Love is our new reality

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One Who Serves and Ashira via James McConnell and Susan Sammarco, October 23d

“One Who Serves” Greetings to you.

It is time to speak to you of transition as you are moving through this transition process. And to understand, as you move through this process, how everything must change. Both within you and outside of yourself.

As you move into and through this process you are going to lose those things that are very familiar to you. That may be guides that you have. The familiar places that you are living in. The various energies that are very familiar to you are going to fade away. Those things that have meant something to you are no longer going to mean something to you. You are going to find new passions, new loves, and new understandings. New sense of adventure. All of these are going to come as you move through this transition process.

Because it cannot be business as usual. It cannot be the way it has always been if you are going to move into the higher vibrations, the new Golden Age. And as you have heard many times, you are the ones creating the new Golden Age. So if you want to create it, you need to remove those things which no longer serve you. Please understand that the old ways of the Third Dimension no longer serve you.

We are not speaking to everyone as all do not fall into this category. Only those of you who have been preparing and moving forward. Those of you, the Lightworkers, the Lightsharers, you are the ones we are speaking about. You are the ones who are moving forward at this time. Others are going to come after you. They are going to move along with you and all of this.

But you are the ones leading the pack and as you move forward you will find the changes happening more and more rapidly within you. As these changes happen rapidly within you, you are going to find that the changes outside yourself are happening with the same rapidity here. You are going to notice more and more and more of these happening, becoming no more in focus. Your focus is already greatly changing.

As your focus changes there will be very little that can hold you back here. So get ready. Move on and the show is about to begin. OK?

We are ready for questions with “Ashira” standing by.

Question: I have a question about my health. I am at my wits end and I need some help from you.

“One Who Serves” What you can do first of all is not to believe your heal is decelerating. You must understand that even though your age is increasing your health does not need to decrease with the increase of age. That is a misnomer. It has been programmed into you.

As you come to understand this, that it is simply programming that is within you. Another year older. My body must be breaking down. As we get into the upper age bracket, in terms of 80s and 90s and this thing, then you think you just find yourself in wheelchair or confined to bed or these types of things. But this is ridiculous. It does not need to be this way. This is the programming that has created this.

So, we would say to you who is asking this question and to anyone else at the same time no longer buy into this program. Know that everything is changing. Know that your vibrations are increasing. And as your vibrations continue to increase so too will your health.

But you must know your vibrations are increasing. You must be in that vibrational atmosphere for yourself. Find yourself more and more going into nature. This will help you greatly. Get out of the house and the energies that surround the city here and go out in nature as much as possible. Be around water. Be around trees. Trees everywhere. Leaves changing if you can. Be in that energy and it will help you with your own energy as well.

Also, when you find yourself where there is running water, in terms of a spring or a brook or a creek or something of this nature put your hand into the water. Do not drink it. We are not going to tell you to do that. Let your hand go into the water and let that water go through you. Feel the consciousness in the water. The water, even if it is polluted in some way, still has consciousness. Take that consciousness within you and that will help you greatly.

Also, one more thing because you are going to be attending the Advance. We are going to say this now, those who are going to be attending the Advance; James does not know this neither does the Susan. So we are going out on a limb here. We are going to say that there will be manifestation here. Manifestation of healing and manifestation of other types of energies as well.

So, if you find yourself there be ready because there is going to be some shifting going on. May seem a little bit disconcerting at points. Those who have had a bit of dizziness in the past now that it passes and it will pass. But you will find yourself, especially this one asking the question we know it seems like we are going on and on about this, you will receive a healing process if you are ready for this manifestation. OK?

Question: Can you tell us about the energies in this picture of Zorra?

“Ashira” The picture that “Zorra” has placed in the world during this transitional process has the energy that comes through our sessions here each week. The visualization process is to see, to speak and to take into your brain to utilize it in your own life.

The energy can be used for clearing whatever you hope to have cleared in your life. You can use this for a picture for your bathroom. You can put it on your refrigerator. You can put it around you house. You can put it anywhere. It will enable you to utilize those energies he uses in his regular talks. To be able to help you focus those healing energies wherever you need them.

Again, we utilize similar energies on our Sunday talks. This visualization tool will be a benefit wherever you may place it. OK?

Question: I have been looking at my life closely and realized that I have been transmuting for a very long time. Are we here to get the experience in and help others with this process?

“One Who Serves” You have been coming here as a result of your volunteering to be a part of this evolutionary process. To be one with this process, that is one with your collective brethren here.

In order to do this, you had to become one of them. As you became one with them you became one of this great experiment as well. As you became one with this duality you have gone through the ups and the downs, the darkness and the light, and all of this to better understand what everyone is going through. What this whole process is about. In order to grow through this you had to experience all of the different realms of emotions and different types of energy that were here in this 3D illusion. Of course, you did not realize that this was a 3D illusion until very recently here. But you have all come through this, shining through it we would say. You are all ready to move into the next step, the next part of this process where you will begin to help others go through the same thing you have come to understand. OK?

Question: As I see the level of pain and suffering, the level of intensity we have come through I find it hard to believe that we volunteered for this. I don’t understand what we can get from so much harsh pain at times.

“Ashira” Dear One, it’s very interesting as we have watched you move through your experiences. When things have been good they have been very, very good and when things have been bad have been very, very bad. Everyone in the room probably feels that they have gone through the same thing. And everyone probably says, “I cannot believe I volunteered for this! I cannot believe I would actually walk into this with open eyes.”

But, of course, your eyes are closed when you come into this plane, this experience in this lifetime. You have the right to experience life in whatever you find right along your path. So this experience that brings you such sadness at times is part of Collective Consciousness. It is part of the collective whole and we know that as we have gone through this ourselves with this one, this lifetime, that this can be very disconcerting. It can turn one off to life upon this planet but know that this has all happened because you have come through this with a shiny new armor.

You can see others pain but as you move along your path of enlightenment, as you move along your path as an awakened being. You will have a more grounded background to reach down and assist others in the world who are struggling too and let them know there is light at the end of the tunnel. OK?

Question: It seems like it is getting more challenging to maintain our frequency. Any suggestions?

“One Who Serves” We say to you, all of you, as you get closer and closer to the finish line think about how far you have come here. Where this all started. Think about, visualize, back in the time when you first volunteered for this. You were told what was going to happen.

At that time you heard all the possibilities, falling into darkness, all of that and bring up the light through the darkness. You knew this going into it. Yet you were in such a state of Diviness that none if this mattered. The only thought that mattered was to assist, to be of service. This is what you are all about.

So you came into this with your eyes fully open knowing that your eyes would be closed. At some point your eyes would become wide open again. We do not speak of the physical eyes here but of the Third Eye here. It would open again and that time has come. So you have weathered through all of this.

You are nearing the point now to the finish line. As “Sananda” has said it is within your grasp. It is within your sight now. Do not falter at the end here. Make it through. Come through jogging/sprinting to it. Get that little bit of extra energy to take you forward here. That is all you need here. You knew this time would come and here it is! The time has come.

We’ve got news for you. After this is all over and you have had some rest and relaxation and all of this guess what? You are probably going to turn around and do this all over again somewhere else. This is who you are. You see? And you say, “One Who Serves, we are done with this”. But we tell you now that is not the case for many of you. You will see. OK?

Question: Yesterday I saw a streak of white light from my right eye. It continued into the night. I have been working with meditation but I was wondering if this is something to be concerned about.

“Ashira” It is interesting that you share this because we know that these types of things are happening to many, many people at this point in time. Part of this is the Veil lifting and you seeing a light that not in this dimension, not on this planet but is real for you. It is part of your path that is leading you forward on your Ascension Process. When you see this say thank you. You are glad that this is working. Do not worry about it, this is part of your Ascension Process and you are blessed with this experience. OK?

“One Who Serves” Simply know, as “Ashira” has said as the vibrations increase and the veil continues to drop thee ae all kinds of things that will come into your vision starting with your Third Eye center and culminating within your physical eyes as well. Your physical eyes will attune to your Third  Eye sector. So you will see those things that are ported though your Third Eye center here.

Get ready! There will be more and more of these visions and little things out of the corner of your eye, flashes of light, all of these things are coming. And you will also see through the Veil and see the ships and all of these things. Those of you preparing here are going to have more of these experiences in the very near future. OK?

No more questions? We are done here for this time. Just to reiterate here, when you come to the next Advance there are going to be some processes to occur that will create feeling and seeing and hearing and all of these things that are going to be very much more pronounced as a result of those experiences you are going to go through. That is not only for those there in person but for those who join on the phone as well. There will be a strong connection for the phone as we are finding it here. Just as in the last Advance, you will be able to participate as if you are there. Those who were there can share with the others of the healing processes that occurred last time. It will be even more pronounced the next time here. The energies have increased. Your energies have increased. The vibratory Veil has been dropping and dropping here. OK?

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One. ​​

“Ashira” I am “Ashira”.

As always I am glad to with you this day. It is interesting to listen to you talk. Not only mainstream news that most of you has turned off a long time ago but also the alternative media.  The alternative pathway is noisy attempting to get you to their information and now you take cursory looks through those. Not spending a lot of time with any of them because they don’t matter.

A lot of information is out there for those who are awakening. To see the truth. To hear the truth. And yet so many things that you read are contradictory one to another and confusing even more. You try to go to the alternatives for truth and when it confuses you, you can out it in your waste basket or you can tuck it away for consideration later on. You may find yourself not finishing an article or listening to the thing you were listening to.

This is a great change for all of you from a year ago or two years past. When this group was all about what was being talked about or said at that moment in the alternative and mainstream news. These are differences that we want to make sure you pay attention to. This is all part of raising your vibration and not paying attention to those things which are not meant to help you grow. They are meant to help you understand. Meant to help you see but not meant to raise your vibration.

We would say play music in your homes or offices. Listen to sounds such as music or other types of recordings that take you to new places. This is time to move forward and out of your trenches.

Ignore the rest of the world as it talks at you. Pay attention to that voice inside of you. See through that Third Eye and see what is out there. Feel through that High Heart and know what you are feeling. All of these are real. As you continue to peel that Veil down for yourself, you will see and hear. You will see more and more portals on the road on which you are driving.

You will see others of the dimensions and things that are opening for you. There are so many things that are about to begin. As you come each week you can share the newness that is in this world. It is a newness that is new for you and new for all and you are creating. We are proud of you.

My love and blessings. Namaste.


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