Love is our new reality

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Adama via Susan Sammarco, December 6th

High Priest Adama

This is Adama. Brother Sananda, thank you for this wonderful news. We can see the hearts of all the participants open.

I have come to this group before to share, say that the party is on, and we tell you now indeed the party is on.

We have been with you in sleep. We have been with you in the corners of your eyes. There are those of us from the Inner Earth, from Hollow Earth who have come to be with you on the surface. There have been all of these things and yet you have not noticed us because we have not been within your realm of perception, but that is changing. That is changing very soon as we come to the surface and you, who have your consciousness raised, shall see us; you shall experience us; you shall hear us.


These are times that all of the kingdoms upon the planet are celebrating. These are times that all of the kingdoms upon the planet give glory to Mother Gaia. We know that she is ready now to move and, all of those as she travels through the universe especially now.

We are here to support you, to love you, to celebrate with you. And as you heard through Sananda today all of this is in this present moment at this time. We want to say to each of you who hear, to read, all of you on this planet, we are here to experience this with you, to share with you and to celebrate with you, and to know that we all walk into this future, together, in this moment, now.

Thank you.