Love is our new reality

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Mary Magdalene via Lea Chapin, December 28th

Greetings Dear One, yes it is I, Mary Magdalene. As I come in to all of your energy fields, I say thank you, dearest children for allowing us to be a part of your life’s journey as you move forward in your soul incarnation. We say to you at this time, that the energy of 2015 has been a year of great tribulation for many, and for some it has held great joy. This year is about releasement, about moving into a state of freedom, it is about letting go of all that no longer serves you. And so, dearest children, if you have been in a state where you have been in transition, please know that the time is near over, so that the solidarity of your life’s journey can begin anew.

So I as you dear children to take a deep, inhaling breath and begin to breathe in the energy of the white light of God. Simply imagine yourselves moving through time and space as you allow yourself to move forward into the very crystalline core of Mother Earth. Placing your feet on the ground, feeling the essence and presence of the energy of the mother, and feeling the light of God merge into your being. I ask you Dearest Children to take another deep breath, and breathe in the essence of love, and breathe in the essence of peace, and breathe in the essence of joy.

So at this time, as the beautiful beings known as the Carpathians stand with you, they are here helping through this transition of releasement. I ask once again that you place your breath and your intention into the very crystalline core of Mother Earth, and simply breathe. Begin to breathe in the light of God, and release. Begin to the breathe in the light of God, and release. Begin to breathe in the light of God, and release. At this time I ask that you hold the space of love for yourself, and I ask that you hold the space of love for Mother Earth, for at this most auspicious time, the earth mother continues to release, she continues to clear her vibration of negativity, oppression, and old, patriarchal rule from upon her back.

At this time we ask you, as you place your feet into the crystalline core of Mother Earth, to begin to call in the energy of the sacred feminine, the beautiful essence of Divine Mother Love. For sacred feminine comes in many forms, yes, to the energy of the Goddess, of Gaea, to the powerful essence of Mother Mary, of Quan Yin, Divine Sophia, and beautiful priestess Isis, Shanty(?), and all those who have come forth in the name of the sacred feminine, we ask that you hold this beautiful space of love for all of creation and for yourself. And truly begin to breathe. Begin to breathe and call in this powerful energy of the sacred feminine, for it is there that peace shall prevail. Love shall prevail, tranquility shall prevail.

And at this time, as the Earth Mother is making her final releasement, of what we call the energy of the dark essence upon the surface of her back, we ask that you now make your intention very clear, of that which you wish to release, also, from your own shadow side and your own dark night of the soul. Begin to breathe in the essence of the light and the love of the beautiful sacred feminine, breathing in this energy, breathing in that vibration of peace, love, compassion, and mercy. And join every cell, every fiber, every pore of your being with the beautiful energy of the white light of God. Breathing in this essence, breathing in this joy, breathing in the freedom.

And so, dearest ones, take this breath, and allow the frequency of the Divine, sacred feminine to soften and to release any of the jagged edges that you may be holding within your system emotionally or mentally, energetically, spiritually. So at this time, as we allow the releasement of all that no longer serves us, to be free from our energetic field, our mental, our emotional, and all our subtle light bodies, the beautiful energy of Mother Earth, the beautiful energy of Divine, Sacred feminine, embraces and releases. And so breathe dearest children, breathe, breathe the power of the white light of God. And breathe in the freedom, and breathe in the joy. Breathe, my children, breathe. Breathe, my children, breathe.

Today, as the beautiful Carpathians stand with us, they have been looking diligently to prepare this new earth. Of the seventh dimensional frequency within every living, sentient being. Many speak of the fifth dimension, but this planet has ascended, and many of its individuals and sentient beings are living in the seventh dimensional frequency. This has been causing some disturbance in people’s psyches, they have been having difficulty adjusting to the energy frequencies, because it is not, as they say, compatible to their third dimensional bodies. These energies are extremely potent, and they are bringing and clearing as we have said, any emotional issues, any sadness, any fear, any discordant energies that are be turned and transmuted into joy. And so dearest ones, if you have been emotionally in a place of discordant energy, and this year of 2015, and particularly since the activation at Mt. Shasta in September of 2015, this is why. The energies are bubbling and clearing like a volcano coming through each of you.

The energies are bubbling forward, and there is truly only love. And so allow your hearts to open dearest children, and allow sacred feminine to bring the energies into fruition of peace, calm, tranquility and joy. May the love and the laughter return into your lives, may the love and the laughter return into your lives, and may you understand that in this new year of 2016, it is the energy of freedom and hope, the powerful energy of Mother Earth, the powerful energy of the Sacred Feminine, is assisting and clearing and releasing as we speak. And so take another deep breath dearest children, let go and let God, let go and let God, let go and let God.

And so as you feel this essence and presence within your heart, feel the freedom feel the joy, feel the love and feel the laughter. In these final days of your 2015, we ask you to make your inventory and once again, set yourself free. Make your inventory and set yourself free, letting go and letting God, letting go and letting God. Setting yourself free, letting go and letting God. As the new year of 2016 approaches, and comes in as they say, with a bang, then know that it is time for you to move forward, and you are moving forward running, running, running as they say, to the next gate or the next station. Many of you will feel this, that there is so much change, and it will be positive, and you will not know how to catch your breath.

And so dearest children as you feel this anticipation of this beautiful new year, this is the year, as we have said, that the light workers will stand tall and stand proud, and move into the essence and presence of who they truly are. They will be recognized for all the work that they have done. For many of you this is a culmination lifetime, where all of your incarnations and all the energy of those incarnations are coming into fruition now, in your year of 2015. All that you have done, the soul’s journey, is coming for each of you to be blessed, to be recognized, and to be set free.

I know I’ve said this many, many, many times before, that it has been a difficult soul’s journey. And as many of you know, from the story of Jeshua’s and my life, our lives were difficult, and yet we persevered. We knew from early on of Jeshua’s Great Design, and we were prepared for the crucifixion, the resurrection, and the work that was to follow after Jeshua’s recovery from the crucifixion.

I continue to bring my compassion to each of you, who have walked this journey on this earth plane, in the name of the Great I AM, and in service to Mother Earth. I know, Dearest Children, that you have just celebrated the birth of Jeshua, and the excitement of being with your family and friends, and the anticipation of moving forward into the next leg of your journey. And so, Dearest Children, know to never give up. Hold strong and hold proud. That you have gone through the cycle of incarnations time and time and time again, and you have served. And now, Dearest Children, you are going to be served. In front of you sits a platter, a cornucopia of beautiful beautiful gifts. Dearest Children take from the plate of the cornucopia, take from the platter what is yours, and receive. Take from the platter what is yours, and receive. May the love of God truly surround you and the power of God truly embrace you, for today, as you embrace this energy of freedom, and embrace this energy of love, may your heart truly open to the essence and the presence of all that there is. And so in many ways, as we have said, it is like the Last Supper, take from the cornucopia of all that is being gifted to you. What do you wish to manifest? What do you wish to bring forward into this year of 2016? What is within the heart of your hearts? How can we serve you? How can you serve yourself? And so once again we ask you to breathe, dearest children, and release and let go. Breathe dearest children, and release and let go.

The beautiful Carpathians are here, and they are helping you to move through a portal, through a portal of time, as if you are traveling through a powerful frequency of energy, into the seventh dimensional frequency. The door, the gateway is open, and you are moving through the portal of time. The absorption of all that no longer serves you will simply evaporate, all those who wish to move into the seventh dimensional frequency, and be embodied and be encompassed by these frequencies at the highest level, will now enter into the portal. You’ll become as they say a time traveler, and you are and will be able to move through the dimensions of time, coming back into your physicality with greater awareness, wisdom, and knowledge. You may feel at this time that you are uncertain about your life or your future, or anything that is happening within your own life. Nothing may feel secure or solid, it is because you’ve entered into the portal of the seventh dimensional frequency, you are a time traveler, and you are moving through time and space. Your body, your emotions are trying to catch up. This may sound odd to you, but this is what Jeshua and I did when we worked with the No-Names, and we prepared Jeshua for the crucifixion and the resurrection, he would not have survived if he had been in his mortal body. If he was an ordinary human being he would not have survived. And so Elizabeth and I held his soul like a pearl in a net, so that he could move out of his conscious physicality and through the portal of time, with the assistance of the No-Names, and move forward into his super consciousness, into his unlimited mind, and there he would feel the power of who he truly was.

And so dearest children in these final days of 2015, know that you are letting go and you are moving into your super consciousness, and you are living in an exalted state, in the seventh dimensional frequency, bringing that frequency back into your physicality, walking this earth plane and continuing the journey for peace to prevail upon this planet. I know I’ve said this, but we love you, we support you, and we assist you. We love you, we support you, and we assist you through these shifting energies, and through the portal of time. For today is a day of grace and gratitude, to be alive on this earth plane, to be honored, to be present in these magnificent times of change. Mother Earth is ascending, humanity, all of creation is ascending rapidly. I know many do not understand the urgency of the ascension of this planet. I know we’ve talked about it many times before but there is a speeding up of time, a speeding up of the earth changes, a speeding up of all that is happening before your eyes. This is why the negativity and the fear and what many call the terrorist attacks seem to be so prevalent and are increasing. The energy is being transmuted, the darkness. It clears the karma collectively of all of humanity. Every time there is a mass clearing of energy, of negativity, it clears the karma of this earth and within your own consciousness, for the next 10,000 years Mother Earth and all her inhabitants will be purging and purging and purging until there is no longer anything to purge. There will only be love.

Just as those beautiful Lemurians who live in Telos live in balance and harmony, this is how all sentient beings will leave on the surface of this planet. And you Dearest Children are the pioneers, you are the way-showers, you are the children of light. And so in many ways, Dearest Children, all of the death that is happening, and even the death of your own lives, of your own emotions, of your past existence, what you know, is falling away. It is a clearing on a massive level of your own personal karma so that you can live in the seventh dimensional frequency, moving through the portal of time with great ease. This may be confusing for many to understand, and it is not for the weak-willed, but those that are on the earth plane at this time are strong stewards of light for the planet. You are tenacious beings and you will carry forward, bridging and bringing light to where there is darkness.

Each of you are centrally located, as we have said, in a specific ley line, and now, ground your energy into that ley line. Today, Lea is in the heartland and she is in Springfield Illinois where the heart of Mother Earth is, for Springfield, Illinois is the heart of Mother Earth. And here, as she sits at this moment in the ley line of the heart of the mother, calling in the energy of sacred feminine, calling in the energy of Divine Sophia, where Lea comes and comes and comes to clear. And so, Dearest Children, the beautiful energy of the heart of the mother, she loves you, she acknowledges you, she acknowledges the sacrifice that you’ve all made, and now, you shall receive. Remember as Sanunu has said, you have given and given and given, and now it is your time to receive. You have given and given, and it is your time to receive. Dear Sanunu is known as the angel of giving, she is from the family of giving. And the essence of her love is freedom of the spirit. So today, the beautiful energy of the freedom of your spirit is soaring into the seventh dimension and beyond.

You will soon settle yourself, whatever it might be, mentally, physically, emotionally, energetically. In this year of 2016, you will settle your energy, you’ll find your way, and there will be great joy and love. This is our gift and promise unto you, for as we have said at our last gathering, we have gifted unto you the 12 gifts from the wise men. And each of you have been imprinted with the beautiful Star of David, and it has been etched into your very soul. There is a unity consciousness now that is being felt and integrated into the heart of the Mother right here in Springfield Illinois there is a unity grid being ignited into the heart of the Mother. And the expansion of Mother Earth’s heart is beating with your heartbeat. Each of you are being ignited into the unity grid and into the consciousness of all there is. And as you allow this beautiful beautiful energy and essence to unify within your soul, know that your own personal peace grid, your own unity grid, your own light grid has now been ignited, like an eternal flame, the light has been ignited.

You Dearest Children are children of the light, you have called and called and called for peace upon this planet. And it shall be. But not until, dearest children, the unrest in the hearts of all sentient beings returns to peace within themselves. And so all that you have brought forth has shifted the unity consciousness in the heart of the Mother. All the work that you have done to bring peace and love and tranquility to Mother Earth, we will tell you Dearest Children, it is working, and you are succeeding. And the heaviness that many of you have felt, the energy will fall away. Because we have opened the portal for you to move through as a time traveler, mentally, emotionally, physically you will become lighter and lighter and lighter. So I ask you once again, dearest children, to breathe. And as the heartbeat of the Mother attaches each of you into the unity grid, here in the heart of Mother Earth, here in Springfield Illinois the heart of the Mother is felt. Some may say oh that is not the heart chakra of the Mother, but it is, dearest one. It is, it truly is. And so connect yourself here, all to the heartbeat of the Mother, let her guide your life, let the beautiful sacred energy guide your life, and you will know exactly what you are to do with each breath that you take, and with each step that you take, you will know exactly what to do.

So today, as you stand together, hand in hand, may the pulsation of the heartbeat of the mother beat strongly through the energy grid of all that are on the call today. There are 12 of you, including Dr. [], makes 13, which brings about the energy of joy. In Jeshua’s book the 12 Master Teachings of Christ, the last lesson is Joy. And now, Dearest Children, this is the final portal. You may not be familiar with this, but Jeshua’s book is a portal that you’ve all gone through, starting with love, joy, each lesson holds a powerful vibration, but each vibration, each lesson is a portal. And I will say to you, all who are on this call today, have gone through each individual portal through all incarnations of time. You are on the last portal, it is joy. If you are not familiar with the teachings, then we ask you to become familiar with it, that you embrace the energy through the words or through the sounds of the recordings. Because you are all living in the last portal, as I’ve said you’ve gone through many incarnations of time in sacrifice, the first portal, the first lesson is love. The last lesson is joy. Do you understand the correlation now? You are in the final leg of your journey, this is a culmination of all lifetimes, this is a culmination of all the portals and the teachings of Christ, the 12 Master Teachings. This is news unto our oracle, although she was the one who brought them forward, but this is news to her today, that this is the last portal. That all of you have earned the right to move through.

Without forgiveness there can be no joy. Without love there can be no forgiveness. This is very important at this time for this planet, for so many are angry about all the negativity, and the violence that is occurring. But I tell you, it is a part of the karmic clearing, even though it may be horrific, it is like when one has a war. There is karmic clearing through wars. How can that be? It clears, as they say, all of the vibration at one time, that has been built up through eons of time. Today we wish to speak about this beautiful portal of joy, and it is necessary. It is necessary that this portal be expanded to all of your hearts, in this year of 2016, as Dearest Ones you have graduated through the portals of time.

I know I repeat myself, but the book, the 12 Master Teachings of Christ, is necessary to read and to listen to as they are portals that will help you to move through the last portal of joy. The planet is now merging through this portal, you all are merging through this portal.

Then I will quickly take my leave, for you see my dearest ones, my beloved Jeshua came to bring joy to the world. It is the holiday season, the celebration of Jeshua’s birth, it is the excitement and anticipation of the new year that many feel now in this week of yes, this is the last week of the year, and will move into the new year with great anticipation. And so now allow the heartbeat of the mother to bring joy into your heart, resonate with this frequency and let yourself be at peace. I thank you for your time and your attention, and the Carpathians send their love onto you as well. May you bring peace to all, and the beautiful portal of the heartbeat of joy that is running through your unity grid, your peace grid, you’ve all connected to this new frequency in the heartland of Mother Earth. And there you stand, embraced and loved, and there you are at peace. Be still my children, be still and know that you are loved, be still be still and know that you are loved. And the heart of the mother surrounds you and embraces you with her peace and joy, until we speak again, surrender, let go, and be the joy and the light and the peace that you are.