Love is our new reality

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One Who Serves channeled by James McConnell, November 23d


Greetings to you. One Who Serves, to take you on further here. We wish to share something very briefly.

That is your movement in consciousness as you watched a video in the group here. And those of you on the phone who were also participating with this. This is the beginning of something, is it not? This is something new, and it will begin to happen more and more. Where there are parts of what you have considered different parts of the Cabal, previously as a portion of this, this is all going to begin to change where these ones will begin a change over. A change over from the violence.

The movement in the movies and such, from now, is beginning to change. The violence in them will begin to dissipate more and more. To move more into peace and love and heartwarming connections. OK?
This is our message here. We ask if there are any questions here. Ashira is standing by to see if there are any questions. Those on phone can unmute and ask questions if they wish.

Yes. You have a burning question!

Question: Yes. Tell me what brought on the issues I had on my dream trip and how can I get back into the positive again?

ONE WHO SERVES:  Yes. We can answer this. But first, Ashira, would you like to take this?

ASHIRA; Thank you so much! What we would share is… this was an opportunity for you to prove to you, who is in charge. You were responsible for creating this and you were in charge of making decisions to not let it get in the way! You had opportunities to face your fears. You had opportunities to face your fears many times on the trip.

During these times, you stood alone. You took charge. And you did not walk the way you could have, by listening to others who told you what to do. You won! And we bless you and give you a standing ovation for this opportunity that you could have fallen into a past behavior. This was for you to see how you have changed.

We bless you.

ONE WHO SERVES:  Like to add something here. We would like to add that somewhat due to stress and those types of things leading up to all of this is what brought about this sense of discomfort that you had. We are not going to say sickness or anything of this nature but they were discomforts. Yes, this was very discomfiture for you for some time. But you did overcome it as Ashira has said.

It was brought about by the change in the atmosphere or change in your environment. Also by being around others of much more negativity. You were a Lightworker coming on board the ship and being surrounded by those who may not be Lightworkers or they were more of a negative 3D, very much so.
That is not to say that you cannot have an experience aboard one of these ships and have a 3D experience and have a wonderful time. The next time you have another experience, it won’t be so much on this type of ship, but on another type. It will be completely different because you will be in a different environment, you might say. Surrounded by others who are of like mind and all of this is coming for you. OK?
It is not the end. Certainly. It is only the beginning.

Would there be other question here now?

Question: Is it possible for our soul to be in more than one physical body in the NOW?

ONE WHO SERVES: Yes. Very possible. Very probable. And most definitely. That is not to say all are, in this respect, but many are.

Wish to add here, Ashira?

ASHIRA:  No. I think that you were pretty concise.

ONE WHO SERVES: We try to be as concise as we can and still be understood. But without giving away too much! We do not like to give away too much of the surprise.

Other questions here?

Question: I want to know why it seems that the media seems to be in charge. They have carried the Paris attacks over and over. Why?

ONE WHO SERVES: This is a very good question. We would say that they are not winning. They are certainly not winning. They win a battle here or there, but the war, and we do not like to use that terminology, but we use it to emphasize a point. The war is certainly not being won by them. They are only winning the skirmishes here and there.
In the final analysis, it is all done. It is already done at the higher levels. We have given this before. All the Disclosure and the re-val and all of these things have already happened. Not in your time and space, but they have already happened. So it is coming.
Those ones that do these types of deeds and have control over your various media and all of this are doing their last gasps you might say. Holding on as much as they can. Trying to spread fear wherever they can. And to hold off the Ascension process.

Do you not think that they know about Ascension? They do, and they have known about it for a very long time. They have done all that they can to hold off your Ascension.
They thought they did it in the 9-11, but they found out that it only hastened their entire demise. As well as this that happened now in France. They are hastening their demise. It may not seem that way to you, here on the planet, because you are immersed in it all.
But from the point of view from those of us in the skies and wherever we may be, it is an entirely different understanding and glimpse of what is happening.
Do you wish to add here, Ashira?

ASHIRA: Yes, I will.

Dear One, you are one who wants to stay abreast of what is going on in the world and you and others in the room are invited to ignore that information. It is not of truth. And as One Who Serves has shared, this is a tool used by those who want to stay in, what they consider, their area of control.
It is not of control. But as the airwaves blast their propaganda and their information across the air it maintains for them their sense of power, because that is what the main population is hearing and seeing and reading.
Do not be in turmoil about this. Turn back to the work you are doing with your own websites, such as Ancient Awakenings. Turn back to those sites that are saying positive things about the world.
If you could see the world from our view, you would know that this is done. And that love and compassion and sharing are the tools for the New World. That is the tool for you.
You are doing so many beautiful works in this world, my friend. Turn off the old views of the world and watch as the New World unfurls before you.
ONE WHO SERVES: Wish to add one more thing here on this. That is, those various media broadcasts and news shows and things of this nature, the reporters are going to begin to say more and more here, “Enough is enough.” They are not going to want to say the same thing over and over like all of the broadcasts do.
They are going to say, “We want to tell the truth. We want to begin to reveal what is real out there. Not what you are programming us or controlling us to say.”
They are going to come out more and more with this. You will see them as “whistleblowers” or just to tell the truth. That is why they are here. That is what reporting is all about. To tell the truth of what is happening. To inform the public. Not to discourage the public or put fear within the public.
You see? It is all going to change. It is already changing. You will see this more and more.

Would there be other questions here?
Question: How successful was yesterday’s Cobra meditation?
ONE WHO SERVES: More than you can possibly imagine!

More questions?
Question: Is there something we are not doing or we are not doing right that is holding everything up?

ONE WHO SERVES: We would say to this that it is the God Source you are speaking of and we think this Source has it well in hand. It is all being orchestrated that we have given many, many times. There is nothing to be concerned about.
It is not that you are not doing enough. Or that anyone else is not doing enough. You are doing it just right. All is happening as it needs to. We know that from your point of view it is too slow. It is too gradual. Let’s get this show on the road. All of these types of things. The James has this as well sometimes,  although becoming less and less, as we are finding.
Those of you who have this type of thinking, be of good cheer! It is changing! It is all happening! There are many forces that are bringing this about. There are many forces that, as we have said, are behind the scenes that you have no idea of what is happening here.
It is destined to be here. It will all come out. And you will all be a part of this. You came here for this. It is NOW. When you think of this being slow in nature, think how long this programming has been going on for. For a very, very long time. More than just a few years here. We are speaking in terms of thousands of years here.
For all of this to have happened in short times, in decades as we find it, is very fast for this to have happened and changed all the programming that has gone into this. For you, it is a very monumental change in this situation here. In all the programming. So allow it to be. You are a part of it. Each of you is a part of it in your own way. In your own meditations. In your own thinking. In your visualizations. In your prayers. All of this is a part of this. There is no bigger and no smaller part. OK?

Anything to add here, Ashira?

ASHIRA: No, I think I will keep mine for our ending. Thank you.
ONE WHO SERVES: Very good. Any further questions?

Then we are ready to release channel. We sign off!

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.


I am Ashira.

Divine Mother has been Susan all week whispering in her ear and in her heart that which she wanted to bring today.

It has been an interesting week indeed. Interesting to watch all of you upon this planet process what happened in Paris and what every day since has been filled with.

This has been the beating of a heart in time upon the planet. This has been very fast that everything has come into fruition. This group that has come into existence has brought together a marvelous group of Lightworkers. Those who know they are gods and goddesses, making changes in the moment! In the NOW!

For all of you enjoy your coming week. Enjoy your Thanksgiving.

Have love in your hearts. Feel it grow in your body, around to reach everyone in your life and everyone upon the planet. Send your love forth knowing that every one of you is changing the planet right now.

Time for love and joy. Enjoy your week and your Thanksgiving.

Peace and love. Namaste.

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco