Love is our new reality

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One Who Serves via James McConnell, April 8th, 2018

One Who Serves

Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. Om. Om. Greetings to you! One Who Serves here to continue this process.

And as we say many times this is a process. This is a program that you are on and you are all doing wonderfully on this program. Even though you may not realize just how wonderful you are, we know how wonderful you are. And we see tremendous abilities in all of you as you continue to go about your daily business, your daily lives.

And knowing that as you are doing this things are changing, things are changing very rapidly and you are right now in the middle of those changes. And they are going to get much more what you call ramp them up. These changes are going to ramp up greatly. And always know though, and we must always reiterate this because we see many times where those of you are waiting. You are waiting for something to happen.

And we would say to you do not wait. Be in the moment now. No longer wait for it. Do not wait for the money to come. Do not wait for the experiences to change in your life. Do not wait for the relationships to change and new ones to come. Be in the moment now and believe that these things are going to change.

Create what you want right now in your life, do not wait for it. And if you create it now you will have it now. That is how it works.

Know that in your discussion earlier you spoke of manifestation and manifestation is happening much, much faster now. You are finding that. You are finding that as you create something in your life, as you think of something, as you visualize it, it is coming forward much, much quicker now. And will as the vibrations continue to increase you will find that everything that you are creating in your mind will begin to manifest much, much quicker because that is what occurs in the higher vibrations.

You want help? You want healing from diseases and medical situations and all of this? You want that then create it. It is there for you. No one — and I speak now of to all of you/ we speak now to all of you — no one needs to be sick. No one needs to have any illness of any kind. It is simply the programming that is holding you there. If you are having some type of malady or dis-ease that is because you are out of balance. You are not in a point now where you are in control of your emotions and your control of your thinking processes. You are still in the old programming. Get out of the old programming and you will find that if you are having problems with your eyesight or your ear, your hearing, or anything that is going on you will find that it will clear up. It will become exactly what you want it to be. But first you must believe that it will be. Okay?

We are going to ask for questions now. Did you have questions now for One Who Serves?

Q & A

Q:  [emailed question] A few years ago there were sounds in the skies across many countries of the world. Some of these noises were metallic sounds, trumpets and horns. I even heard some construction metallic machinery noise in front of my house about five years ago and there was no construction. It seems that those sounds keep coming up in different places of the world. What are those noises and sounds all about?

OWS:  These sounds and booms and all of these things that you are hearing are many different things. Some of them are your hearing from the ships above. Some of them you are hearing from deep below in your caverns and your underground bases that are being cleared out at times. These were some of the booms that you have heard.

As we will continue now, the sounds are coming from many different things. We cannot say exactly what they are because they are different at different times, at different places, and for different ones of you to hear and to be aware of. Again it is always for those that have eyes to see and ears to hear. So not all are hearing these things but if you are attuned to them, even to the attunement of the planet herself she makes noise. But up to these times and as you have been in the lower vibrations you have not heard the sounds of the planet herself. But this is changing now because up in higher vibrations, into the higher dimensional frequencies, you are becoming aware of the very sounds of Gaia herself. So much of this it is in these respects and other things that are not being said here because we are not allowed to share all of this yet with you. But know that it is happening and many more are becoming aware of this and will continue to become aware of these things.

Q: [emailed question] What type of ET race is on the dark side of the moon? Are they good or evil and do they have structures on the moon?

OWS:  We need to ask whoever is on the phone there please mute your phone. Very important here there is interference there. Someone is not having their phone muted or is not keeping it very quiet near their phone.

OWS:  So for the other side of the moon you might say, the shadow side of the moon, the one that is not visible to those of prying eyes with their telescopes and all of these types of things, those things on the other side are covert operations in many respects and have been kept that way from the general populace here not knowing that there is even life out there beyond this planet. To think in terms of when you went to the moon that that was the first time that man stepped on the moon is a fallacy. That is not true at all. There have been many that have been there before this in your secret space program that has been brought out more recently in terms of your whistleblowers and all of these things that have brought this information forward. It is real. It is true. There are bases on the moon. There are bases on Mars. There are bases on the moons of Saturn and so one and so on. And some of them are human bases and some of them are not — non-human bases — meaning not Earth bases. They are from many different civilizations that have been working within the solar system for a very, very, long, long, time. And many now are beginning to show themselves more. And very soon you are going to find that the other side of the moon, as you are saying, what we are calling the dark side of the moon is going to be revealed in some respects more than it already has been.

Q:  [emailed question] Do humans continue incarnating in this lifetime after they have ascended? Do they incarnate into another body after their ascension? How is it possible that we can see them in our dreams if they occupy another body? 

OWS:  Ascension is just that. It is ascension. It is moving beyond the need to incarnate into another physical form. Once you go through your ascension process the universe is yours. You can travel anywhere as an ascended being. And to have to come back in and reincarnate is a choice, not something that you need to do because you are caught up in the reincarnation cycle here. So when you ascend you are free of the reincarnation cycle here. 

Q:  [emailed question] There is a huge hole in the sun’s atmosphere right now 400,000 miles long. It’s facing the Earth and spewing a stream of solar vent towards us that’s expected to reach us tomorrow. Would this have anything to do with The Event or does it have any significance?

OWS:  It certainly has significance not so much directly with The Event but it does have significance with events that are coming in terms of cosmic events that are occurring and bringing these energies to the planet. It is all a part of the great orchestration of the plan, the Creator’s plan that is in the works here. And it is continuing to be so and will continue to be so. So do not be concerned, though, about any of these types of things because everything is exactly as it needs to be. So know this. Know that there are many forces at work here that are bringing all of this together as it needs to and keeping these energies from being too strong here on the planet. Because if these energies had been allowed to come into the planet fully, as at one time they were going to, only a very small certain percentage of the population would have survived through this. But that was curtailed. That was the old timeline that you have read about in your Biblical prophecies and all of these things and that is no longer the case. The timeline that you are on now is taking you into your ascension process, through your ascension process rather, and it is taking you through it in a calm more peaceful manner as it needs to here.

Q:  [emailed question] During the December Advance of 2017 when we returned to Lemuria as a group and were there, I saw a black cloud appearing in the sky. And when I looked at the sky a little later it was completely black. For me that meant something very bad would come. Later when we gathered in a kind of theater there were 12 chairs for 12 elders. My feeling was I belonged to the 12th chair and I sat there. My question is whether this is true and that

I was the 12th person.

OWS:  First of all, whenever you see black in your visions, in your visualizations, you are seeing what is the unknown. It is showing up as black because it is unknown. And you are not being able to see through that blackness you might say and see it through the unknown.

Now as to the tables and chairs there we cannot say directly if you are the 12th one or the 1st one or the 144th one or the 144,000th one. You see? But you are one of them. And that is why you were in this process and participated in this. And those of you that did — this is a more of a generalized question here as well because many of you participated in this exercise — and for those of you that wonder it was a real exercise. It was a real experience that you had. And those chairs that were meant for you at the council chambers, they are there waiting for you and they are already being occupied by you in your multidimensional selves. Take that and think about that! Contemplate that for little bit here. 

Q:  I was just wondering if instead of dwelling on the attachment of negative labels to certain individuals or organizations like the media, we were better served all by simply sending love and light to them.

OWS:  Always that is the case whenever you can send love and light. Be love and light with all that you come in contact with. But also understand that awakening is just that. It is awakening to everything that has gone on before. Awakening to who you are. And in order to awaken to who you are you must be awake to what is occurring around you as well because you are moving out of the old paradigm. The old paradigm is programming and holding many — not so much you necessarily but many — to the old ways, the old illusion that is still in effect here at this point. You might call it a hologram that is still in process. But that hologram, looking at it as the veil that has come down and is coming down, you will be able to then move through this and not find that it is holding you anymore because it really is not holding you. The only thing that is holding you is your thoughts that you are thinking that it is holding you. You see? Does this make sense to you? Use discernment, always. Yes. This is what this is all about; why there are so many things happening in so many different directions; so many different sources that are coming forward; one saying this, one saying that; and it is up to you yourself to use discernment as to what resonates for you and what does not. But as one said earlier and we would certainly reiterate, we are saying ‘don’t shoot the messenger’. Allow the message to come through. Do not be concerned with who the messenger is but the message that comes through whether it works for you are not.

Q:  Can you say anything about the constant high-pitched sounds in the head area that I have been hearing for a couple of years now. It’s not even the ears, it’s within the two hemispheres. And I want to know if I need to understand this differently.

OWS:  What we would say to you is don’t go to a doctor. Don’t go in the medical route here because if there is nothing there they will try to find something wrong here. This is what happens in your allopathic medicine at this point. Not all will do this, certainly, but for the most part it is wise to stay away from this and look for a naturopathic solutions here. But for you specifically, and for many of you that are having this, we say again do not go to a doctor for this because this is part of the ascension process that is occurring. It is part of the vibrations that are increasing. And as these vibrations are increasing some of you have … [call drops]

OWS:  Om Mani Padme Hum. Om. Om. Greetings to you! Back here with you and this crazy contraption that you continue to have to work with here and we are so looking forward to telepathically being able to communicate with you more and more here as we go along here. And then you will have no difficulties such as these types of things in the times ahead. Do we go back to the question that was asked? Please repeat your question if you can.

 Q:  I think I got the answer fairly well. Not to go to see a medical doctor for the high-pitched sounds and to see an allopathic if I could or if it was needed.

OWS:  Naturopathic! And we would add here to continue with this, those of you that are having this sense of sound within your ears or in your head or whatever it is, it is again, it is an ascension process that is occurring here. And it is because you are raising in vibration and as you are raising in vibration it is doing something within your inner ear here, as we are finding it, that is creating this sound vibration there as well. And it happens only certain times and if you will notice that when this occurs it is it not make you want to go within yourself somewhat? Has this occurred to you?

Q:  Well as I said earlier, I hear this sound constantly all the time. It’s not once in a while it is constant. And the only time where it alleviates is in deep meditation then I’m not aware of that.

OWS:  Very good then for this particular thing then we would say it is nothing to be concerned about but if you are feeling a sense of concern here, it would be necessary for you to alleviate this concern and even maybe look at the symptoms here as well. Is it something that is disconcerting to you? If it bothers you in any way?

Q:  Well no. It doesn’t bother me that much. I’m just curious to know if I should do something different to understand the process and either speed it up or do something different with it.

OWS:  We are finding that if you allow it to take its’ course it will clear up on its own as you continue to move along and move up in vibrations here as you can. And you will find that everything is what you call fine here as we find it. Nothing to be concerned about yet at this point. 

Q:  It looks like I don’t want to take back my power and I prefer myself to stay small. I am preoccupied by paying my bills and going from one crisis to another. So why am I doing that and what to do and how to step in my power and accept my responsibility?

OWS:  What we would say to you and to all — not only this one who is asked this question but it is very important for all of you — to accept your power. To accept who you are and to go about your daily lives and not be concerned about the old programming anymore. That is not to say that if you have your bills to pay and these types of things that you just ignore them. We are not saying that. You take care of what you need to take care of at this point. But know that as you are doing this that all of this is going to be worked out and you are simply in a process now that you are moving out of the old paradigm and into the new.

We must ask whoever is on the phone there to please mute your phone. There is noise coming.

It is important for you to continue to work within the system that you are in but not be a part of the system if you understand this. Be in the world but not of the world. You see? 

Q:  If any of us experience what Sananda spoke of last week, the ‘dark night of the soul’ or an apparent separation from our higher self and from Source, what else can we tap into then to allow the experience but bring love to it even if we don’t feel it, and pray that somehow allowing the experience and attempting to bring love to it will help others.

OWS:  We would say to you and to all here that this dark night of the soul is not a figment of your imagination. It is real. And it is a time as you are moving through this transition where you will feel a sense of everything familiar to you leaving you and a sense of being disconnected from your higher self. And it will feel at that point where everyone has left you. And if you are feeling that now, it will pass. It is something that you are moving through and all that are moving through the ascension process will at some point have this feeling. And it is a feeling of loss that is something that you cannot even describe at this point. If you have felt it before you will know what we are speaking of. If you have not yet felt it, it will come at some point but nothing to be concerned about because you are being prepared for this. You are being acclimated to these energies so that when this type of thing occurs you can be in love at that point. You can be — with capital “B”- “E” — and be in love at that point. You see?

Q:  I would like to express that I think I have felt this a lot, often. And I seem to be having some issues with trust I suppose around the issue of so many things that we have spoken about coming almost here almost around the corner but you know they just never get here. So I do, I have experienced this dark night of the soul and I think it’s around trust. So do you have any recommendations for us that are experiencing this?

OWS:  Yes. When you are a experiencing this type of thing just know that it is temporary. It is not something that is going to last and you are going to move through it and within it as you need to. So do not be concerned about it even if it seems to last for a lifetime it is only for momentary here. That is what you need to understand. And as you continue to move up in vibrations, in terms of seeing the beauty all around you, in terms of feeling everything being wonderful around you, then you will change your vibration in that moment so you will no longer be in that dark night of the soul at that point. You see?

Q:  Okay. We’ll keep on giving it our best. It’s getting kind of hot down here so kindly to hurry up.

OWS:  We cannot hurry anything up just as you cannot hurry anything up. But you can, you as a collective, you can manifest what it is that you want. So if you want peace, if you want freedom, if you want financial system to changeover, and all of these things, then create it. Create it in your mind. Feel it already happening. See yourself going to your financial institution and withdrawing your money and this type of thing. See this. If this is what you want, see this. If you want your technology to be released, see the technology coming out. See the devices coming forward. Create it in your mind. Visualize it in your meditations and it will be in your dream state and all of this. And the more that you do this as a collective whole, the faster you will bring all of this on here. You are the ones that are in control here. You are the ones that you have been waiting for. Always know that.

Q:  My dear Master, I thank you for your words but help me understand what the major malfunction is because we have been doing this for a long time now. Please help us understand why it’s not happening.

OWS:  Shoshana wants to say something here.

Shoshana:  I have something for you. The message is trust. Not trusting is a symptom of judgment. So that he who judges does not trust. We must come to a point of neutrality regardless. We must come to neutrality and acceptance and joy. And within neutrality and joy you will find what you are seeking.

OWS:  That is correct. That is wonderful. Always be neutral at all times. Be neutral as the Source within you is neutral.

Shoshana:  And seek to believe that, dear Moses. If you continue to believe that you do not have what is required for joy and love and happiness, this will be your reality.

Q:  I thank you but it’s I seem to be either the only one having this malfunction or there is something wrong because I am doing my visualizations daily and my prayers but how can you tell someone starving in the desert from hunger and thirst just to visualize and water will come. If you’re on your last day without water there’s some sense of urgency. I don’t understand this being neutral thing. We’re in the desert, we’re struggling but we’re supposed to be neutral I’m struggling with this concept.

OWS:  It is very difficult for you to understand from a three dimensional understanding in all of the programming you have gone through. But if you look at it from a higher viewpoint the higher idea of the whole plan that is in the works here that it begins more to make sense to you. But you cannot look at it from the lower vibrations. You must look at it from the higher vibrations. And yes we understand if one is thirsting or is hungry, it is very difficult to do that because you are operating at the first chakra level and it is the survival mode only, at that point.

But that is something that one who is experiencing that in the moment, needs to go through for whatever reason they are going through it. You do not understand why one other is going through whatever they are experiencing. You only can experience for yourself what you are going through. And if you are the one that is having this hunger and is thirsting, then it is important for you to, again, as we are saying, as much as you can is your vibrations to look at things in a different viewpoint. And if you do that you will find that the food or that thirsting will go away. The hunger or the thirsting will go away. You see there are those that are able to be in a position where they are in the higher vibrations where they have no need of food or water or anything of this nature. They can survive completely on the sun’s energy. But you are not there yet at this point as you are still operating within your third dimensional programming as we find it. But as you move up and away from this old illusionary program, you will find that none of this will be any concern anymore. So we would say for you to be patient, to continue to do as you need to do in the given moment and everything will work out as it needs to.

Q:  I have a question about using affirmations. Could you share the importance or how speaking in terms of our sound, our consciousness, affirmations of the I Am. One of our members mentioned earlier about the I Am. But the importance of speaking sound into our macro/microcosm of our consciousness versus telepathically meditating those commands to our macro/microcosm bodies. So does that make sense about the voice-sound connection versus no sound connections to enhance our consciousness or help us in our creative intentions?

OWS:  Yes, certainly. The power of the word is very important. How did it all begin? “In the beginning was the word and the word was of God. And the Word was God”. You see? That is in your Genesis in your Bible. And it is very apropos here because that was how it all began with the spoken word. Spoken creation. And you, as you speak your creation out, you manifest that creation. Now you have the thought first then from the thought comes the word. And then from the word comes the action. You see? This is how it works. This is : you call The Secret.

We would add one more thing the visualization of this as well. When you think it, you visualize it, and then you speak it out.

Q:  Just as long ago as November of last year Sananda said get ready for action. And a few weeks ago Ashtar said the Galactic Federation had been given the green light to get into position. But since then nothing really public has happened with regard to the downfall of the cabal or the GCR or anything like that. And going on what Moses said I feel his frustration. I feel a lot of frustration the light worker community that I read in various different avenues. Can you give us a really solid update on the arrests and the global currency reset and really where we’re at please?

OWS:  First of all we would say that the Ashtar, when he spoke and spoke of the green light it was the green light that they would prepare or begin the preparation of the last phase, you might say, of the plan that they are working on at this point. That was the green light that they were given to move into that final phase. That is what they have done. With that will come many more sightings, you might say, across the planet. More will increase. They will begin showing themselves a great deal more. As to the arrests and all of these things that you are speaking of those are in the works now. They are happening still behind the scenes for the most part but some have been brought out into the open and will continue to be so.

And what you, though, are looking for are the ones that you are aware of, the ones that you know of. As they are brought into being arrested and all of these things. But always know that as these things are happening, it is important for you the light warriors and light workers, it is important for you to send love to them, to be love to them. That is the important thing. Do not see this as they are arrested and brought in front of the courts and these types of things. Do not be gleeful that they are getting what they deserve or whatever they are. Even if they are. Be loving toward them. Because they are in a position themselves where they do not know what they do. “Forgive them Father for they know not what they do.” You see? Even Yeshua could do that while He laid on the cross. If He could do that then could you not do the same? Forgive them Father for they know not what they do. Okay?

If you are looking for a time frame here as we find it in the other part of your question, as you know we cannot give a timeframe, but we can tell you … we will not tell you it is soon. We will not tell you it is imminent. It is just what it is. And everything is continuing to work out as it needs to.

We know you do not want to hear this. We know you get tired of this. But that is because you are operating still at the old times sense within your three dimensional programming. And you look for things to happen directly in the moment or in the next few moments. And even though we keep telling you that these things are coming, they are happening now. Many things are going on behind the scenes, there are arrests that are happening, there are those that are being taken out of the picture without you even knowing it. Many have been taken off planet here without you would even know that. You would not know that unless they were, what we are finding here in the James, what is called a perp walk here. You are not necessarily going to see that perp walk as you are hoping for. Some of them will, though. And you will find though that it matters not how it happens but that it happens. You see? Okay?

We need to release channel here now.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the one.

Channeled by James McConnell

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“Believing is seeing!”