Love is our new reality

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Poetry by Ana Daksina, April 6th, 2018

Already There

These days when something needful is
I get that cocreating buzz
Itch to with it experiment
Oh, you know, just because

We are assured by the Divine
Through every channel, all the same
That these days we are playing at
A very diff’rent game

Than we were but a month ago
And do you know what? Sure enough
Suddenly has come to me
Quite a bit of requested stuff!

Although I have few funds
To spend on any project — I
Am not in a position
Much luxury to buy —

In just the past couple of weeks
I have manifested:
A new system of pillows
Whereon I lay my head

And body every night
In consid’rable less pain
Than I had before,
And in addition I have gained

An outdoor stove and heater for
My little tent — but wait
I also gifted have been now
That tent to insulate

For winter next, as well as ways
To make it cool this summer through
Thus keep my little phone alive
So I can write to you

None of these methods cost
More than ten dollars each
Require no electricity
Their optimum to reach

While I have learning been
Just as swiftly as I may
How this cocreation goes,
And this is what I’ll say:

It’s not so much a matter of
Rubbing ones hands into thin air
To find desired objects
Afterward be standing there

Much closer a phenomenon
To synchronicity
As though your urge to ask
In such a perfect timing be

You’re walking up to meet it
Just as you’re wondering where
And glance up to discover
That it’s already there