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Sugat Gu Ra Rue via James McConnell, April 24th

Sugat Gu Ra Rue (Ascended Master living in Tibet)

Om Sat At Om  (chanting)  This is Sugat Gu Ra Rue. I bring you a root vibration that might help you, you might say, in your Ascension process. And yes, my dear brothers and sisters, it is a process. It is a process you are all going through. No one is this room or anyone listening and resonating to this message, are  being left out. You are all going!

Please do not misunderstand that. It not something that you are going to fight for. It is not something that you have to work at, directly. Not like the old times when we did it. You do not have to go through some of these things because of the energy coming into the planet and have been for a very long time now. And these energies are culminating or coming to a crescendo.

These energies are coming in still and they do not make it easier. We wish to help you to understand. It is not that it is easier, it is that you are being acclimated as Sananda has said recently. You are being acclimated to these energies and are moving ahead with these energies. And these energies are bringing you to a higher state of consciousness or assisting you to come to a higher state of consciousness.

But that does not mean that you put aside all the tools you have to work with and stop doing everything. You cannot sit there on a chair or on the couch and hope to ascend. That is not going to happen in that respect. You do have to work on it somewhat. But not in the way you think of in terms of the 3D world.

You do not have to get into an out of body state and leave your body. You do not need to go into meditative states for months at a time for this is not your nature. But you do have to work at letting go of your various attachments. You have to work at doing that. You all have somewhat these attachments, all of you do. No one is bereft of this at this time because you would not need to be a part of this group going through this. You would be out doing what we are doing.

So, each one is moving in direction of your Ascension in your own way, your own individual way. When the frequency is reached, the mentors will come to you. They are already working with you, not directly so that you would be aware of them. It is not a physical nature yet. But that is coming as you are raising to meet them. They are not coming down to meet you. You are raising to meet them.

You are raising up to reach us as well. We are not going to come down. You are coming to us. That is the way it needs to be because you are the ones who are ascending. We have already done this. We are, in a sense, ascending beyond where we are now. It is all a process of energy and rests. You may have heard of this before.

At times you are in a process of resting where seemingly nothing is happening. Some of you have been saying this. “Nothing is happening”. “How can they say we are ascending”? “Nothing is going”. “Nothing is happening”.

But then there is a point where you come into the energy and the energy takes over. The energy comes in as DNA downloads and all of these things that you hear of. All of these things are happening almost simultaneously. And all of you are experiencing this in individual ways.

So, you are all in the process of this work and you are all moving to a certain destination here. A destination of Ascension. You are not going into the clouds or anything of this nature. You are going to stay here on the Earth but you are evolving with the Earth.

You are evolving here. It is an evolutionary process. You are going to make an evolutionary leap as mankind. When you make this leap there will be no doubt that you have made this leap. No question! “Have I ascended yet”? There will be no question that you have. OK?

That is my message for here, at this time. I turn over to “One Who Serves” for questions for them and “Ashira”. I can stand by as well.