yourself but other’s contracts running out and this kind of thing. There are still many whose contracts are part of this orchestration.

If you look at this from the greater view, you will see that it is part of the plan and nothing to be concerned about.

We remember when “Robin Williams” went through this some time ago. It brought such an immense feeling of love on this planet for him. This has been replicated by experiences around “Prince” that have been taking place this week.

These people have made differences in the world. They have made differences in their world and the world for all. As “OWS” said, look at this from the big picture. You are thinking of an ending of his life and his career. He simply moved on to another dimension.  He is doing even greater work for the next step he is into.

Your contracts that you made before you stepped into this life, it does not matter how you choose to leave. It does not matter because you are not leaving. You are moving on. This will give you more of a feeling of comfort and freedom from the fear. OK?

 Question: I had a message from Metatron about my going to South America. Is this symbolic or real?

As we find it, it is a journey of levels here. One is more of the spiritual consciousness journey. That you are moving along the experience of those vibrations at the higher level. But it is also a potential of the physical level as well. As you move up in consciousness, those things that would need to be brought about will be.

Part of orchestration here. You let go and let things roll out as they need to, then you may find yourself there in physical body. This is in not too far off time here. Anything to add, “Ashira”?

No. Big smile!

Question: The word “sepulcher” is not turning up in searches I am doing. What can you tell me about it?

First tell me about what you believe it to be. We like to check with our students to see what they believe about something.

This is an important word for you as you move forward and embrace it. Embracing it as you did a moment ago. This will help you to move into your exact being represented by the power of this word!

Sepulcher. This is a word of power. It is holding of your strength. It is holding of your strength for others to see. Holding your strength calmly. Holding your strength in quiet. And being the lighthouse for those looking for light in the dark.

This is a word that helps you develop into that being that you are going to be receiving more and more messages about. Know what it is that you are to become. OK?

Question: I am driving in my car and in a certain area I go to Crete, most recently. I have been to many places as I drive through this area. What can you tell me?

You are certainly moving through a gateway that is there. Not everyone who moves through this gateway will have the same experience. Those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. You are moving through a deep understanding within you that you have done this many times. You are doing what is called bi-location and is much more advanced you might say…for you to be in to places at once.

Those of us who have mastered the physical body can do this. You are moving to do it as well. It is not only for the one who has asked the question. We like to move it to all here. You are all going to have these types of experiences as well as you are prepared for that.

This is why the mentors will come. To help you learn how to use these types of things. They will help with tools like crystals to assist you in having these vibrational experiences we will call it. OK?

Question: I walked to the store recently and on the way back decided to go to Subway for a rest. When I walked to the light I thought, I wish I was closer to home. Suddenly I realized that I had been moved to the last light before I went home. What happened?

Dear One, believing is seeing. When you made your statement to move you ahead, you believed that! At a deep level you believed that time and distance could be cut. When you came out of
Subway and you said what you said, you were ready to be home! And it happened.

Be happy for this! This shows you how powerful you are. You do not need to meet the rules of this world. Make your own pathway.

All of you remember the movie, “Wizard of OZ”? The “Dorothy” is told to click her heels three times and she is home. This is indicative of what we are speaking of. There is no time or space. There is only the Now. When you are in the right vibration and you choose to move from one space to another, there will be no time lapse in that point. You may not be aware that you have moved until you have moved there. Next time wish to be all the way home.

Question: The “Plug” operates on consciousness. I am concerned about eradicating insects in my home as I love all life and do not mind a few here and there.

Geoffrey The distributer/founder of “The Plug” is not here today but I will take a stab at this. The reason we had that conversation on Wednesday is because we had a discussion around pests here. Pests seem to be whatever is in a person’s consciousness. That might be roof rats for some people. It may be pigeons for some. It may be bugs or lizards. It can be anything but it is up to the person who owns the home or lives in the home to put the “Plug” in.

If you can find a happy way to be living with your insects, them it will manifest for you. Give it the time it needs. We cannot imagine that you are going to have a furry of ants living in bed with you. However, you may find an occasional one to have a conversation with .

This is very important.

The person who called Wednesday spoke about living in a small footprint condo with many barking dogs. While we are told that the effect is for five feet out from a particular building but they did seem to have been affected more broadly. It could have been that everyone’s nerves were calmed and there was less barking going on.

There are lot of different benefits for the “Plug”. If having a small amount of insects in your home pleases you, then bless you!

All you need to do now is create an intention. An intention exactly what you wish for. Clarity will create the desired effect here. OK?

For next Sunday with Hollow Earth call there is a specific message that is going to come. James does not know this and does not like it when we do this,  but here it is. We are telling you ahead of time to help you raise the expectation and vibration here. The changes are coming…they are here now.

Lady Nada told this group that something would be coming in about two weeks. This will be shared on Sunday. Right now the probabilities look really good. OK?

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.

I am “Ashira” and it always pleases me to speak with this group. We are very, very pleased with the growth that is taking place here. You are sharing and it moves across the country and with Hollow Earth, across the world.

All of you are to be commended. All of you need to pat yourself on the back for you are doing a great job! You are on your Ascension path. There is no concern about that.

We are very excited about next week and the exciting news that is to come forth. We are going to keep this short today.

We give you our blessings and our love. Namaste.

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco
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