Love is our new reality

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Ascension Update via Anarchistbanjo, May 1st

I’ve waited to be certain of what is happening before posting this update. Gaia’s ascension is moving along splendidly and much will happen by the June solstice. Since the March equinox the lower level energies have been locked permanently at the new ascension frequencies which they will keep. This is the most important part of this message and the one that I needed to make certain of. The lower level energies have locked into their newly ascended frequencies and all life forms on Gaia must now adapt and adjust to these new foundational frequencies by either raising or lowering in frequency and become an harmonic of these foundational frequencies.

Many ascended lightworkers for example are operating from the higher levels but are still trying in vain to raise Gaia’s foundational energies higher. They are now feeling the stress of working against an immovable foundational frequency that will not budge. Other ascended light workers who have integrated their shadow aspects are feeling the release of stress as the new base frequencies now support them in all ways. What I am saying is that many have ascended and simple ascension doesn’t necessarily mean lack of stress or conflict. Many devout Christians for example with a high degree of ascended love and spiritual centeredness are functioning at high vibratory levels, but are not locked in harmony with the new foundational frequencies and are fighting a losing battle against inner fears which no one can help them with. These inner fears will continue to erupt in clashes with the new physical reality as seen in American politics right now.

For two lunar cycles now I have witnessed the lower level energies holding intact at the new frequencies and throwing the higher levels into disarray and confusion. The lower levels will not budge because they have already ascended and it is the higher levels that must adapt to find peace and harmony. This should be self-evident because many of Gaia’s fragile life forms can only exist within a narrow frequency range. That narrow frequency range is the range of vital life force energy and is shared by all living things. It has now been solidly established at its new frequency as I mentioned.

What this means is that the remainder of Gaia’s ascension process is to take place within human thinking, not any place else. Wrong thinking by ascended souls as well as wrong thinking by those that have refused to ascend. The way forward is through a new perspective, not through altered physical circumstances. Please understand this! From this point onward altered circumstances will be the result of either an altered perspective and change in thinking, or the reverse; forced changes in life’s circumstances will force new thinking and an altered perspective. Clinging to the old perspective will bring ruin!

The foundation is now set and the physical manifestation has begun! The new spiritual hierarchy is emerging! Wrong thinking will become obvious as it is vigorously opposed by the new reality. The new pattern that fuels Gaia’s Unity Grid is one of balanced male and female energies that now draw Divine Counterparts towards each other. The esoteric symbol of this new great cycle is the male and female standing side by side and holding hands as they walk out into the new world as equals and as soulmates. Nothing else is energetically supported. This is happening with all species and life forms.

Love is the only reality that now matters.

Channelled by : Anarchistbanjo