Love is our new reality

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Divine Mother via Susan Sammarco, November 22nd



Good afternoon. The dogs (James’ 2 huskies) heralded my arrival earlier.

I come to speak to you today of love. All this past week there have been so many stories upon the planet. So many stories. Some would take you into fear. Some would bring you into Light. We call you into Light and into Love.

It is not a time to be concerned about why’s and where’s. It is not a time to be concerned about who done it. It is time for you to be concerned, as Lightworkers, with Love and Light. To bring love and light with all those you share with. And love and light to those things which you place your concentration in.

There have been so many different stories today filled with love and light. I am reminding you that you are not the bodies you are in. You are the multi-level, multi-dimensional soul beings.

We asked Susan to ask James to do this meditation today with you. He was led and guided in ways to bring you back to love.

Love is the power in the universe. Know that there are battles that occur. Know that there are things that happen. Do you not remember that sometimes in your life upon the planet, you have behaved in ways that were perhaps greedy, perhaps unloving?

But here you are forgiving yourself of all of that for it is but a part of the love experiences you needed to put you where you are today. Today you stand in love remembering that the words you speak and the thoughts that you have are creating for the future. The Now.

You are remembering the responsibility you have. Remembering the responsibility you are. Remembering that if this life ended you have an eternity to come back into this world further down the road.

This is all in the moment. With all of this to come. All of those things you think about. All of those things that you meditate on. All of those things that you talk about. All are already in the Now.

Ignore the noisy parts of your world. We know that this is challenging for each and every one of you because each of you checks on certain sites on a fairly constant basis to see how soon things are happening.

The coming week is the week of Thanksgiving. Time to be grateful. As you spend that time in gratitude also spend that time in being and giving to others compassion and love. This is the time of year that is celebrated.

These are important times. We call you back to love because that is who you are. We call you back to compassion. Share with others your understanding and your insight. Speak not only to those in this group. Speak to others with whom you are working in the world. Speak to those with who you are sharing space with. Listen to what others are speaking about and drop in a nugget of wisdom.

All of you are gifted. All of you have an understanding that the light shining in the world. Of the light changing the world. Believing as James has done in this meditation that “believing is seeing.” We have given this group this saying and it is spreading. We know surely what the outcome shall be.

Do not worry about those things that dissuade you, that take your attention aside. These are only children having tantrums.
Remember that you are gods and goddesses. Remember that you are powerful beings. Remember that you have everything you need right now to change the world.

As you see the world, as you see the changes that you see with your cameras, with your naked eyes, with your experience it is all good.

I leave you today with this message of love. Knowing that you are our children.
We love you. We bless you.



Channeled via Dr. Susan Sammarco