Love is our new reality

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One Who Serves and Ashira via James McConnell and Susan Sammarco, December 6th

One Who Serves

Om mani padme hum om om. Greetings to you!

All of you out there in what has been called phone land we so enjoy these times that we can share and be a part of this. And know that as Sananda has said, as Adama has said, as Ashira has said, as Ashtar has said, all of them are saying the same thing: now is the time! Now is the time to wake up. Now is the time to move on and experience all that you came here for.

You did not come here to experience the programming. You have had that many lifetime after lifetime after lifetime. You came here to break the programming. There is a major difference here. And we would say to you now: break the programming! It is time now. You are hearing this and it is time. Break the programming. Do not fall into it anymore.

We know the discussion, which was orchestrated by the way in this day here in this room, and it was orchestrated that the discussion would be about the medical profession. It would be about the doctors and the programming that they have been put under, and that programming that the cabal has put you, the people, under but it is time now to break that programming.

Now we are not saying if you are reliant on certain prescription drugs and these things for you to stop it cold turkey. We are not saying that. But it is time to move away from it. It is time to begin to think that you no longer need it, that it is not something that you must have because they have told you you have to have it. They have told you see your doctor; they know it all. Well they know nothing you see? In this grand scheme of things they know nothing … no thing. But they in their way, many of them at least tried to help; tried to do what they can but they are handcuffed. They can only do so much. But you yourselves can take over now; take over your own body’s first. Control all of that that you can control and then begin to assist others in taking control themselves.

This is the wake-up process people. This is what you are here for to wake yourselves up and then wake everybody else up. So we are imploring you to more and more use the phrase Believing Is Seeing. We know we say this over and over and we will continue to say it over and over until it gets into everyone’s noggin: Believing Is Seeing!

No more seeing is believing. That is the old way. That is the programming. Let go of that; move beyond it. Believing Is Seeing!

And we also wish for you to use another terminology: Enough Is Enough. [Group: Right!] We’ve had enough of this!

We have had enough of this where we are, haven’t you had enough of it yet? [Group: Oh yeah!] So use this terminology. Put it into everything that you send out in your media. When you send it out into the alternative media use this terminology more and more and it will spread this idea, this consciousness will spread. It cannot be stopped. As Sananda has said it cannot be stopped. You are the avalanche. You are the tsunami.

When we speak of the Tsunami of Love you are this Tsunami of Love as well as the energies coming into the planet. You see?

We will get off of our soapbox now and move on. And by the way Anne, we wish to say come up with a different picture for us would you please. That looks nothing like us. Nothing whatsoever [Anne laughing]

Anne:  Well send me a picture then.

OWS:  We will do what we can on this okay? We will send it to your mind and then you will be able to find that which we need here. We are not going to send you a picture directly we are not quite there yet where we can exchange that way, but we are coming close. We are coming very close.

Anne:  Well I’ll be in a receiving mode and looking forward to it.

OWS:  Very good. Just because we are Tibetan doesn’t necessarily mean we look that way. [All laughing] In fact we can look like anything we want to look like.

Okay here we go with questions now. For Ashira who is standing by would there be questions? We know there is first question here in the group here in this room. Someone had question here. Would they wish to ask first?

Question:  Yes, I have a question regarding the treasures, all the abundance that we have here on the planet to be ready for distribution. We were talking about this in the group prior to this call and we have heard that the [???] man was also part of the distribution of abundance in terms of whatever the financial help is being used. Also Neil Keenan might probably be the one in charge of the institution. My question is is the Dragon family, the [???] man, are all these groups, are they orchestrated? Are they working together or are they responsible for different phases of distribution?

OWS:  What a wonderful question and we will answer that in this way: all is coming together, all is being orchestrated as we have said. It is all part of this. But those particular ones that you have mentioned are not all working together necessarily but they are doing it because it is necessary it is part of the orchestration. They may not know each other is working on a certain part. It’s not like one is working on this part, and another one is working on this, and another is on this but they are all working on their particular parts and all is going to come together. So they are all a part of this great stash of much money and not in the trillions … beyond the trillions here of we are speaking. And all of these things are going to come together. We attempted to give this through the James earlier in your discussion but we will give it now, it is all coming together.

It is all a part of the entire process to bring about balance; balance to the world, balance in this financial system. For what better way for the cabal to be in control and do all of this programming than through the use of money?

And not that that money is bad it is just simply an exchange of energy and if you begin to look at it as this, as an exchange of energy we would say, then as the Lara said to another a long time ago, it is simply energy so have as much of it as you want. You see there is nothing holding you back from having whatever it is that you need. But it is the idea that many have gone beyond what they need and have gone into an extensive overuse of this idea of money to bring about power.

And this idea of power is no longer going to be. It is no longer going to be the love of power but as Ashira has said it is going to be the power of love and that is the difference here. All is moving in that direction all is going to come together at a certain point and that point is very close now. There are announcements that are going to be coming forth; are going to begin to share more of these things. And you are going to begin more and more to see all that has been talked about here, because the idea of believing is seeing is becoming a reality. And more are using this without even knowing this terminology they’re just simply doing it.

It is not something new this believing is seeing idea is not something new. You have had it with in your sages for a very long time but it is now coming to the masses you see. It is not simply one writing a book and a few people reading the book, like a few being a certain percentage, it is now coming to the masses because of your use of the internet, because of your use of all of the alternative media that is there for you, the YouTube and all of these crazy things that you have. But these crazy wonderful things that you have are helping create the changes you see. Does this answer your question … without coming directly and saying one is better than the other or anything of this nature we will not do that. Anything to add here Ashira?

Ashira:  This is a global event. This is a global event for all people. And while each person has their own part and are handling their own part, person, incarnate, all of the people that are involved with this activity. It’s for the good of humanity, that is what you need to believe. And as it unfolds you will see this across the planet. Bless you.

OWS:  Wonderful would there be any further questions here in the room before we move on to Anne?

Question:  I refer to the book that was mentioned several times in this group called Prepare For The Landings which I went back to read over and over. I have a question regarding and considering the evacuation process that’s mentioned. Could you please explain and elaborate on the evacuation.

OWS:  Yes. The evacuation is part of in some ways part of an old timeline but it is also part of the expression of what is coming. We are not going to say that you are going to have a mass evacuation and all of you go up into the ships and things but this is possible, it could happen, but it will not be until after these many changes have already occurred. It is not the time for that now and if it is needed and if it is necessary and the ships show up and they’re ready to take you all aboard you will all be okay with this because it will be happenstance; it will be all a part of the process and you will already know that, you see. But at one time as the one you are speaking of here, when he wrote this book, that was meant for another time period or another timeline in some ways.

Questioner: Oh okay. I didn’t know if there was maybe also talk about the ascension to moving upwards

OWS:  Yes and that was also at one time in your more of your 2012 when that was going to be a very big possibility there. Would you add here to this Ashira?

Ashira:  No. You are so kind. Everything is in order.

OWS: Any other question here before we turn this over to Anne? Very good, then here is Anne.

Anne:  Well we’re going to have a short call, One Who Serves, there’s only two hands up. Usually we’re just inundated but as we all know our rabbits just seem to start [multiplying] as the call goes along so we’ll start with the two that have been patiently waiting.

Question:  One Who Serves, as you have said those of us who are now in the fourth and fifth dimension does our makeup now have plasma energy in this energy field and if so how much? Thank you blessings and love to everyone.

OWS:  My goodness you have energies that you have no idea of yet. Your energies are changing every day because the energies that are coming into the planet are affecting you, are changing you, are changing your DNA. You may not be quite aware of it yet but you are in some ways, because you are in situations — do you not find yourself in situations here and there, where in the past you would have been going into hysterics and not sure how to handle what was going on and reacting, but now you find yourself being calm and neutral and everything falls into place. Do you know what we speak of here?

That is what is happening. That is the process here. Whether it is photonic energy or plasma energy or energy from another universe or whatever it might be, that matters not, it is just that the energies that are coming in are affecting you and changing you. And as these energies change you, you begin to raise in consciousness, raise in vibration and then you begin to change the energies more within you and take more energy on and more energy on and this is the way it works. You see you are holding more and more light — plasma light. Yes you are holding it in you. You are the anchors, you are the ones that came here to anchor this light.

And it has been said that you are moving up in vibration to begin to have higher dimensional devices and things that are different energy, a whole different energy. The devices that you have now all of the electronics your microwaves all of these things are going to either change or go away completely, you see, they are not for the higher energies that you are moving into. But that does not necessarily mean that you have to turn away from your wi-fi and your microwaves and all of these things. Is it good for you? Not so much. But is it harmful to you that have raised your vibrations not so much either. You see it is all within you. And as your consciousness raises none of these things can have any effect on you. It is as you have all heard the stories of the yogis in the Himalayas — kind of where we are from in some ways, yes – and they have situation where they can be bit by a scorpion or a snake of some kind and have not have the poison effect them whatsoever because it has no effect, it cannot affect them when they are at the higher vibrations you see? Anything you add here Ashira?

Ashira:  I think not. Thank you.

OWS:  Very good. Does this answer your question?

Questioner: Yes thank you so much. That was wonderful.

Anne:  That was a great question. And as predicted the little bunnies are [multiplying]. It just took a little warming up and now the hands are up.

Question:  I just want to bring this to … I really appreciate the information it’s kind of, might correlate with what I’m trying to say now and I would like the One Who Serves or the one who doesn’t serve whoever wants to say whatever (OWS: Ashira) onto what I’m going to say with a confirmation or not. I just got notice from someone that I know that in Iraq they’re saying that the rate is now 100 USD to 122 IQD that would mean that would be 1 to 1.22 so in other words the rate seems to have increased dramatically. Can you concur on that or a lot of times I’d like to know if this a rumor or if this is fact. That’s all I’d like to know what you get on that please.

OWS:  Ashira would you like to go with this first?

Ashira:  Well let us see what we will say. All of this is coming about across the world and we know because Susan here, she is one who checks these daily as well. We will say that this is occurring very soon. We are not going to give a yes or a no on this because all of this in every basket is opening for all beings.

So we would say continue to concentrate on that which raises your vibration and brings you into more love because that is what the importance is. And the importance of these monies is for balancing the systems, the new systems across the planet and so you may continue to be excited about this. We would encourage that, however, we also turn you back to your true job which is bringing balance and bringing love to the planet.

Bless you. One Who Serves …

OWS:  Yes it is all about consciousness raising, consciousness changing. And if you are going into this revaluation with the idea of becoming rich overnight and having everything you ever wanted, in some ways yes that will be true, but it is not the purpose. The purpose is to raise consciousness; the purpose is to do something with that money that you received. Do something good with it: take care of yourself, yes, do all of those things, get yourself out of debt or whatever it might be but then begin to turn it over so that the money is exchanged. It is energy. Give it to others. Exchange the energy and have others have what you have, and then others can have what they have, and so on.

And this is balance … this brings about balance. This is what Ashira is talking about. This is what we are all speaking about is bringing balance to a very unbalanced system that you have here. But we have said this many times you have done this before many times as well. You have gone from system to system to system, many of you — not all necessarily but many of you that resonate to these words have done this before and this is just another time.

And this money that you are speaking of is just simply an exchange, that is all it is. Even the wording, if you think about this, even the wording that they say to use when you go in to take your money in to be able to exchange it, you see? Even that, the wording itself it is an exchange only.

Think about it this way and believe it and you will see it. It is coming, it is a part of you. As to exactly how much, why don’t you wait and see and be surprised when it comes. Okay?

Questioner:  Okay I guess you’re not able to confirm it. Thank you for your inspiration then.

OWS:  we believe we just did confirm it. [All laughing] Just not the exact amount. (Group: Not to his satisfaction!) We are not going to give an amount because that is always going to be changing anyway.

Anne:  That’s a finite 3D kind of question. We just want to think about the energy and how as it moves from person to person, as we put it out into the collective everybody can use it and it just brings more and more good. Thank you.

Question:  My question is about the healing chambers and where they fit into the scheme of things. Will they be made available right after the landings and how will we be notified?

OWS:  Ashira would you like to go first again?

Ashira:  Yes I will start first on this. Healing chambers are a topic of great interest to those in this group as well. We have made trips to healing chambers on ships and in Hollow Earth over the past two years. We have taken our members of this group to these locations to experience them so that they might call them forth in dream state and in meditation to experience them.

They are going to be available to you when the ships land because many people will go into the ships for their healing chambers, some will be taken down into Hollow Earth for theirs. And you will become aware of these with those who are your mentors who will share with you, who will talk with you, who will prepare you thoroughly so that there will be no fear, no fear.

This is why it is important for the time to be, as everything starts to evolve, after everything starts to move forward and when you are meeting your brothers and your sisters from all of the Galactics and all of those from Hollow Earth; be seeing and meeting those who are your Ascended Masters and the Archangels; all of this will come into your being. These are not to be anything more than a vehicle for you to experience full vitality. Full health. Full whatever you choose to experience in times to come. This is a good thing. So please, we sense a state of concern about this but it is one of the beauty of the bounty of your future dear ones. One Who Serves?

OWS:  We think you have hit the proverbial nail on the head Ashira. Any other questions here

Anne:  Okay thank you. We’re going to be restored. We had a lot stripped away from us and we’re going to really become who we really are.

Question:  My question has to do with the hybrid children that are part ET and part human. I have been told in my writings that I have at least five to eight, and five of them are coming to the Earth and I was wondering if there is anything more that I need to do to try to prepare for this for myself?

Ashira:  One Who Serves would you like to start or would you like me to?

OWS:  You can start this one.

Ashira:  Dear One, you do not need to do anything to prepare for this. You do not need to have concerns or thoughts of worry for as those who come from the stars and land on the planet as we have said before this will be in a time when you will be ready. You will be ready for all things that come to you. And meeting these children will be a time of gratitude and love. I think that is all I can say about this at this time. One Who Serves…

OWS:  Yes. We wish to add something to what Anne said earlier in terms of you are becoming who you are to be and we would say you are already, have already become that. You have never not been that you are already here in this lifetime with all that you need in your life to bring you to the point that you are now; and all that you need in your life to bring you to your next step, and your next step, and your next step. And all of this is part of who you are. It is not part of who you are becoming so please understand that that is an old way of thinking here. I am going to become a doctor, I am going to become a lawyer, I am going to become a mathematician or whatever it might be. You already are all that you need to be. It is just simply allowing for the process to continue to develop within you. It is a different way of perceiving this. It is simply believing and you will see.

Anne:  Okay that was an interesting question. Thank you One Who Serves for the clarification.

Question: My question in some respects you perhaps have already answered it. I understand that we’re moving into the fourth dimension and the fifth dimension and that there is a possibility of moving into the 12 dimension after we revealing the 12 strands of DNA. How do I access within my being guidance/wisdom for moving into the higher dimensions while here on earth?

OWS:  Yes. That is what you are all here to do. That is what we did when we moved through our ascension process. We were all in the same boat, you might say, but many of us when we did the way we did it, you could not do it that way, you see. You are not programmed in your understanding and your consciousness to do it in that way but you are moving in your own direction. And you are going to experience all that you need to to bring you forward into the higher dimensions that you are speaking of here. You are already moving into those higher dimensions. You are already in them. This is what we are trying to get across here that you are already in some ways ascended, you just have not become aware of it yet, your mind has not grasped it yet. But that is because of all the old programming that you have gone through.

But once you have moved beyond this programming you will find that you are already there. Whenever you have a sense of bliss, whenever you have a sense of calm and peacefulness, whenever you have a feeling of tremendous love come through you, you have raised your vibration, you have moved into these higher dimensions. Now think about this in terms of staying there having this feeling of love come through you and not leave you. You see, not have to have something bring you back down. This is what we are speaking of. This is ascension. Once you are there, you know fully there, you will not go back again unless you wish to as we do occasionally … not a whole lot. We do not want to come down there too much but we do at certain times to whatever for whatever the purpose might be. But we limit those times … believe me we do! Does this answer your question? Anything to add here Ashira?  (Ashira: I don’t think so thank you.)

Anne:  We’re getting some good questions. Thank you.

Question:  I’m so looking forward to being able to give to others, as so many of us are, but I have this gift I want to give to myself: it’s to live by the sea because I love it so. But we have heard a lot from scientists and so I feel like there’s a part of me that which is a kind of fear thing that I cannot go and live in Washington on the coast because it’s going to go in some earthquake or some tsunami and it’s not going to be there anymore.  But Zorra has also said if you don’t believe that, if you go and you believe you’re going to be safe then it’s fine. So I’m just confused about the Earth changes and are we supposed to be more transitory and not find a little home-base? But yet we talk about doing what makes our heart feel good and so I’m just a little confused. So I just wondered, I guess I’d like clarification if the West Coast from I-5 west is going to drop into the sea.

OWS:  Ashira you first, or me first?

Ashira:  Yes, I will take this first. Thank you One Who Serves.

The scientists are speaking from their 3D world, from their 3D framework. We are telling you as Zorra said do what makes your heart leap; do what makes you happy. You’ll be safe.

This is for you and you have service to do in the area to which were led. You have new opportunities that will fill you with grace and love. Do that which makes you happy my friend and you will be safe. You do not need to worry about these types of things. We are in a period where the consciousness is raised and you are experiencing life from a different perspective and that this will be but a short time for you because you will be able to see the entire world within minutes. You will be able to travel outside of this world. This is a moment for you to explore this fear. Release it, let it go and follow your heart. Blessings.

Questioner:  [Choking up] Thank you so much. Thank you.

OWS: Yes and we add here that do not allow — this is for all here not only for this one who has asked this question but all who wonder about these things — do not allow for the programming of fear to continue to hold you. This is what would hold you from following your heart as Ashira has said. Let go. Go with whatever it is that small whisper is saying within you because that is leading you on the blueprint that you came here for, your life blueprint.

To follow that, to follow that star – isn’t that a song to follow that star? Do it! Go with it and all will take care of itself and yes you will have wonderful journeys, all of you will have wonderful journeys ahead. You will see parts of this planet that you have never seen and you had always wanted to see because nothing will be holding you back. You will travel through the stars. Yes, all of you will. As the Star Trek saying, ‘Boldly go where no one has gone before.” Well we think of men may have gone there before so that will not be very possible because all of the universe mostly has been explored in some way, but you yourselves can have an incredible exploration and journey and remember it is all part of the journey. The destination is not important it is the journey that takes you that various destinations that you find yourselves. Okay?

Anne:  That was great. Thank you for the question. I’m sure that meant a lot to a lot of people.

Question:  I want to begin with saying I love this group. I wish we could do it more often because I just get so charged from listening to it. I have a couple of areas like one I have almost like a testimony and I didn’t put my hand up at first because I didn’t think I had a questions or anything to say and then listening to them I want to say that already I realize that I have been having the ascensions and more awarenesses and blah blah blah blah blah in fact I get so exhilarated that it’s difficult to be around other people. Do you find that? I guess I’m just asking the group.

OWS: We cannot answer for the group here.

Okay alright I think I just got the answer from just listening to you talking and so forth.

Just last week I was hiking in Sedona and I had this horrific fall; a lot of trauma to my body [to the point] I was even concerned about getting up. 25 years ago I broke my tailbone [so] I had that fear. But I [also] had that inner-knowing … and I believe all this stuff; I believe it all and yet I still sometimes am amazed. I’ve been healing every day and almost back to what I was before the fall and I would say years previously probably would’ve taken me months and months and months to do this kind of healing. What you were saying earlier in the call is that we’re going to be seeing these types of things and I guess that’s why I’m saying: I’m a testimony.

I was in Africa earlier this year and I got chigger bites [that swelled to] the size of lemons on my legs. I was so concerned about them but I just had the faith and knowing that I’d be okay. When I got home I took a bath first thing and you know when I woke up the next day they were completely gone. I’ve never had any signs of that again since. Again it’s so amazing.

So I have a question about the healing chambers. I have had a series of teeth implants put in and currently I’m in the process of getting the fourth and fifth implants [put] in. The titanium is already in there and I’m to go to the dentist and have caps put on and I just can’t do it. I’ve canceled a couple of appointments. My inner knowing says don’t go because I think when I go to the healing chambers all this will be taken care of; my teeth will be rejuvenated and so forth even the ones that have been pulled. I don’t think they’re [the dentist] going to understand when I say I’m being told not to continue this process. I have over $5000 [paid] in already and it’s going to cost another couple of thousand more. So is there a way, I guess maybe I’m looking for affirmation for my “don’t go.”

OWS:  [Chuckling] We can tell you this, dear sister, we can tell you listen to your inner knowing. It is telling you all that is about to come, because as you are, you have already answered your question as we find it that when you are in those healing chambers that is what they are there for. They are there for healing, they are for rejuvenation, they are for bringing back your entire body the way it was when you were in your 20s or your 30s or whatever it is you wish.

All of this is going to come because, you see, these are the higher dimensional devices we are speaking of. They are in the process now of coming and many are working on these particular types of devices the early stages of them. They are not though, where civilizations that have had these devices for thousands and thousands of years and have perfected them at many levels and where they match your consciousness.

Think about this. Think about entering one of these devices one of these chambers and as you enter it your consciousness resonates with the consciousness of the chamber itself. Yes, the chamber itself has a consciousness believe it or not. It has a consciousness and it works together with your consciousness and brings it all into balance, you see. This is what you are looking toward. So where there are teeth missing they will regrow. They will be there almost overnight. Or as one that is known as the Sheldon Nidle speaks of, three days. Three days in the chambers. And yes, in some cases this will be what will be needed. You will be in it for a little while but you will be in such a wonderful state it will not matter. Three days will pass in minutes, you see, or whatever timeframe it is for you, you see?

Questioner:  Thank you I believe it and I see it.

OWS:  Very good. Ashira, anything to add here?

Ashira:  Very interesting in your testimony. This group before this call started today had many discussions about these types of things, of the power of the consciousness over the physical body at this time. We appreciated your stories. We appreciated what you shared and it added to that which we had heard earlier from the group and the discussion that was led. Thank you and bless you.

Questioner:  Oh thank you so much. I wasn’t sure if it was appropriate or not but I was led and guided to. So thank you just for the affirmations. I am going to stick to my beliefs. And also please tell [questioner asking about Earth changes] I was also wondering the same and thank you for asking that question. That was on my mind too. I think your group is wonderful. I would love to be a part of it. Thank you all for your beingness. And thank you Anne. You are so dear to do all of this for us. Much love.

Anne:  Thank you. I see you on e-mail all the time. It’s nice to hear your voice.

Question:  My question is about raising our vibration and being conscious of what we’re thinking of every moment. What happens to people with dementia/Alzheimer’s that are incapable of this kind of process? Can we help them in any way or are they on their own journey?

OWS:  Ashira you first or me first?

Ashira:  I will take this first.

OWS:  Go for it as the saying goes

Ashira:  All right. There are so many upon the planet that have ailments of different types including addictions, including dementia, Alzheimer’s, these types of things. But you do not need to worry about these dear souls for they have their own path and their own mentors who will be sharing with them and bringing them where they need to go and be present with them as their life unfolds before them. If they stay in this particular 3D experience and not leave, then know that they are guided, guarded and protected and that they will be exactly where they need to be for their healings and their changes. And you can cheer them on. We know that working with people such as this who have the dementia and Alzheimer’s can be frustrating for the family members and the friends and the care workers but they seem to live in a different reality and that serves them well at this time. Take faith and know that this is all cared for and handle dear one. Bless you. One Who Serves?

OWS:  Wonderful. No we have nothing to add to that at this time. You did it again Ashira.

Questioner:  Thank you so much. That has really lightened my load because I was really, really concerned about it. I thank you so much for enlightening me.

Anne:  I imagine there is a lot of people that are happy to hear that.

Question:  Thank you all for offering this today. I’m just being guided to ask you we are all aware in a sense that we are diffusing our old programming, our old beliefs about life, ourselves, our pains are distorted, just tapes that run and run our life and we are rising up above that and there is only love but it’s not as simple of a process. It seems that the programming is fighting in some ways. I mean it just feels like that from others that I’m around and myself that it’s like, ‘no, let’s pull you back down here.’ So I just want to ask you both, I mean we have had a lot of guidance daily and it is so appreciated but if you could just summarize or just vibrationally something that we can just remind ourselves when we bring our subconscious that we’re right now operating from what is not true. Just if you can give any comments, rather it be an intellectual process for us, just something vibrationally we can state or embrace.

Ashira:  I will take this first, One Who Serves. Do you have a group of people who are like-minded that you could meet with on a regular basis dear one?

Questioner:  I actually have joined a group that is about this so I am getting this information. I do feel in a sense even my own programming going, ‘well you have to work there’s not enough time to take in this information.’ I mean there’s a lot of avoidance or just being caught in the fast pace of working and survival and all of that so I wondered if you could give some comment.

Ashira:  Well we understand this totally and sharing with a group of people such as those who sit around this phone at this moment it’s such an important part of this step that you are working on this transition that you are working on. Probably through that which we share most frequently in this group is self-forgiveness. When something comes up for you and you think, ‘oh God I’m off track again,’ forgive yourself and move back into the pathway. Move back into the pathway that you know will raise your consciousness. Everyone in this room now is operating in the same group and in the same room as you are my friend. Everyone in this room walks into stores, walks into banks, walks into places of work, walks into their family situations, and it pushes buttons does it not for each and every one. This is what we share each week and that too helps us to see that is something that is a common experience. It is not something for you to think that oh you are not doing this right or the world is pushing you. Stop when it occurs and forgive yourself and straighten your path again. One Who Serves would you to add to this?

OWS:  No you have done it again.

Questioner:  Thank you so much self forgiveness is the key. Thank you

Anne:  Oh beautiful. Thank you.

OWS:  Anne we must ask here to begin to look at limiting this now at a certain point.

Anne:  No one raise your hand now. We have three of them and are going to be limiting it so the channel may get some rest.

OWS:  Ashira said yes so that’s what we go with.

Question:  [Caller introduces himself as Don Johnson.] I was calling in regards to I’m going to be receiving one of the Mag Rev power units from the Keshe Foundation and I’ve been waiting on it and I know it’s coming but I was just wondering do you think the Disclosure or some other coming event will be here by the time I receive this or do you think I’ll receive this and then I’ll do what I’m wanting to end up doing like trying to be this distributor get things out there. I’ve already been linking people up and getting things done. I’m just trying to get the extra tools to get it done with. I’ve got a couple of holistic care doctors that I want to get some health units to so I was wondering how long was this technology going to be until I can actually get my hands on it and start giving it to these people?

OWS:  [Jokingly] Yes. We know you have probably heard this 1,000,001 times but is your name Don Johnson?!?! [All laughing] Nice!

Questioner:  Yeah yeah. It got me through this far and I’m doing pretty good with it.

OWS:  We’re sure you’ve heard this millions of times but we just needed to say it. [All laughing] Please repeat the end part of your question one time more.

Questioner:  I’m going to be receiving this power unit and I was kind of wondering what was going to be happening around that time. Maybe I’m not even saying this right but I want to distribute this and I’ve got some blessings coming my way to make this possible and I’m kind of wanting to know is there going to be some extra blessings around this time or is there going to be a waiting period. I mean am I going to receive this device and where I should go with this thing. I’m not sure what I should do and what I want to be able to do with it.

OWS:  We understand the question. And this is as always here, go with the flow. Go with what you are feeling in yourself. If you are feeling the guidance to get this particular type of device and begin to share it with others then do so. Allow for the process, allow for all of the orchestration to take hold here. If you are come up with this device and you are giving it to others and all of a sudden a new and greater device comes out then, oh well, just go with it.

This is going to happen by the way. You are going to experience this exact type of thing where you will have this particular technology coming out from the Keshe Foundation and it is very advanced, the information is very advanced technology now and it will be given out to the masses. But then when the Disclosure has happened and you have ships coming in and you have your mentors and all of these things, these particular type of devices will be put aside for the new ones that are coming out at that time and even beyond that for the technology of consciousness. This is what we are moving toward. You are moving toward consciousness technology, you see? Leap years light years beyond what you have now. You have no idea what is ahead. But go with it now, go with the flow, experience what you have now and work with it and let it take you where ever it will. Ashira will you add here?

Ashira:  This is the transition. I agree with you fully.

Anne:  Thank you for the question. We always get some new information thanks to those that are willing to ask the questions.

Question:  I have a question that isn’t just going to help me, I hope it’s going to help many. I was told by a higher being that I was a surrogate. I know what a surrogate means but I don’t know how it helps with the world or with other people or how it begins or how they come up with that. Could you answer please?

OWS:  Ashira, have any inclination here?

Ashira:  I will start with this yes. You are a dear member of this group thank you. Hello. Thank you. So we would share with you that what we see is that the surrogate is from past life experiences and that is energy that you bring into this life. And the surrogate would be one who would be one of many: for a man who would be in a high position one of many, not wives, more like concubines. But we see this for you as being a compliment for you being one who is eager to serve others; eager to give them what they need to continue to fulfill who they are as beings. It is just an aspect of, say, your personality; it is an aspect of what you have in terms of your ability to give [of self ???]. This is not something to be concerned about. This is actually a gift to you my friend. Blessings. One Who Serves?

OWS:  That One Who Serves has left. It is a new one here. This one to close out here. Are we done with the question time?

Ashira: Bless you.

Questioner:  I want to thank U so much. It really helped. It humbles me very much and I love you all.

Ashira:  Thank you.

OWS:  And we love you as well.

Question:  Hello. Greetings to you all, my friends. I had to come in and give you this news. I had been going through some very deep sleeping times these last two years. During these times I’m almost forced to lay down and go to sleep and if I don’t I walk around like a drunk. After I nap I feel wonderful.

Yesterday I laid down for two hours but when I awakened I awakened into a new person. A different person that has been taking a lot of stuff from a lot of people that I tried to help. This [time upon] waking up, it was as if I was another person. I was fighting, I was standing up for myself, and I was like off to the side watching all of this. I couldn’t believe it! All I’ve ever wanted was love and all I’ve given out was love but I’d really been used and abused. I always helped others. A person that has really been verbally [abusive] and in every way lying and everything, cheating on me and abusing me emotionally so bad for 30+ years, I started coming back at like a fire engine. I refused to accept it; I refused to accept any abuse at all and when I looked at their eyes they were scared to death of me. I wasn’t angry I just refuse to allow anyone else to step on me anymore. And I had relived my whole life within like an instant.

I’m understanding that we are going through another dimension and I know I jumped up higher yesterday like never before and I love it. What you’re describing today that’s the way it seems to work: you can change overnight. Last night when I went to bed I kept dreaming Michael the Archangel was talking to me.

OWS:  Yes this is example yes of all we have been talking about; all of us. Not only we here on this call but Ashtar and Archangel Michael and St. Germain, all of us are sounding the same tune. We are all singing the same song are we not? All of this is changing. You are changing. You are changing before your very eyes … and then sometimes even with your eyes closed. All of this is happening and you are a part of this happening. And the more you allow it to go, the more you allow it to be, the more go with the flow and all of these wonderful sayings that we are giving you, the more you will have these experiences the more you will see that you are a wonderful person deep within you. You always have been. No one can put you down unless you let them put you down, you see. But the programming that has been there is what is a part of this putting down process. But no longer! This is what we are going to speak about as soon as the question time is over here.

Anything to add here Ashira?  (Ashira: No thank you.)  Very good.

We are going to close out this show here; we took the microphone away from the other one here. But it is important to know that all of these things that are happening, all of these changes that are coming, all of these things that you are part of, again, yes part of the orchestration, but we would say to you be a part of it now. Don’t just talk it, don’t just say a good line here and there, be that! Be who you are. Do not allow anyone to tell you that you are something else because you are not.

If you have a malady of some type some kind of an illness or anything of this nature begin to affirm you no longer have that infirmity or that disease or whenever it is. Begin to affirm that you are completely whole and healthy within you. That you have always been whole and healthy; that there has never been a time when you were sick because as soon as you start saying ‘I am sick,’ you are sick. You see? As soon as you say, ‘I have diabetes,’ you have diabetes. Now that is not to say that you might not have that affliction now and it is not to say that you do not need certain kinds of prescription insulin and all of these things, but begin to move away from it. Begin to move away from it.

Begin to move away with a thought. Just the thought initially: ‘I no longer need this.’ And as you keep saying that to yourself as you keep saying ‘I am whole and wonderful within me, nothing can affect me,’ as soon as you say that over and over and over, you begin to believe it. You see believing is seeing. This is what you must come to to understand. Believe it and see it and it will be there; you will have no more afflictions. You will enter that chamber, those wonderful chambers that we have been speaking of and you will already be healed. These chambers will just take you to the next level you see?

You do not need to go in there with cancer and all of these types of things because you can raise it all up now! In the now … N-O-W people. Now! You do not have to wait. It is not something you are becoming, you already are it, you see? So allow for the process. Go with the flow. Be who you are and all things will take care of themselves. And then you will not need to listen to this crazy person talk like this anymore, you see, you will have it all in you. You already have it all. Okay?

Shanti peace be with you. Be the one!

Ashira:  I am Ashira. I close this day with many blessings for everyone throughout the world, everyone throughout this audience. I’ve heard so many wonderful, wonderful sharings today, questions answered, news from Sananda and Adama. We have been saying to this group week after week it is coming, but it is now.

And what is it that you are supposed to be awakening from? Each of you in this room has heard words from my mouth about diet and sleep and all of those things to prepare but now, now it is time. Now it is time to be whole, be happy, be joyful, be in gratitude. Now is the time to pull up those who are around you who are waking up and asking, ‘what am I seeing?’ what are you doing?’ Because you, each of you have your light that is shining more brightly. You are beacons in the dark. You are light people walking around in this world and others are coming to you to share with you in your light; to ask you questions that you have been prepared to answer.

We would share: remember the teaspoon, not the tablespoon. Give a teaspoon at a time. When they ask bigger questions give them bigger answers. But as you have seen things are happening every day upon this planet, multiple things are happening on this planet. Things are happening so quickly now that you know that you are in this time.

So be at peace with yourself. Forgive yourself when you go off track. Remind yourself that the time of meditation of sanctity in your lives and know that all of us are working and walking with you at this moment in time. We give you our love and our blessings. Namaste.