Love is our new reality

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One Who Serves via James MacConnell, November 16th


Greetings to you. Good to be here with you again.

We do not necessarily have message, but we can certainly answer questions here. We know that Lady Nada is standing by to assist with questions or to close out the day here. Do you have questions here for One Who Serves or Ashira or Lady Nada, if she wishes?

Question: Is there a particular reason why Paris or France was the target for the massacre?

ONE WHO SERVES:  As we can tell you here, it is all part of the orchestration that is going on. There is nothing that is happening to be of concern about here. Not in the sense, let us say, you can “feel” for them that are going through the suffering and all of this; feel for them, be compassionate with them. Feel the Oneness with them, but know that it is all part of the plan. In knowing that it is part of the plan, assists you and helps you to deal with the situation, does it not?

Because if you are allowing for the fear and circumstances to take over you, it brings you back down, it takes you into the lower vibrations which is exactly what those of the Cabal want here. They want you to stay in the lower vibrations. They want you to stay in the 3D illusion here. The more that they can bring up a situation of fear and panic and catastrophe, and all of these types of things that resonate with that to the lower vibrations. In that way they are being successful.

But we can tell you this. It is having the exact opposite effect than that they wish it to have. It is not going according to their plans. This is happening more and more, they are finding. Because what happens when these things occur now? Because of your Internet, because of the fast moving of your communication,  almost immediately it is coming out that no, this is a false flag event, no this is not real, this is part of the illusion, and it is part of the programming.

These things continue to come out and they are finding that their plan is not working as it always had previously. All the way back to the 9-11 when that occurred. Yes, it postponed many things and they think they were successful but in reality they created a situation for themselves that has led even more to their demise. So it had the opposite effect even then. And all of those times that have happened since both in this country and all parts of the world. It is the same situation. And each time it will come to an understanding that it is even more not according to their plans. You see?

Do you wish to add here Ashira?

ASHIRA:  We would add that you had a good conversation at the beginning of this meeting. A good time to share various views and various insights and yet how much was in common in this room? Think of that in the global manner.

You are seeing things differently. You are hearing things differently. And even those who you do not think are awake, yet are responding differently. The Illuminati, or Cabal, have not had the response they expected. This will NOT lead to WWW III. We have told you this many times. Everyone is responding in a different way.

ONE WHO SERVES: And one more thing you will find is that more and more people will begin to use the phrase, “Enough is enough!” That is going to happen here. You will see it more and more. It has come to the point where it is enough now.

Would there be further questions here now?

We are going to have a very short session here this time but that is OK. It is what it is.

Then we will end with this:  You, each one of you, are a part of the greater expression here. Each one of you are a part of this great plan. Know that, as you are to move through your daily lives. Allow yourself, whenever these types of things come up that are creating fear and those things across the planet, allow yourselves to feel it initially, and then move beyond it. Replace the fear with love. That is not what they are not expecting. They are not expecting the fear to be replaced by love.

What happens when there is any sort of a catastrophe? Do people not bond together, come together where before they were strangers? Now they are brother and sister, working together to bring about the greater whole? This is what is happening now. You are seeing it there in France, there in the Middle East, and here in this country, where there are different types of calamities.

Each time that it happens it brings it about even more. More people awaken and feel the love from their brother and their sister. This is what is occurring now. It is moving the entire planet to an awakening of a consciousness.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.


Channeled by James McConnell