Love is our new reality

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One Who Serves via James McConnell, January 10th


Greetings. One Who Serves here to assist you with your questions and answers and to be of service. And certainly for you to know that as we strive to be of service to you, you are also of service to us. And we appreciate the camaraderie we can have together as we come together on these Sunday afternoons. It is a wonderful time and we look at this as an appointment. We look at this as a time that we come together and you come together and we have what you call a re-charge each week. It is important that you have this re-charge because your day to day activities can bog you down, can they not?

But we are also noticing that they are becoming lesser and lesser, do they not? That these times of feeling lesser than or feeling depressed or all of these things. Are they not becoming lessened?

You are finding that you are being in joy more and more and more. This is what you strive for. This is what you want. To come into these higher vibrations because they bring joy. They are joy in themselves. They will happen more and more. You will have this expression of oneness.

And you will have what Sanat Kumara spoke about as the initiation, the Mass Initiation. That is coming. It is already upon many of you. You have not felt it directly yet, but it will be. It will be in your sleep time. It will be in your wakened time. It will be in whatever time it comes, but it will be here. For some it has already been here. You are in that process.

Know that this is all a process of Ascension. This is all a part of it, your DNA expanding, your Pineal Gland coming alive, your Higher Heart re-awakening. All of these things are happening. Your memories returning to you. You are expanding and on and on and on.

You still have no idea of what is to come. We can throw out stories to you or glimpses. We can give you a little bit here and there, but we cannot begin to give you the totality of what you are going to experience.

We would take questions now for One who Serves and Ashira who is standing by.

Question: When we ascend how do we, or do we, interact with species we are now learning about that are in the Earth?

ONE WHO SERVES: So much is coming to the surface but we will turn this to Ashira if she wishes to start here.

ASHIRA: Yes. We would like to start.
You are going to be meeting those from all sources, all dimensions and all of everything. Do not worry about those that you have heard may be of the negative state. Or of those who may not be of the same state as those in the main state of the Earth.

All of these are being cleansed, cleared and changed. All of those in the earth, on the planet, above the planet and throughout everywhere are being cleansed because of the change taking place for all.  This is all we are going to speak about this for now.

ONE WHO SERVES: Yes. As you move into the higher vibrations you will be in a position here you can interact with those of higher vibration and also those of lower vibration, if you wish. Since you are not at the higher vibration now it is more difficult to interact with those at a higher level. But that will all change.

As Ashira has said, you do not need to worry about mixing with these. That will be up to you if you want to interact with these or not. And there will be opportunities to do exactly this in the time to come. That will become another level of service, if you wish.

Are there other questions here now?

Question: How can we protect ourselves from the Artificial Intelligence we hear about?

ONE WHO SERVES: Yes. Very simply. Be in the higher vibrations. And those of the lower influence, this AI you are speaking of, cannot affect you. Just as you are in the situation here and now, they can also not affect you. They will try. They will have attempt at attacks and things of this nature if you find yourself unprotected at a time, this can happen. But for the most part, if you are operating in the higher vibrations, there is nothing that can affect you. Nothing that can affect you at the 3D level.

More and more this is why we continue to assert ourselves in this. More and more you find yourselves in these higher vibrations, at this higher frequency. So you are not only moving through the higher vibrations but you are moving through the Ascension Process as well. You see?

It is very simple. All you need to do is replace those lower emotional vibrations with higher emotional vibrations. Feel gratefulness. Feel joy within you. Feel love. Be love. All of these things. If you are feeling sorrowfu, feel it And then move past it! Replace sorrow with joy! See?

Simple things such as seeing the beauty around you. Where others see ugliness you see beauty. There can be beauty in the smallest bit of details. Green grass growing. Leaves changing on the trees. The wind rustling through the trees. Sky, the beautiful skies. Have you not been seeing the beautiful skies? Bright blue. Sun shining through.

See that as beauty. See that as Gaia coming alive once again. Does this answer your question? Probably a lot more than you were banking on!

Are there other questions here?

Question: How do we help those who are not awake?

“OWS”: Very good question. You help them by being who you are. In every respect, be who you are. And if a situation comes up where they have some sort of question or response that opens a door for you to share with them, then do so. If not, then simply share your light, share your love. That will go a long way to influence them.

If you send your light to another being as you walk past them on a walk, in a store, anywhere that it might be, send light. They will take this light. They will take it within them even if they are not conscious of this. They will do so.

You have heard many times that a smile can change a person’s entire outlook on life. Smile! See?

This what the Mass Meditation is doing across the entire planet. It is affecting many more than you can possibly imagine at this time. Trust. Trust in your light. Trust in your love as a Light Worker, as a Light Warrior, as a Light Sharer. Anything to add “Ashira”?

“Ashira”: There is no distance and no time, my friend.

“OWS”: Any further questions here?

Question: El Chappo was arrested. It was said that when he was brought to arrest he would turn state’s evidence against the Bushes.  What can you tell us about this?

“OWS”: All of this is already in process. All of this is already in the works. There is no concern in this. Those who will not turn to the light will be consumed by the Light. There is nothing to be concerned about here. You will see these things come about however it might be. There are many still behind the scenes because of the mass media being controlled still. But the control is dropping now and you are seeing more and more of these things being released. There will be many arrests coming out. This is all still coming. They are starting at their lower levels and moving their way up. They are taking their legs right out from under them, you might say.

Question: Is that why the lottery winnings are so high? Are they trying to distract us from what is happening?

“Ashira”: There are so many things that are distractions. Distractions for the masses. But there are so many other thing that are distractions for you in your world. They try to keep you away from all that is happening. Trying to keep a sense of normalcy in your life.

Truth is that as more and more people awaken they see these things and they recognize them for what they are. Be at peace, Dear One. You are aware of these things and there are so many other ways of money coming into all of your lives. All of your lives in ways that will please you tremendously. All of those in this room, on this call and reading this script will KNOW that these distractions are on their way out.

“OWS”: Very good. You took the words right out of our mouth or out of James’ mouth! (laughter)
Other questions here?

Question: I notice that when I am at a higher vibration and speaking with others of a lower vibration, I seem to have a challenge in communication. Can you explain what is happening? 

“OWS”: This is one reason you were told to read the book, “Unveiled Mysteries” by Godfrey Ray King.

There is a chapter in there that speaks to what you are saying here. It is about power coming to you. It is about power coming through you. It is about an understanding that is coming over you, that gives you the words to say at the right time. It gives you the action you need to positively affect another. All of this is coming for you my dear sister.

Know that you are a part of this entire orchestration that is going on. As of yet you do not know how deeply you will be of service here. This is your awakening call.

“Ashira”: Dear One, there are others in this room that have had similar experiences. They have had similar experiences of speaking with other people and not being heard. Having experiences of moving into doorways that did not respond because it could not sense them.

You are on your path. You are on your awakening and these things will happen. Share with others in this room and know that you will have a commonality of experiences. As “OWS” has said, you will find answers in this book but do not think that you are someone standing alone. Others are with you and we are with you a well. Thank you.

“OWS”: Are there other questions here?

Question: I awoke recently thinking that my drains were dripping or that it was raining outside. I realized that is was my heart beating very loudly. It happened again and now I don’t want to go to sleep. What is that?

“OWS”: Yes. What we will say is what Sanat Kumara has said that the initiation process will happen differently for everyone. So, you are experiencing this process in the way you are describing here. Others have described it as an expansion of the mind. Whatever it is, it is for many here. So, know that you are in the process of Ascension, you are in the process of the initiation that is happening and all of this is going to come together for you as it needs to.
Anything to add here, “Ashira”?

“Ashira”: Do not be afraid to sleep at night. That is part of the process. Take time to appreciate your body. Take time to appreciate the process. Take time to appreciate yourself. Know that as you move through this process that it becomes easier and not to be afraid of.
Is that all right, Dear One?

“OWS”: Other questions here?

Question: When we speak of lower vibration and higher vibration, don’t we create a separation instead of a oneness?

“OWS”: Yes.  You do create a separation just as you have been taught to do within the illusion for a great long period of time. But you are going to begin to see a separation that is going to begin to be happening here. It is mostly at a subconscious or unconscious level that it is going to occur. It will be moving you into a vibration with others of a like vibration. This is all part of the process.

So, this is not to say that you have to say goodbye to your family or your friends. But that may happen. It is part of the orchestration that is happening here that may cause this. It is not something that you can control or be responsible for at this time. Do you understand this?

Question: That seems contrary to oneness?

“OWS”: Yes. We understand this. It is not to say that you will not continue to love those but this is part of the change in vibration that will be part of your expression. This will create a schism between those of a higher vibration and those of a lower vibration. Do you understand this?

“Ashira” maybe you have different words here?

“Ashira”: Think of this. People standing on a beltway. There are people on the front. There are people on the middle and there are people on the end. Everyone is traveling on unity on this belt that is going to Ascension.

We understand that the term “negative” forces in Hollow Earth area is may be something that is sticking with you. However, those beings are a part of a lower vibration. Perhaps they are at the end of the beltway. Perhaps they make it with the light and the love. Perhaps they do not.
We see oneness from where we are standing. Everything upon the planet, beneath the planet and all around the planet is of Universal Love.

“OWS”: Yes. We are going to remind you of something we are reminded of here. “Sananda’s”  analogy that he gave some time ago. He spoke of the race and that everyone was in a race here.

You are all running this marathon. Some of you are running far ahead of the others and are coming over the finish line. Others are straggling back and others are coming to a walk while other are may be crawling. Others have stopped completely but all are in this race. All are working toward the finish line at their own pace, at their own level that they can continue with.

As those who cross the finish line early on, they turn around and help those who are coming across. When they cross they turn around and help others who are straggling behind. There are those who turn around and go all the way to the back to pick them up to carry them. You see?

It is all a part of this great plan, the orchestration that is happening. You all have a piece to play in this. So, know that even though all will not cross the finish line at the same time, all will cross at one time or another. And those who do not want to run the race at all, will not run the race.
Does this assist you?

Question: If we send love we are increasing their vibration?

Yes…you are doing that in your meditation each week.

Question: I want to know about my sister and her poor health. What can you tell me about this relationship and how best I can help her?

“Ashira”: Dear One, it is not our job to tell you whether or not another one wishes to find life or not. It is your job as her sister and as her friend, to know her, to love her and to know that he is in the highest care.

Whatever exactly happens, will be. That is the truth of the matter. It is not for you to be concerned about because you cannot affect her one way or another. However, this is true of life and pray that you hold the best for her and her life.

“OWS”: As much as you can, be there for her. Whatever aspect that would be at that time.
Any further questions here?

Question: My son moved back in with me. Yesterday he gave away his best friend, his dog. I don’t know what to do to help him. 

“Ashira”: He gave away his best friend. At this point in time he feels he cannot be there for that one. Know that he is not in the point of control of being able to share fully to care for this one. He is also concerned about the affect it will have on you. He is concerned about the nature of the dog.

Many parents in this room have been through these times before. Many off the parents in this room have asked us, “What can I do”?  What we have aid is to love your children. Love him fully and completely but do not, do not try to repair him or try to change him. This is not you responsibility at this point in time. Your job is to love him. Your love will move through his system and change him internally.

Call out to all of us. We shall be with you as you love this one. His path might be different for you but it is his way of traveling his path.

Question: Can you elaborate on mantras and affirmations and how best to use them?

“OWS”: Find what is in your heart. What brings you joy. What brings you a remembering of who you are. All of these types of things. Find this and ask for guidance to come to you. Whether it be an affirmation, a mantra or whatever it might be. If it is a mantra, it will raise you vibration, your frequency in the moment you are using it. If I is an affirmation it will help you in creating your desire. Bringing your desires about. All of this is about assistance. Certainly as you are in your daily activities remember to be in the higher vibrations whenever you can. Have higher level thoughts. Have higher level feelings. Joy instead of sorrow. Love instead of fear. Go within and ask. OK?

Shanti, Peace Be with you! Be the ONE!

What a series of different questions today! Those of you who have been here a year past, can you think of the questions of a year ago? Think about the questions today and you will see the changes taking place. See the change taking place with one another. For how you are observing the world. And for yourselves.

We were thinking about speaking about diets a year ago. And medications. Different ways of helping each of you make these travels more easily. But now the questions are pointed very differently.
You are much, much more attuned to the moment. And if you miss it, the moment has changed. The Now is Now. In the Now you are responding differently. You are responding more wholly. You are responding with love and light.

We are so proud to be a part of this group. So proud to work with “One Who Serves”. Guiding you of those who are here. Sharing with you in moments of your personal lives. As this consciousness open up upon this planet, we are eager to share that with you as well.

We know that next week you will be sharing with more. More of you who will be speaking of experiences you will be having. All of this is the wonder of the day. All of this is the Now that you are now owning.
We spoke of celebrations in planning stages months ago. Now we are ready to begin those with you. We are so thankful for all the work you are doing. As “One who Serve” said, you have blessed our lives.
In love and light, Namaste.

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco