Love is our new reality

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Saint Germain via James McConnell, November 16th


I am St. Germain. I am with you often, even in those times when you are not aware. As are all of us who mentor to you at this time. We are always here and we are always a part of you.

In these times now, which are times of consternation, times of travail, know that this is still part of the orchestration that has been spoken of many times. We are all one, my brothers and sisters. All. Even those who would do these deeds. We are one with them, as well. There is no separation except for that you create in your own minds. That has been brought about by much of the programming that has gone on here.

For all that is happening now is happening for a reason. Yes, there are people suffering. Yes, there are people in pain. But know that their sacrifice is part of the greater good, greater whole. Take solace with this fact. They came in with a contract. They are living up to that contract now.

And in so doing they are providing the means to move on, move past all of the old programming. To move out of the Dark Ages and into the Age of Light. They are all a part of this, just as you are a part of this. No one has a lesser or greater part to play in this great plan that is in the works now. In fact, coming to fulfillment.

The very deeds that have occurred here recently, those behind this are hastening their demise in doing so. Thinking that they are holding things off and are spreading fear, but they are, in essence, doing the opposite. They are creating a need for loving attention. For one reaching out to another. Where there is hatred being sown, there is, instead, love being grown here.

All that is happening now, all that you are seeing with your own eyes, hearing with your own ears, all of this is still the illusion. The illusion that has been drawn in front of you. Pulled across your faces. Part of the veil. But as you have heard many times now, the veil is lifting. If you would look through the veil, you would see the new reality, not the old illusion. But the new… the new sun shining forth with all of its many colors and all of its many understandings.

The time is NOW, my brothers and sisters. The time is NOW to understand, to wake up to who you are. To wake up to who your brother or your sister is next to you. For all of us are one. We are all part of the Great Source. We all have the Great Source within us. Within each of us.

Know that, as these deeds continue to happen. And they may still yet have some occurrence here. Those times will become less and less. And those that are behind it all are finding that they are not having the effect that they originally thought it would, or had in the past.

You can rest assured now that because of all those things that are happening in the background, behind the scenes, it is fast propelling you now to the new understanding that is coming upon you. The new awakening that is across the entire planet. And with this awakening will come those new experiences, those new levels of understanding; and yet, even those changes within the financial system that I, myself, have been greatly working to bring about in this time.

It is close. There are many things happening in many parts of the world now that are bringing this new financial system into being. Many people are a part of this. It is only a small few that are continuing to hold this off. But soon, very soon, they will lose their grip and be able to hold it back no longer.

You are on the verge now; we are all on the verge now, for the great new changes. We ask that you be patient only a little while longer. Continue to do all those things that you have been working toward. All of those things you have come to understand, to bring about this new Golden Age upon the Earth.

I am St. Germain. I am with you at all times. Whenever you have a need, call upon me and the Violet Flame that I carry. Or call upon any of the others that have been working with you, for we are all here to be with you.

Peace and love be with each of you.


Channeled by James McConnell