Love is our new reality

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One Who Serves via James McConnell, December 27th

One Who Serves
Greetings to you. Good to be here with you in this way.
We understand from you discussion earlier that there is much about letting go of various people, situations, various things in your life. That is certainly the trend at this time. There is a transition that is going on. You are all aware of this but it is a transition that is happening within you.

Yes, there are a number of things happening outside of yourself but you will become aware of these things more and more. But the changes are happening within you. These changes that are happening within you are calling the wheat from the chaff. You are being separated or let’s say you are separating yourselves. You are separating yourselves from those who are not ready to move into these vibrations. It is a natural process.
That is not to say that those who are not moving up into these higher vibrations at a conscious, knowing level such as you are. It is not to say that they will not move on and move through the transition, the Ascension Process, and all of this, they will. But they are not yet at this moment where they have become aware of this. Their alarm clock has not yet gone off.

But it will go off. It will signal to them that it is time now for them to make a choice. Some have already made the choice. Some have not had the opportunity yet but it is coming. All is happening for a reason. All is happening in the Divine Moment that it must happen. So, as we have said many times, all is being orchestrated. You are part of the Prime Creation that the Creator has called for here.
So be at peace, my many friends here. Be at peace and know that all is as it needs to be. All is as it is.
Now questions for “One Who Serves.” No “Ashira” here today so we go on our own.

Question: I learned a long time ago, from WayneDyer, to change the way you look at things and the way they are will change. Is that helpful when looking at dysfunctional families?

We are not calling your families dysfunctional. You may be doing that in your 3D world here. But they are no more dysfunctional than you are. From the eyes we see from, we see perfect love, there is nothing but this. From the Prime Creator down, there is only love.

Now there are those who have pushed away the love and moved into the dark side and all of this. And that is certainly their choice. But we love them no less. And we would suggest to you to love them no less as well. For in loving them you can move them into the light. As a collective, if you were all to do this.

You see if enough light came to that, they would shift the light themselves. But because of the various hatreds and fear that is involved here and they are ensconced within that at all times, they are not able to struggle out of the darkness and into the light. But it only takes one, one Collective Consciousness that comes to them and can begin to shift them away from this.

So, you are certainly correct. See things as you want them to be and that is what it will become. This is certainly, believing is seeing.

Question: What can you tell us about the New Year and how to keep up with the moment of Now?

Yes. In the sense of what is to come is in the sense of various predictions or things that can be possibilities. If we do this we take away our own thunder for things that are to come after New Year’s here. That is on the agenda for that time. So we will share more at that time.
But always know that whenever various predictions come from or who they come through there is always the probability of what is coming through at that exact moment in which they are given. In the next moment it begins to change because of the Collective Consciousness that is involved in that change.

If you look at the greater changes that you are expecting and looking for, it is even more so because it takes the Collective Consciousness to make those changes. If you are talking about your own personal predictions it takes you and those around you but not the entire planet, you see.
But these larger changes that you have been expectant of are coming from the entire collective of the planet and all must come to a higher frequency vibration to bring about these changes. But knowing this, there is the idea that all of this has already happened. Already happened in the higher vibrations. So, it is already a done deal. It will come to you at your 3D or higher vibrational field when you are preparing for it.
Does that answer your question?

Question: I am looking forward to seeing all in 2016.

Yes. But in looking forward you are denying that which is already here. Be in the present NOW and your coming Now will alter as a result of that. Think on that one for a little bit! Yoda has nothing over us! (laughter)
Question: I want to understand this more. It seems like there have been predictions for a long time. And it seems that the more people believe in them, the more they come true. Is that so?

We would ask this question. Why do many people want predictions? Because they are unsatisfied with their current life. They want to know what is coming. They want to know their future. In wanting to know their future, they are already altering their future in doing so. Rather than being in the present Now.

Going with the flow. Believing is seeing. All of these sayings that you have been receiving from all of the many sources. Take that within you and you will know that what is coming is already here.

It is the same thing as in the move, “The Matrix”, there is no spoon. It is a question as to the mind bending the spoon but the truth is the spoon has already been bent. And even more than that, there never was a spoon to begin with. You see?
Question: Why do people believe in negative predictions?

Because they are ensconced within fear. Fear runs their very lives. They are running into the very programming that they are responsible for creating.

It is only for you who understand these words that these words make sense. Take someone from the street, what is the saying “Johnny Lunchbucket” or “Susie Homemaker” and put some of these words out to them. What would they do with it? They would think that we were nuts too!

Question: Can you please shed some light on ego and personality.

First, you have been programmed to think that the ego is bad or negative. It can be bad or negative. Or it can be wonderful and positive. It all depends on how you perceive the situation you are in at the present moment.

Your ego is a part of you. It is you. It is your personality. It is what carries on within you. It is not something that you will just let go of. You will let go of a portion of the ego. The portion that you will let go of is that part that will keep you from your Ascension Process.
But if you allow for your ego, if you pull it up with you, if you make it a part of you rather than a separate identity from you, then it will come with you. And it will add it’s expression to who you are from the soul understanding that comes into it, and it will move up with you into the higher vibrations.

So you certainly do not want to overcome your ego or destroy it or anything of this nature for it is a part of you since the very beginning. And in the many lifetimes you have experienced, the many sojourns you have gone through your ego has continued with you and continued to develop. But your ego has developed its own separate identity within you. That is the part that people want to overcome or get rid of.

Your very Cabal has used this in the past as a programming technique. That there is a dark side to you and that part is what can win out here. It can never do that. Even for those who will chose to go back to their very origins rather continue on to move into the light, that is their choice in a freewill universe, They will choose to go back to their very origins and start all over again. Can you imagine what that would be like? But you see everyone has that choice.

Your ego is something to cherish rather than abolish. You see? This is a little bit different way of looking at it, we know. But we continue to work with this group and with those who work with this group to bring you into the higher vibrations with us in these types of teachings. Those that can understand this can move along much more easily. If you do not understand these words than listen to them again and again or read them again until it begins to resonate within you. For the deeper meanings of what we speak are already within you and only need to be brought up in your memories. All of the answers are already there.

Question: Can you say something about others who are not on this path but are ascending too?

There are many levels of consciousness. They are on their own life sojourns and they are moving in a direction, they are following their own path and that path may or may not be with you or go alongside of you. If it does wonderful. If it does not, it is still wonderful. Because it is what it is.

There is no reason to separate yourself from others unless the separation is already deeply happening. And then you take your separate paths. This is what was meant when Sananda spoke of the wheat becoming separate from the chaff. There will be those at the physical level, be them friends or family members at times that will be separated from you for their own purpose. For the path they are on and you as well. You will find that like attracts like and you will be more attracted to those of like attraction.

This is all about the Law of Attraction. It has always been like this. The universal law. It cannot be anything other than this. So do not be concerned if you find yourself drifting away from families and friends. This is part of the orchestration that we speak of. There may be those that you do not feel are at the higher consciousness level but they may already be so. To look upon them as more or less, would be a judgment on your part. Just as we look at you and do not consider you better or lesser that us. For if we did anything of this nature, this would be a judgment of our part. And certainly we hope we are long past this judgment.

See, it is the need to become neutral. This is what it is all about. Become neutral as the God Source within is neutral. We love you. Unconditionally. But we are neutral as to how you live your life. That is not to say that there will not be guidance or nudges from your Higher Self or from us who mentor you. But in the final analysis, it is your own path you must run here.

Question: What does the behavior of neutral look like?

The behavior of neutral is exactly that. Finding yourself in a position that it matters not how things go. They only go as they need to go. They only go as they need to go in that present moment.

So if you allow the process to go between you and others and know that you cannot control anything outside of yourself, you can barely at times control yourself. Know that as you go into your daily life and be in a space of complete neutrality as much as possible. It is what it is.
Letting go of all attachments brings you into a completely neutral state. In a neutral state, you are in your God Source. For your God Source is always neutral.

Question: How can one find their purpose?

Those in the process of finding their way are already finding it! There is nothing you can do to find your path because it is already laid out in front of you. And you are moving along that path even if you do not know you are. You do not know if you are moving on the path the way you think you should be or in the movement of where you are meant to be. There is a big difference here.

Know that whatever your path is, it is going to open up in front of you where you belong. As you move your feet, you path will become available to you. If you sit and do nothing, it is hard to follow that path, is it not?

So if you come to a path to follow, to be of service, follow that ideal. Move forward with it, whatever it is. If it would be helpful to have others assist you, then ask others to assist you. You are not in this alone, people. You have many that are working with you. Working alongside of you, giving you nudges. You own Higher God Self is always there. Just outside of your reach but within a whisper’s breathe. Simply, listen to those whispers. If you don’t hear the whispers you will certainly hear the shouts. That is certainly so. As a few found out just a little bit ago.
We thank you for what you do for us. Without you there is no reason for us to be. We are all one.

We are all moving forward with these plans that are in the works. All of them and without each, individual soul out there participating in whatever way they can participate, being of service in whatever way they can be of service, without that one it is like a drop in the ocean that is taken from the ocean and does not know its wholeness.

Know that each one of you, each one of us is all a part of this. We have all our various parts to play. This one we speak through, James, has his part to play. He is the one who is allowing us to come through. Each one in this room, in this group are bringing your part into this. All of you in this group and joining group around the planet are having an effect with your meditation on the Collective Consciousness upon the planet.
So we thank you from the deepest parts of our hearts. We thank you for all that you have done and are doing. There is coming a time during the celebrations where you will be appreciated for all you have done.
Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.

Channeled by James McConnell