Love is our new reality

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Piercing the Veil via Anarchistbanjo, October 14th, 2015


Of course the question on everyone’s mind is when will things begin to manifest physically? The truth is that they are manifesting and have been for quite some time! It’s just that things have happened so seamlessly that they have not really been noticed.

But by and large all of the major work has been done in the astral/non-physical planes. That has just changed! With the solidification of Gaia’s master timeline the activity has just jumped to what we consider the true physical level! This is why the next few months will be quite an adjustment.

So many people have thought that we were going to leave this physical world! Well, some of us are and some of us are going to take it back! This is the final battle! It will be magic against technology. Organic reality against artificial reality. This will be the battle of all battles and it has already been won on all the non-physical planes! Now we take back our world!

Some of us have no intention of having our mortal bodies die; but rather have them transmute to pure energy. This is not the task of beginners so they have been called off the battlefield. The only warriors left are the greatest and most powerful; the ones that have been on Gaia since the beginning. These warriors were on Gaia before the age of dinosaurs. I have called these souls the new elves as they fight for Gaia and serve her in all ways. They are her guardians and keepers.

Think about it! We freely admit that Gaia has moved into 5D space way back in 2012 but humanity has not until just now. Look around you! What you see and experience is the illusion of 3D, but it is a new 3D created out of a new 5D. Collectively we have shifted timelines and done lots of things using our new multi-dimensional abilities. But we are still waiting for some big shift! Why?

Love is now coming into our physical world in ways that it never has before. Gaia’s energy grid is pulsing with organic vital life force energy, sexual orgasm energy, physical energy! All living things are contributing either consciously or unconsciously. This is the Kali Yuga, the age of the deepest possible life force energy and it will be lasting for the next two thousand years. Magic now overflows in our world if we can only tap into it and make our dreams come real.

This age is about the Goddess, the Goddess in human form and Goddess power. It is also about the balance of male and female and the creation and empowerment of the soul at all levels of existence. This is also the age of tantra and the hidden secrets of God and Goddess are about to be revealed to all of humanity. This includes the secrets of the soul.

Humanity is about to see true magic in action for the first time on an immense scale at the physical level. Things will happen that defy logic and reason; things that will shatter the misguided beliefs of narrow and judgmental minds. The kid gloves are off and the battle of the Titans begins in earnest!