Love is our new reality

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One Who Serves via James McConnell, February 17th, 2019

ONE WHO SERVES   (Channeled by James McConnell)

Om, mani, padme, hum;  om, mani padme, hum ,hum, hum.   Greetings to you!   How is that for you all?

Guests:   Good!  Powerful!

OWS:   You feel the energies.  We need to have you all wake up now.  Come out of your muted calls here, please.  We want to hear your wonderful voices.   We want to hear that you are all alive and moving on in joy and oneness.  Are you there?

Guests:    Yes.  We are here.  Greetings!  We love you!

OWS:   Very good.  There you all are!   Wonderful!  We love you too!

Do you feel the energies that Melchizedek has spoken of?

Guests:  Oh yes!  Very powerful.  Absolutely.  What a ride!

OWS:   You know the saying, people:  you ain’t seen nothing yet!

Guests:  (Laughter)

OWS:   Or, you ain’t felt nothing yet!

Guests:   (Laughter)

OWS:   As many of you are beginning to realize that these things we have been talking about for many years now are real.  You may have thought before that, well, when is this going to happen?  And when it did not happen, you began to think and become disconsolate, and think it is never going to happen, and “I guess it’s not going to happen in my lifetime.”  Well, poppycock!  It is happening!  It’s happening right now!

You are in the midst of it.  And many of you are beginning more and more to realize that.  You are having the dreams.  You are having the waking experiences.  You are having the sightings in the skies.  You are having the intense feelings coming over you such as this one, James, who had his heart racing, and we monitored it very carefully that it would not become too powerful.

But it did not, and we were able to allow for the Melchizedek to speak to you, because it was important.  Because he comes to you with the power of the Source, and that is important for you to realize.  As he said, that YOU are the power.  Just begin more and more to stand within that power.

And when you come in contact with others that are not standing in their power, or that are still continuing to stand in their ignorance or in their desire to not know the truth, to want to stay in the darkness.  When you come upon them, do not despair:  just be who you are, the power within you.  Let that come forth, and let it do what it will.  And then let it go.  Let it be.  Whatever it is.  And that is all you need to do.  For ever so often, more and more as you move along here, you are going to speak with your power and someone is going to hear you.  They are going to hear the Source within you.

Now, that does not mean that you are to say and use the term “I” a great deal.  No!  Do not!  Do not say, “I am all powerful!”  Do not say, “I am the one!”  Do not say that to others, for they will not understand.

Just as when Yeshua spoke the words that he did, they did not understand.  But he did not say, ever, that he was God.  He did not say that.  He said, “I am, that I am.”  You see?  And they misinterpreted his words and believed that he was the son of God and the only son of God.  But did he speak with power from the Source?  Yes, he did.  “I and my father are one.”  What was he speaking of as his father?  He was speaking of his Higher Self, and the connection of the Higher Self to the Source of the universe, to the oneness.  That is what he was speaking from.  And that is what you, now, are speaking from, or are now going to begin more and more to speak from.

Read, my friends, read The Unveiled Mysteries again.  And read how he came.  The Godfrey Rey King, the Guy Ballard, came to his power within him as he brought the Source forth and spoke out to those who needed to hear and understand that power.

That is what Melchizedek brought to you today.  As the saying goes, “run with it,” okay?

Do you have questions here for One Who Serves?

JoAnna:   We have email questions first.

Yes, the first question is, do we merge or align with Higher Self upon death, we don’t quite manage it in carnation.  Is there also a presence of false light beings, and how can we discern that which is purse service to others light?  Much appreciated.

OWS:   First of all, as one moves through the dying process, the death process, they do not immediately merge with their higher selves.  And we are saying “they,” and not saying “you” purposefully here.  In the past we would have used the term “when you die.”  But, as you are beginning more and more to understand, you very well may not have that death experience, at least not any time soon.  Okay?  So we are speaking in terms of in the past, certainly, and yes, of course, some will still move through this dying process.

And when you are on the other side, you continue on as who you are for a period of time.  That period of time, of course, depends on you.  And it depends on you as to when you are ready to begin the merging process with your higher self and all of your multi-dimensional selves along the way.  And that is up to you, and yes to those who are there to help guide you along the way as well.

Now, at a certain point, you then make that decision.  You are ready to become fully merged with your higher self, and then you do so.  Does the personality that you were in this lifetime be lost?  No, certainly not.  It is merged.  It is a part of the whole and it continues on as that part, you see?  And at any time it can be re-emerged if the higher self, you, decide you want to do that—bring that personality back again, you see?

Now, there is a difference here, because we will speak now about ascension.  And the ascension process that you are going through, and as you fully move through the ascension, what have you been told over and over?  It is a merging of you with your higher self.  So you are going to merge with your higher self without going through the dying process (most of you).  You see?  And you are going to merge with your higher self and still be who you are in this personality that you are now.  Imagine what that will be like!

Now as to the second part of this question, and then we will turn this over to Shoshanna.  The second part of this question was about the…speak please again what you call them, the other light…false light beings, yes.  False light beings.  Yes, there are those of the darkness.  When you think of the Great White Brotherhood, there is also the dark brotherhood.  It is real.  They are real.  And there is this war, as you may call it, here, this battle between the dark and the light, that is going on.

But, we are going to take this a little step further, and know that this battle of the dark and light is going on within each and every one of you.  It is not only outside of yourself that it is occurring, it is happening within yourself.  And the light within you is overcoming, or illuminating, the darkness within you as well.   Just as it is outside of yourself.  It is always so within, and so without.  Okay?   Anything to add, Shoshanna:

Shoshanna:   (Channeled by JoAnna McConnell)

Shoshanna wishes to share with this loved one.  Her perspective of this question that is extremely complex.  It is not a simple question.  It is not a simple process.  It is very complex as the being that you are in the body in the third-dimensional realm is an aspect of that which is multiple beings in a multiple experience at many dimensions, and the soul is orchestrating all of this.  Your goal as a human is to ascend and merge if you wish with all that you are.  It is not about the body, the higher self.  It is not so succinct.  It is multiple beings that you are, multiple experiences that you are.  What needs to happen in each one of you that you trust the process and you become the best that you can be in the experience that you are having.  Namaste.

OWS:   Yes.  Very good.

Now we have other questions here from your email?

Host:   Yes.    Dear One Who Serves, this question is about the RV, but is not about a date.  There is much confusion about who is providing toll-free numbers for the RV.  How will it be announced, and how will people be notified?  Can you describe what types of events will take place when the RV is in progress?  Thank you.

OWS:   We are glad that you are not asking for a date because, as you know, we are not going to, or we cannot give, the date, here, because, and it is not because we would not want to do so, it is because we do not know it at this time.  There is nothing written in stone here.  So those that say the RV is tomorrow, or it is the next night, or it is going to be a week from now, no:  they do not know that.  But they do know that it is coming.

And we are telling you that it is coming.  It is a part of this entire expression.  It is a part of this entire transition that you are moving through.  And it must be a part of this.  Those who have dome to the understanding that you have heard about this RV, and it has not happened, so therefore it is never going to happen—no, it is going to happen, ,it must happen, it must be a part of this.  Because balance needs to be brought back to the world.  And your monetary situation must be brought into that balance, you see?  And without this, without your reset, your global currency reset, this would not happen.

Now as to the other events that are involved with this, we cannot say in what order this is going to be, but you can expect that “The Event” that has been spoken of many times in many different ways, call it “the changeover,” call it whatever you want,” the great flash from the sun,” all of this, “the solar flash,” all of these things, are all part of THE ONE, and they are all going to happen as they need to.  The terminology that has been given many times in the divine timing for this.  Or, for those of you who want to think in terms of beyond time, and we applaud you if you are thinking in those terms as it is wonderful, in the divine vibration that is needed to be set, here, and that is coming.

And you are beginning more to experience the changes that are coming about.  You are hearing about these arrests.  Maybe not the arrests that you are looking for, maybe not the ones that you all know of.  But there are many thousands and thousands of arrests that are happening all the time, here.  And they are leading, as these lower, what you would call lower arrests of those that are lower in the pecking order, you might say.  As these ones are being brought in and questioned, they are turning over their overlords.  They are giving them up, as your saying goes.  And as this happens, they are coming closer and closer to those ones who may be considered more at the top.

And eventually they will get to those ones you know as the 13 blood line families.  That will also come.  They are going to be a special situation, though, where they will likely be taken off planet, without the tribunals, without the arrests, and all of this.  But even in itself has not yet been determined.  But is it coming.  Your political arena is in great flux at this point.  And you will see more and more of this as it continues on.  The one side against the other, and the rhetoric that comes with that.  My way is better than your way.  What is that saying?  My daddy can beat up your daddy.  You see?  It is all part of the expression of control.  And control of your governments over the people is going to come, and is coming next, very quickly, we might say here.  Okay?

Shoshanna, anything to add here:

Shoshanna:   Shoshanna wishes to share a personal perspective with this one, and that is, happiness is in the moment.  One must live in the moment, and one must observe what is going on around them without being the experience that is going on around them.  Simply observe it.  Be in the moment.   The moment is where happiness and joy reside, where your life will be the fullest.

Human beings tend to continue to wish for a change, to wish for something that is just out of reach, to reach that if only this thing would occur, my life would be perfect and in balance once more.  That does never occur, because change is a constant.  Change is always happening.

One Who Serves, Ones Who Serve, have often quoted many, many times “go with the flow.”  It is not in our best interest to ask when, to ask why, to ask where, as these questions continue to frustrate the being that is asking those questions and take them out of the moment.

Live your life in the moment and observe what is around you and simply be patient that as The One Who Serves has said, divine timing is being orchestrated.  One must have faith in that rather than wish for a change.  Namaste.

OWS:   Wonderful.  Very well and succinctly given, here.

Are there any other questions here?  And then we will move on to the phone.

Host:   Yes, One Who Serves, may I provide some information.  He wanted toll free numbers.  You can contact Patrick at Dinar Chronicles (Intel Dinar Chronicles).  That will give you information.   Also, when you are on that page, you can click on the sacred “Tetelestai” which takes you to a sign-up of your email, and Patrick will notify you when it occurs.  So there you go.

OWS:   We need to add something here, though, to this, and that is:  do not be concerned about this.  You will know when you know.  You will be given the information when it is given.  And you will not be held out in the darkness, here.  You will be in the light of all of this. For are you not Lightworkers and Warriors?  So why would you think that you would be held in the darkness if you are in the light, you see?  So no concerns here about this.  Forget about the idea of 800 numbers or anything.  Not saying it won’t be, but do not be thinking or be concerned about that at this moment.  Do as Shoshanna is saying and be in the moment.  Okay?

Shoshanna:   Shoshanna wishes to add to this.

OWS:   Yes.

Shoshanna:   The most important thing here is to give up the attachment of wanting the information, as the information will flow and will be in your awareness when you are ready for it and when your light is ready for it, and when you move the rest of humanity toward the goal, the information will be available to you.  And you must have faith that the information will come.  It could be in a newspaper article, it could be from a phone call, it could be from a human being that you are speaking to, it can come in many, many ways.  But seeking to know the information because it is an attachment to that information is taking you out of your lifetime and into the future, rather than living your life.   Namaste.

OWS:   Yes.   Are there further questions, here from the email, and then we move on.

Host:   Yes.  This one has two questions.

She has a follow-up question for One Who Serves from a couple weeks ago.  They mention that we may choose to repeat a similar ascension awakening experience on another planet/galaxy.  If that were an option now, how many other planets would be in a similar crisis such as what Gaia has felt for so long?  I do realize that the light has already won here, and this experience has ended.

OWS:   Yes.  We have given many times here that you have volunteered to come here, you came, (pardon the expression) you conquered, and then you are able to move on.  You have done this before.  Many of you have done this again, and again, and again.  You have volunteered, you have come, you have done what you needed to do, you moved on, you moved to another planet, another system, and you did it over, and over, and over.  What is changed this time, you see?  Those of you who have gone through this or are going through this, you have gone through it before.  And yet, here you are, again.  You see?  And even in those times, likely you said, “I’m not doing this again!  This is the last time!”  But, you did it again–and again, and again.

Now, whether or not you will move on and do that, that will be up to you.  The call for volunteers at some point will certainly go out again.  And whether or not you will respond and as ascended being—that is important here–not as a three-dimensional construct that you are here, but as an ascended being, will you answer the call.  And there will be more calls when the need is there.  When another planet such as Gaia calls out and says help.  And those of you who are of the light, and again, as ascended beings, many of you will answer that call again and be right back in it again.  But, if you do not want to, that is your choice.  It is free will zone, remember that.

Now, one more thing, and then we turn this to Shoshanna if she wishes.  You are going to have a respite in between, what you call R & R.  And you are going to be able to have that time to reassess, have fun, joy, be a part of the celebrations that we have spoken of.  Go up on ships if you wish.  Go down to inner and hollow earth if you wish.  Wherever you want, go to other galaxies, other planets.  Certainly go to your home areas if you want.  Go for a visit.  Do whatever you want.  You will be able to do all of these things as an ascended being.  Okay?

Do you have anything to add, Shoshanna?

Shoshanna:   Not at this time.

There is the second part of that email question.

Host:   After returning from a trip to Egypt in December, 2017, I got so very sick.  I literally thought I was going to die, as if I had picked up some kind of fatal virus.  I ended up going to an emergency care facility and they called it ‘Pharaoh’s Revenge,” and replenished my fluids, and gave me a prescription for some medicine.  I have never felt so close to death in my life.  Do you have thoughts on what this was or could have been?

OWS:   Yes.  Shoshanna?

Shoshanna:   Yes.  Shoshanna wishes to share with this one.  This is a simple thing.  You were not acclimated to the culture, to the food, to the water, to the air, to the viruses, to the bacteria, to all that was in that land.  Your body was not acclimated to that.  And as a result, many, many beings that travel beyond their own environment experience illnesses.  They experience difficulties in adjusting to those environments.  This is not anything complex.  The interesting thing here is that you have overcome it.  It was a momentary experience due to the change in environments.  This is a simple thing, and it is not complex as you may think it is.   Namaste.

OWS:   Very good.   We move on now to other questions.

Guest:   I have a question.  I was involved in an incident last week, and I am interested in the spiritual relevance of the goings on, and if there is anything I can do to clear the trauma.  I took my daughter to the hospital for surgery Wednesday morning.  On my way home from the hospital that evening, I was involved in a high-speed car chance with the police department of the city.  I was hit by the person they were pursuing, and my car stopped him.  So then I found myself in between the police with their guns drawn and the criminal that they were chasing.  So they started screaming at me to get out of there, move your car.  And by a miracle, a total miracle, I was able to start the car, and I went to the other side of the intersection, and then I waited and I heard.  What the police ended up telling me was yes indeed I was hit by someone they were pursuing who was a dangerous criminal.  They really felt they had to get him, and they were able to stop him, and he was taken off to jail, as I was actually waiting in my car for them to settle up with me.

Many miracles happened that evening, Wednesday evening.  I happened to be driving my daughter’s car.  She has had several bad incidences with her cars being totaled.  So I am curious about the issue with her cars being totaled.  This is the third car in about two years.

I am claiming the miracle, and I am ever so grateful:  if I had been two seconds off, he would have hit the driver’s door, and I would not have been calling you today.  So I am so grateful and so thank you.  I am wondering about the spiritual significance of that.

This afternoon my daughter is sitting with me.  We are listening to you, and we are both healing.

OWS:   We think that you already have a semblance of knowing, here, what is occurring.  First of all, you were NOT two seconds off.  So, in other worse, the miracle as you are calling it happened and you are experiencing more of these miracles as you are saying, and it is purposeful.  It is purposeful for you in following your blueprint, we will say, that you came in with, or your contracts, if you will, that you are to continue on, that you are not to leave this planet at this time, that you are to be a part of this transition and the ascension process.  So, that is the spiritual understanding of all of this.  You are meant to be here, meant to keep going.  Okay?


Shoshanna:   May we ask my dear sister who is speaking?

Guest:   I listen all the time, I don’t call in often.

Shoshanna:   My Dear Sister, may we have your daughter’s name?

Guest:   (Name given).

Shoshanna:   My Dear Sister, this is a complex thing.  The emotional body which rides in the car is either balanced or unbalanced.  We find that those who received accidents, who find themselves in accidents in their cars multiple times have an unbalanced emotional body and a fear that creates the accident or attracts the accident to them.

What our Dear Sister must do if she wishes to understand the relevance of these car accidents and many cars totaled, as you are saying, is understand her disposition at the time of the accident and learn to calm herself.

As you did this time around in the turbulence you found yourself in, and the great courage that it took, and the great light that you drew upon spiritually in that incident that created your being saved and moved away from this incident and that that dangerous being that was creating this havoc was apprehended.  You must congratulate yourself for balancing your emotions so well and drawing upon the light so well that you were able to pull this off.  All beings can create what they need to create to alleviate the dangers that are occurring in this third realm by balancing their emotions.  It is about balancing their emotions.

So we ask that your beautiful daughter, your beautiful daughter that you so love her that she learn to create calmness within herself and, as a result, many of these things will stop occurring in her life.  We hope that this perspective is helpful to you.   Namaste.

Guest:   Namaste.  Thank you so much.

OWS:   Are there any other questions here.

Guest:   Since we are talking about illness and the life, I might as well keep it going.  I wanted to tell Shoshanna that you helped me tremendously today.  Your answers were huge.

I have some health problems going on.  I have chronic pain issues, and I am going to have another surgery because the knee replacement failed.  On March 8 I am having surgery.  I keep hearing on YouTube that something is going to happen the end of March, something big, and I keep saying I am going to be sitting in a chair for weeks waiting for this event to happen after I have the surgery.  I wanted to see if you have any comments on that.

Shoshanna:   Do you wish Shoshanna to share?

Guest:   Anybody who wants to comment.  I am worried.

Shoshanna:   May I share?

OWS:   Yes, please do.

Shoshanna:   My Dear Sister, you have been caught up in this third-dimensional program, and the momentum has taken you to areas that you never perhaps needed to experience.  The surgery that you are referring to is a result of your fear of going forward.  You must understand that when there is difficulties in the knees, in the legs, in the feet, this is a sign that you have manifested fear of going forward in your life, that the forward movement of your life is a fearful thing for you.  We are hoping that this perspective means something to you.

What we would say is that my Dear Sister you must meditate upon this, and we feel, although we do not like to give this advice, that there is another remedy waiting for you aside from this knee surgery.  And we believe that you may benefit from another opinion of another health practitioner or doctor who could change your perspective.  So we would ask that you meditate on your fear of moving forward and see what happens from that.  Do this help you?

Guest:   Absolutely.  Thank you.

Shoshanna:   Namaste.

OWS:   We need to add here, as this was a personal question, we would like to direct this also to the collective out there, and to know that you are … hold please…

We apologize for what we call the disconnect.  At times this can occur, and that is because this one that we are speaking (through) is becoming de-energized at this point and is not able to continue the focus here.  There are reasons for this.  It has to do with that of the Melchizedek and that energy that came through, and it was somewhat overwhelming for this one.  So, we ask your indulgence here, all of you on the phone.  We may be able to continue in a moment to being the questions forward again, otherwise we will need to release channel.  Hold please, for the moment …

Okay, we attempt again here.

We are done with this question, though, we believe.  Are there any other questions, or then we release channel.

Guest:   Yes, One Who Serves.   I have had memories dating back maybe fifteen years of being with Jesus, like as if I was Mary, and also later on memories of when I connected with my twin flame sometimes it would occur like it was Yeshua, sometimes it would occur like it was this dreadlocks Black man. And in those earlier memories it sometimes occurred as a if it was a Black Jesus.  I have had many, many thoughts about this.  Was that my twin flame?  Was it my higher self?  There have been lots of daydreams and imaginings and visualizations, and visiting this now Black dreadlocked man with a name that I have been given.  There is all this which occurs to me to be very real.  I want to finally ask is this my imagination or are these actually real things that somehow belong to me in some of my multi-dimensional selves in a way that maybe I don’t understand?

OWS:   First of all, we would say that your imagination, your imaginings, are real.  So do not think in terms of when you imagine something is it real or not.  But we will add a caveat here:  we will say that you are very much in your thoughts, in your head, as we can say, here.  And when you are in your head and not making that heart-mind connection, in other words not listening to that small voice within yourself, your intuition, all of this, then you are simply in your thoughts.   And in your thoughts, many things can come to you that are not exactly as you are believing that they might be.  Now that is not to say that you are not receiving correct information, correct knowings rather, not so much information, rather, but knowings, and some of this is certainly real for you.  And it can certainly be those multi-dimensional aspects of self.  Whether or not who you were in the past and all of this has no relevance here.

And we would ask all of you to not put relevance into who you were in the past.  If it comes, if it feels right, if it resonates to you, then wonderful, go with it, be it.  But do not become ensconced within the knowing of who you were before.  Because what does that do?  It brings up the ego in all of the machinations that come with the ego taking control.

Now, that is not to say that you are not to be in your power.  Be in your power.  And if it helps you to know that you were someone, a famous person you might say in the past, and that helps you to be in your power, then so be it.  Then it is wonderful for you.  But do not become so involved in all of these things of who you might have been, and all of this, and be able to separate your thoughts from the realities coming from within your heart center.

Shoshanna, anything to add here?

Shoshanna:   Yes.  Dear Sister, may be share our perspective with you.

Guest:   Please.

Shoshanna:   Dear Sister, you are a conduit to other selves, other life times, and you have been gifted with memories which contain messages.  What is blocking those messages and understandings for you is your beautiful analytical brain.  What we find in you is that you attempt to analyze what is going on and put the pieces together like a puzzle, and this will not allow the messages to filter through to you.

What we would ask you to do, if you wish, to understand these experiences and these images and these beings that are coming into your mind, into your meditation, or your mind’s eye, or your daydreaming, or your night dreaming, what we would ask that you would do is be with it.  Be with the experience and listen carefully with that superior spiritual ear and you have to that which would be the messages given to you that would be guidance in your life.  Rather than solve the puzzle, listen to what they are saying to you.   Namaste.

OWS:   Wonderful.  We always say, do not put much attention on the messenger, but the message that comes forth.  Okay?  We move on.  Are there other questions here?

Guest:   Yes, One Who Serves.  Greetings.  This is a prefatory statement.  I do not attach ego-wise to these past lives.  However, they are merging with my higher self, and great knowledge, and I am in that power of that wisdom.  Within that, the one from Egypt, and I will not mention the name–it is egoless—there is great wisdom that I am gaining from this one, and it is merging with me very, very quickly.

And, in a reading of a book by Williamson, Secret Places of the Lion, there were markers even showing my last name in there that brought specific attention to a church, St. Mark’s in Italy, and then a place where the symbol of ____ was marked, in the sun, was marked by extraterrestrial craft, I believe Pleiadeans, that’s what I am seeing, which marked the stone at Mesa Verde in Arizona.  I am going to go there.  I am ready to plan a trip there.  Provisions are being made.  I am going.   Is there a specific place, or do I just need to show up and will be guided to that vortex or portal?  I have an idea where it is.  I am going there to seek knowledge and enlightenment.  Am I on the right track?   I believe I am.

OWS:   You already know the answer to that:  as you believe it, so that you are.  So simply go with the flow.  Go with the flow within you.  Allow it to continue to move you in the direction that you are going, whatever that might be.  And you will find, as you move through these various experiences, that those things, which are necessary to come up within your understanding and within your remembrances, will be there for you just as they are.  As you have been with this one, James, and wife JoAnna, here, and Shoshanna working through this as well, and the connections that you all have.

And bringing all of this forward is very important, not only your continuing mission here, but for many who will come aboard as a result of what is occurring here.  This is a hint.  We cannot give much more on this now.   It will come more to you.  But you are coming to understand your power within yourself.  That is all we can say here.

Yes, Shoshanna.

Shoshanna:   Shoshanna wishes to share with this one brother.   May I share with you my perspective?

Guest:   Yes.  Thank you.

Shoshanna:   You may not like this.  Our perspective is that there are still doubts that you have, that the continuing asking when you already know is getting old.  We must say, and we will be frank with you, that you must detach yourself from these doubts that haunt you.  These doubts.  The book that you are reading, read it as if it is a chronicle, as if it was a history of that which you were and are today, and that the words cannot lie to you.  It may be surprising to you.  It may be a fear that, “oh, goodness, could this be true?”  Well, the book has been given to you.  Well, you are reading it.  Well, your last name is in there.  How much more proof do you really need?  So you must understand, it is simply your human nature to doubt yourself.  Please, brother, give this one up.   Namaste.

OWS:   Wonderful, wonderful.  The James was given the message to give this book to you for a reason.  Go with it.

Guest:   I’m goin’.  You both schooled me.  Thank you.

OWS:   As far as going goes, we are going to go now too.  We need to release channel, here.   Apologize if there were other questions, but hold them for the next time, okay?

Shanti.  Pease be with you.  Be the one.

Guests:   Shanti.  Love you.  Peace be with you.

Channeled by James McConnell

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“Believing is seeing!”