Love is our new reality

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Lady Mother Mary via James McConnell, October 23d

“Divine Mother” I am “Divine Mother, here to share with you today. I am filling this room with my love. Filling this room with my color of clear blue. And of those of you who can sense it, my scent of roses.

I am here to share with you today. I would love to share with you an invitation. An invitation on a daily basis to call out to me in meditation and prayer. Say, “Mother, I need to be nurtured by you.”

Every day I stand, I wait for you to call so that I may hold you closely. That I may love you and give you my joy, cuddle you. The Father and I love what you are doing in the business of your days but we know how your soul longs for the closeness with us, your friends and your Creators. Know that you can reach me by that call. Know that you can come to me.

We know that every day you are working and you are working without even being aware of it. Changing your bodies. Changing your world. Being aware of everything and every one that is upon it. But I say, help yourself by realizing that we are here. If you feel the call for Prime Creator, that is fine.

If you feel that you want to call on me, that is fine. I am here. The one who brings you joy. Even if it is for a couple of minutes, that is the rest that you need.  We know things are crazy upon this planet.

We know that these times are important for you to have love for you, for yourself and this is what I have to say today. Call out when you have time and I will pull you close, dear ones. I will pull you close. I will love you. I will raise your vibrations. I will heal your body. I will be there and that is what is today. Blessings.